Laxogenin (5a-Hydroxy): Natural Plant Steroid Review


So I have been using laxogenin for a while and have gathered enough experience where I believe I can write a thoughtful and informative review for you guys. 

We will go over what it is? How it affects your body? How you can use it to make gains? Etc. We got a lot to go over guys. 

There are so many ways you can use this supplement for help you with your fitness goals. I will also tell you how to best maximize its benefits and I personally use it. 

This might another long one. So hang tight and get ready to be informed.   

As the title points out, this article is aimed more toward natural users. What I mean is guys who are not or no longer interested in using anabolics. As known as, natty user. 

Will laxogenin work for natural lifters? We will delve into the answer and other information in this post. 

This article is also very useful for anabolic users (like myself). We might be able to use laxogenin more as a part of our post cycle therapy and bridge cycle (off cycle) supplements.

More on that later. Let's get into the nitty gritty first.

We aim to help figure what laxogenin. How it works. And how you can use it to help it fit your goals. 

What Is Laxogenin?

As the title says, Laxogenin is a plant based steroid. It can be found in small quantities of green (plant based) foods. It is derived from a certain plant (smilax sieboldii) and promotes anabolic activity within the body. 

It is said that laxogenin has a very similar anabolic to androgenic ratio to anavar. But with none of the side effects or potential health risks. Sounds pretty good so far. Right?

How Does Laxogenin Work? 

This plant steroid creates an anabolic environment for the body by increasing nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and levels of free testosterone.

It also helps increase the red blood cell count. All these things will help increase lean mass development, strength gains, physical endurance, and overall sense of well being. 

What Should I Expect In Terms Of Results?

From my experience, you can expect all the mentioned above. However, you will need to manage your expectations. Laxogenin is not a androgenic compound. So do not expect the results of one. 

You expect to gain a couple reps on all your lifts throughout your cycle. Laxogenin is ideal for trying to gain strength and power.

Your recovery time will be quicker and your joints will feel looser. Your chronic injuries will not be as big of a hindrance during your workouts and you can recover from injuries faster.  

However, it needs to be put within perspective compared to androgenic compounds. Laxogenin is not as strong a compound as androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS), Prohormones, or SARMs in terms of lean mass development. 

Therefore, you will not see substantial size gains on Laxogenin. Even with a increase in caloric intake and more intense gym regime. 

But you still see great strength with no androgenic side effects or need for post cycle therapy or on cycle therapy. 

Side Effects

Ah.... basically none. With reasonable doses taken, you will see no short term side affects whatsoever. I personally experienced no harsh reactions from laxogenin. This a non androgenic compound and not too aggressive on the body.

Now there is no long term research on laxogenin. So it is important to know that the long term side effects are relatively unknown. However, none have been reported thus far. That is a good sign.  

Plus, you still reap all the benefits of the compound. Like the immediate strength gains and inhibits cortisol which can really help prevent fat gain. Not a bad deal.    

Laxogenin Vs SARMs and Prohormones

So I am pretty well versed in the use of SARMs and prohormones. These are androgenic compounds that stimulate anabolic activity. They can really make you see insane gains in the gym and in your physique. 

I have written about my experience on ostarine and will write about my experience on other androgenic compounds in the near future. 

On those androgenic compounds, you can gain pounds of muscle to your physique and add colossal strength to you lifts in a matter of several weeks.

Laxogenin is a non-steroidal and non-androgenic compound. It is a natural plant steroid, as mentioned earlier. 

To be completely honest, laxogenin will not give you the same type of results as you would experience on SARM or Prohormone cycles. 

You will see reasonable strength gains and fat loss on laxogenin. But not as significant as you would even on a cycle of a not to aggressive compound like andarine (S4). 

This has been my experience at least. There some studies to back this up. 

With that said, laxogenin is still a great supplement that is its preliminary stages on development. It is a great alternative for natural weightlifters who do not want to use androgenic compounds.

Laxogenin works really well for guys who are looking to add strength to their lifts and recover faster. Also, no need for post cycle therapy.

Laxogenin Cycling and Dosage For Natural Users

I cycle this stuff at 100 mg/day. New users should start out at 50 mg/day for the first week of their first cycle. Just to make sure there will be no adverse effects on your body. Which has been ultra rare thus far for new users of laxogenin. 

However, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can run this stuff for a while too. I have ran it for up to 12 weeks in the past.  Saw no side effects. It was great. 

The first time I used it though, I ran for only 8 weeks. I suggest newbies run laxogenin for 6-8 weeks. Then take 4 to 6 weeks off to let your body readjust to being off this compound. Lower the body's tolerance to laxogenin 

Because this a non-androgenic compound that does not effect you estrogen levels or surpress your natural testosterone production, you will have a lot versatility in the way you run this product. No liver intoxication or cardiovascular strain either. Beautiful. 

Laxogenin Cycling And Dosing For Anabolic Compound Users

So I fell into this category here, obviously. I have used a bunch of SARMs and prohormones. In April to June of 2016, I went on a cycle of RAD 140 (a post on my experience is coming soon).

I had insane strength gains on cycle. Like stupid strength gains. It was insane.

I had regained all the strength I had lost during my battle with depression a couple months earlier (more on my "depression" phase another time). I was very happy with my strength gains.

Usually after a couple weeks after all my cycles, I lose a little bit of strength. Like around 5% to 10% of what I had gained during cycle.

I did not want that to happen this time. So I began to look into other supplements to add to my post cycle therapy to help me better keep my strength.  

I told Johnny Testosterone my situation, he recommended Laxogenin. I thought it was bullshit "plant steroid". Something billed to morons looking for their miracle drug. 

Johnny had an extra bottle left that told me he was not going use. So he gave to me. I did not want it but he convinced me to give it a try but telling me that if it did not work then he would give $250 for my birthday. 

Done deal. I gave it a try. I ran it for 10 weeks during my PCT and an additional 6 weeks after that as a bridge between cycles.

It worked beautifully. I was shocked with the results. I actually kept gaining a little strength 3 weeks into my PCT and a couple weeks afterward. Unreal.

I had to tell Johnny that he was right again. Just that was more than enough fulfillment for him in that situation. Johnny loves to be proven right. LOLZ.   

I took 100mg/day and ran it 10 weeks. I suggest those anabolic users new to laxogenin only do an 8 cycle and keep the dosages in the 100mg/day range. 

Is Laxogenin Legal?

This is a good questions. SARMs are in a grey area of legality (illegal for the most and banned for human consumption). There are still patented and being clinically tested by the large pharmaceutical companies.

Only a few prohormones remain legal after the 2014 re-ban. AAS is completely illegal. There is no way around that. 

Laxogenin is completely legal for any to use without a prescription. It is not in imminent.  

Even competitive athletes can use it. Laxogenin is not banned by the US or world anti doing agency (USDA and WADA) for athletes. So that is major advantage as well. 

Granted the FDA (Food and  Drug Administration) has not officially approved laxogenin. But from what I have told you before, it is hard to believe this compound will suffer any legal repercussions for its distribution by supplement companies.  

It is plant based and  has so many positive effects on the body. With zero reported side effects. However, it would not shock me if they did decide to investigate it a little more.

My Recommendations

I personally recommend Massacre by Olympus Labs. It is one of the few legit laxogenin products on the market.

In my opinion, Massacre is the best laxogenin product out right now. Olympus Labs created a great formula to help your body absorb the compound better. So you can maximize your results in the gym. Pretty awesome. Give it a try.


So is laxogenin really worth the investment and trial run? 

Yes. I believe so. 

I know it seems like another miracle drug that is supposed to have zero side effects. But in reality, it is low quality. 

That is not the case with laxogenin. Granted, you will not see the same effects as you would with SARMs or prohormones. But you will see reasonable gains in the gym.

There are no androgenic side effects either, so men and women can take this compound. 

Once you find a quality product, you can reap the benefits. Just like I did. 

Natural users can use this as a standalone product to build great strength and bust through plateaus. You will recover faster and get more out of your workouts.

Anabolic users can use it during their cycle therapy and as a bridge between cycles. You better keep yourself from going catabolic after the cycle and you will lose no strength from your cycle (at the very least, you put on a little strength).

If you fit this type of user, Laxogenin might be worth the investment. If you have a great source and you use correctly, you will see amazing benefits.    

I hope you enjoyed this guide. 


Ray Kingsman