Success Rebel’s Guide To Kegel Exercises For Men: The Key To Stronger Erections


First of all. I know most people have heard about kegel exercises. But usually in reference to women. There are kegel exercises for men as well.

For those guys who already knew this, these exercises can be very effective. No, they are not bullshit. They are not overrated. They can be very effective toward stronger and healthier penis.

I have been performing these exercises for the past year and found the results to be impressive. These are great to do along with your edging or penis enlargement routine.

I never really had erectile dysfunction. However, I was obsessed with being able to shoot my load like pornstars. I wanted to be able to cum all over a girl's face or spray all over her body.

It was an exciting thought. Therefore I moved toward it slowly and consistently.

Pornstars use these kegel exercises in addition to edging (via fleshlight) to help control their orgasms. I was pretty skeptical when I read about these.

However, like Bathmate, everyone had nothing but good things to say about the exercises. People were saying you can have the craziest orgasms when performing this stuff with Fleshlight.

Everyone also recommended it for those working on growing a bigger dick using penis enlargement devices or manual exercises.

If you are focusing on growing a bigger dick than it might be necessary. These exercises allow you to work the interior (PC) muscles in penis. That help better give you control over your dick.

Anyway, like I said earlier, after about 3.5 months of performing kegels (along with edging) I was able to shoot my jizz a reasonable length, cum multiple times, and ejaculate when I wanted to. Not bad. Right?

All it takes is squeezing your pelvic muscles on daily basis. Theorically, you can see great results without edging but I am certain the combination of the two speeds up results.

Okay. Your are still reading. You are not fully convinced but you are curious. That is fine. The more knowledge you have...the better. Now...on to the specifics.

What Are Kegel Exercises?

Out of all the exercises described on this website, this might be the easiest one to perform. No need to be a rocket scientist here. It is important you maintain good and proper form. Like all other exercises.

You want to start off by identifying your PC muscle. You contract this muscle to hold back your piss mid urination. You also contract it to hold back your gigantic shits and huge farts.

Now you know where the PC muscle is. The act of working this muscle will consist of contracting and flexing this muscle frequently to develop its strength and stamina.

What Are The Benefits Of Kegel Exercises?

​One of the biggest benefits to this exercise is enhanced blood flow to your pelvic region. This is something you will want if your are working to grow your dick.

You will need more blood to support the extra inches. Kegels can you do that.

The second biggest benefit is that it makes your dick and orgasm control stronger. You will be will able to get become erect and shoot your cum when you want.

This means you can have dry orgasms, delay your orgasms, enhance the quality of your orgasms, and cum in larger volume (if you combine these exercises with edging).

​Will This Help With Orgasm Control?

Yes sir. You can develop orgasm control by doing these exercises alone. However, you will see quickly results by edging at the same time.

Orgasm control is one of the main reasons people perform kegel exercises. In order to control your climax, you need to be able to flex your PC muscle. This exactly what kegel exercises will train you to do.

How Do I Perform Kegels?

​As I mentioned earlier, you need to locate your PC muscle which you can do by going for a piss and trying to stop mid through. In order to do that, you have to flex our PC muscle.

Now that you have located the muscle, imagine yourself trying to stop yourself from pissing again while keeping you abs and glutes relaxed.

You can also tighten the area around your butthole and act as if you are trying not to fart. This contracts your PC muscle as well.

You need to keep your surrounding relaxed. This targets and isolates the PC muscle. In turn, that muscle group will develop.

Do not try and perform kegels while pissing, farting, or taking a shit. This are just way to identify and locate your PC muscle.

​How Often Should Perform These Exercises?

Newbies will need to ease themselves into things to ensure they do not mess up their pelvic floor region. You can do them 4 to 6 times week.

During your first week, squeeze the muscle for 1 second and the release. Do this 10 times in a sets. Then complete 10 sets for a total of 100 repetitions. Take a minute rest in between sets. You should only need 10 to 15 minutes to do these exercises.

During the second week, squeeze the PC muscle for 3 to 5 seconds and release for one repetition. Do 10 sets of 10 repetitions. Take a minute rest in between sets. You should only need 20 to 30 minutes to do these exercises.

It is not rocket science from there. Just try to hold and squeeze longer and longer and you will develop the PC muscle very well over the next few months.

​Can I Do These Exercises Anywhere?

​Yes. You actually perform these exercises whenever you want. You do not need a device, equipment, tools, or the perfect setting to do this stuff.

You can do this stuff sitting on the train, at a desk at work, driving from point A to point B, or wherever. You can perform them fully clothed and wherever you want.

I think they best to use when edging using Fleshlight or when using Bathmate or SizeGenetics devices.

You just need to get in the habit of repetition. Then these exercises become easy to perform and you won't think about it too much.

After a couple months, you will see a difference your sexual health.

​When Will I See Results?

You will start seeing small differences in a matter of weeks. Major differences in a few short months.

These exercises are very overlooked among young males. Ever sexually active dude in their late teens and twenties (maybe into their thirties) should be doing these exercises.

You will see a difference in a short matter of time if you perform them consistently. They are so awesome for your sexual health.

​What Are The Side Effects?

No. There are no ill effects to doing these exercises. The only negative thing about them is you need to invest the time.

Can Kegels Improve My Prostate Health?

Yes. I think I have mentioned this a couple times at this point but they are meant to develop muscles that are associated with sexual health while also developing more control over your body.


There you have it. That is all the information on kegel exercises for you. These exercises are really underrated. I wish someone told me about these kegel exercises earlier.

You will see substantial results after a couple months. You will be able to control your orgasms, shoot your jizz further and multiple times, and have stronger orgasms.

Kegel exercises are the real deal. Try them out and will be convinced. Trust me. They are not overrated. 

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Check out our other guides to Male Edging, Jelqing, Penis Stretching, Bandage Extenders, Phallosan Forte, SizeGenetics, Bathmate, and PE routines


Ray Kingsman

P.S. For those of you experienced with Bathmate, I highly recommend doing kegel exercises while using Bathmate on a full boner. The strength of your erection will be insane.

Not for newbies to Bathmate. Newbies need 2-3 months of experiences with Bathmate first before doing kegels with it.