Which SARM Is Superior For Your Bulking Reserach? Ligandrol (LGD 4033) vs RAD 140 (Testolone)

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Hello guys, Ray Kingsman here. 

Coming at you with another Success Rebel Product Comparison.

Today we were talking about RAD 140 (Testolone) and LGD 4033 (Ligandrol).  

I have guides to both anabolic compounds that I have linked to above for you knowledge and research.

Both guides contain everything you need to know about each SARM's research dosage, benefits, drawbacks, cycle length, and more. 

I want you make a informed decision on how you approach your cycles so you maximizes your chances of success and become a stronger, sexier, and happier version of yourself. 

That what this self improvement stuff is all about at the end of the day. 

Anyway...many readers have asked me why about the similarities and differences between LGD 4033 and RAD 140. 

I will delve into that in detail in this post. I believe there will some key points about these compounds that you guys need to be aware of that will affect your decision. 

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Origins And Commonalities

If you are reading this then you probably already know the benefits of both of compounds. 

So we will start with what they have in common and work our way to the differences between the two. 

Both of these products are selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). 

This means they compounds that bind to specific androgen receptors (mostly in the bone and muscle tissue) in body. The binding process stimulates anabolic activity in the cells and tissue. 

This spares the researcher of many of the side effects that might come about from designer steroids or pro hormones

Both of these products were created (and are patented) by pharmaceutical companies. 

They were both created to combat medical conditions that caused muscle wasting and as a replacement to steroids in hormone therapy. 

Traditionally, patients that had hormonal imbalances or diseases that caused muscle wasting would be prescribed different types steroids.

Now this can be a problem for women and children who can experience some unpleasant side effects due to the harsh nature of some steroids.

This was true even in low doses. Women could experience very masculine side effects such as enlarged clitoris or deepened voices.

There were a vast array of issues when using steroids on children. Those side effects might be beyond the scope of this article. But you get the point.

Hence the medical community and pharmaceutical companies invested a lot time and money in finding an alternative to steroids for treating patients.

The goal for the medical and pharmaceutical community was to create prescription drugs that had little to no androgenic side effects for the user. 

Obviously, this would allow for these large companies to come out with another marquee product and make even more money to their prescribers and other people who need these compounds.

Not being negative here. It is fine if they release products that work. But usually they charge a shit ton for them and they do not cost much to make. That is the heart of big business guys. Just calling it like it is.

I digress..... 

Anyway, this is how we get SARMs. It is to be said that SARMs are still in the research phase of the life span and no one truly no knows the long terms effects of these compounds.

RAD 140 and LGD 4033 are non steroidal. Meaning their chemical structure does not resemble those of steroids. 

But the results of the few studies and clinical trials that have been done are quite promising. 

Both of these compounds can be very useful for a variety of different fitness goals. 

Both of these compounds that have great anabolic to androgenic ratios. Neither one amortizes (converts to estrogen).

In fact, both SARMs have little side effects.

The only side effect they both share is that they are pretty suppressive on your natural testosterone production. Hence, you will need a full PCT after you research of RAD 140 and LGD 4033. 

You can research each for up to 12 weeks. Although I recommend for 8-9 weeks for most fitness goals.

Neither of these compounds are for beginners. LGD 4033 or RAD 140 should be your first SARMs researched. 

They are simply to powerful, anabolic, and potent for beginners. You will put your body through too much to early. That highly increases the chances of side effects. 

Hence I recommend researching ostarine or andarine first. Or even using Epiandrosterone as your first anabolic compound. 

Now on to the differences between these two anabolic compounds.  

Benefits And Popular Research Purposes Of RAD 140

The strangest and probably best thing about Testolone is it great for a multitude of different fitness goals. 

It is great for putting on lean muscle and strength but it is also good for cutting body fat and building cardiovascular endurance as well. 

You can also use it for recomposition too. Although I am not a fan of that because to me that is like either half assing a bulk or cut.

I would rather you choose a bulk or cut and go 1000% into that and reap the results. 


It is not quite as good for bulking as Ligandrol but it comes pretty close. 

RAD 140 has a 90:1 anabolic to androgenic ratio. Regular Testosterone is only 1:1.

That means this compound is highly anabolic and leans more toward cell growth. The awesome ratio also shows the lack of androgenic side effects. 


When it comes to cutting it is almost as good as Ostarine. Your muscles will stay firm and you will preserve strength. 

In terms of preserving strength during a cut, RAD 140 is quite better than ostarine. 

During my Fall 2016 cut, I researched Ostarine and noticed a slight dip in strength when on an extreme caloric deficit. 

I noticed no dip in strength when I cut on RAD 140 earlier in the year. I maintained every bit of my strength. In fact, I gained some strength on my deadlifts. 

Ostarine is might be better those who want to maximize fat loss but you will lose a bit of Testolone goes way further in preserving muscle mass and strength while also cutting a good deal of fat. 


Not to mention RAD 140 is great for endurance, I could do the elliptical on a high level for an hour and sweat without feeling completely gassed when I am done. 

The only other compounds that work as well RAD 140 in terms of cardiovascular endurance are Cardarine and stenabolic (guides coming soon). 

However, we all know about Cardarine's cancer scare in it's clinical studies. I have researched it before but never again. Not worth it to me. 

RAD 140 is a great alternative for those who do not want to research cardarine. 

Testolone is probably one of the best hybrid anabolic compounds on the market because it so effective for so many fitness goals. 

Not to mention its lack of side effects make it such an attractive alternative to designer steroids and other anabolic compounds that carry androgenic side effects. 

Ideal Researchers of RAD 140

The ideal researchers for RAD 140 in my opinion are those who want to preserve as much strength and mass as possible over a cutting phase while experiencing no side effects.

Also for those who want to increase their endurance and keep their energy levels up while on a cut as well. 

You would research 5-10mg/day while cutting. I researched 5 mg/day given it was my first time. 

Ideal researchers are also those who want to go on a lean bulking as well. A ton of mass can be gained over the course of 8-12 week research cycle while experiencing no side effects.  

I would research 15-20 mg/day while on a bulking phase. That is the research dosage meant to put in appreciable mass. 

This should also not be the first anabolic compound researched by the user. The ideal user should have a couple cycles under their belt. 

Beginners should research ostarine or andarine before research Testolone due to its anabolic strength and potency. Similar to LGD in that regard. 

RAD 140 only needs to be dosed once per day because the half life is 18 hours. 

My Experience With RAD 140

I researched RAD 140 in early 2016. I was trying loss some of the fat I put on during my bad cycle of depression at the end of 2015

I had put on 30 pounds and I was looking to lose some fat. I decided to research Testolone because I heard it was great for cutting and preserving muscle mass. 

I was at huge caloric deficit. I was doing an hour on cardio (elliptical) 5-6 a week. I was also lifting 4 times a week. 

I went from 241 pounds (I was pretty fat) to 223 pounds over the course of an 8 week cycle. That is about 2+ pounds gone a week. Not bad.

During my research, I noticed a my strength stayed the same. My deadlifts went up. 

I was able to maintain my energy levels too. Overall the experience was pretty solid. I suffered ZERO side effects during my research. 

It is hard to find a quality testolone product on market these days given the FDA crackdown in 2016. 

However, Kodiak Labs has stepped up to the plate in terms of putting out a quality product. I researched was Fierce by Kodiak Labs

This is a great product and I am glad had a chance research it. This will definitely be my go to in the future. 

Use my discount code "share12" to get 12% off your order today at i-supplements.

Use my discount code "share12" to get 12% off your order today at i-supplements.

Benefits And Popular Research Purposes Of LGD 4033

I talk about about the benefits of Ligandrol extensively in my in depth guide and in my comparison to ostarine

But I will go over the need to know aspects for you quickly. 

LGD 4033 is the best muscle building SARM available on the market right now and a very potent mass builder.

You can make true steroid like muscle gains. In this regard, Ligandrol is more powerful than RAD 140.  

Like Testolone, it has very little side effects. It only big one being how suppressive it can be on your natural testosterone production. 

It is very suppressive. That is the only side effect I experienced while doing my research.

Hence you will need to do a full post cycle therapy when your cycle is over. My guide to that covers everything you need to know on that front. 

Ideal Researchers Of LGD 4033

As I mentioned earlier, the ideal user is more experienced and has a couple cycles of anabolic compounds under their belt. 

Ideally, they are more experienced with researching SARMs. I would hope they have researched Ostarine or Andarine in the past. 

Like RAD 140, Ligandrol is also too potent and anabolic for first time users. 

This SARM is great for adding lean mass and the best at doing so. It is great for users who want to put on a good deal of lean muscle over a 8-12 week period.

Only doses of 5-10 mg/day are needed to achieve great results for first time users. 

LGD 4033 is a bit more powerful than Testolone when comes to bulking. Hence it preferred for mass building over RAD 140

But not nearly as effective when it comes to cutting. Hence RAD 140 is preferred for cutting. 

The ideal user will chose Ligandrol over 1-Andro because (even 1-Andro is the more powerful mass builder) you will achieve all the gains with almost no side effects. 

The ideal user know this compound will cause more suppression on your endocrine system than ostarine would. Hence a full post cycle therapy is necessary immediately after discontinuation of research.  

My Experience With LGD 4033

So researched LGD 4033 in the fall to 2015. My goal was too add a couple pounds in muscle to my frame over 8 weeks timeframe. 

Over the course of 8 weeks, I went from 198 to 205 and maintained my same levels of body fat. 

I added solid size and experienced no side effects. This was way better than my experience on 1-Andro, where I experienced a heap of side effects.

My HTPA did get suppressed quite a bit and I need a 4-5 full post cycle therapy. My natural testosterone production did bounce back fully within a matter of weeks. 

Overall I was happy with the results. The product I researched was Brawn by Kodiak Labs. They put a solid Ligandrol that I think is on of the best on the market. You can order it below and use my discount code.

Use my discount code "share12" to get 12% off your order today at i-supplements.

My back during my LGD 4033 research cycle. 

Which SARM Should You Research?

This really depend on your fitness goals and what type of results you want see. 

For guys who want to maximize muscle growth, LGD 4033 is the slightly better option due to its potency.

However, RAD 140 is pretty solid in this department too and you would not be going wrong researching Testolone to gain muscle mass. 

When it comes to cutting, RAD 140 is far superior to Ligandrol.Testolone will help you maximize fat loss and get shredded while preserving all your muscle and strength. 

RAD 140 is also great for keeping your energy levels and endurance up while on a major caloric deficit as well. 

Second to Cardarine, in terms of how effective it is for gaining cardiovascular endurance. 


There you go. This was a breakdown of how these compounds really stack up against each other. 

I hope you know have enough information to know which SARM you should research. 

Just to reiterate though, LGD 4033 is best for mass building and experiencing little no side effects. 

While Testolone can be used for bulking, cutting, and endurance training. 

So you have way more options with RAD 140 but LGD 4033 is the best choice for bulking. 

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Thanks for reading guys. 

Ray Kingsman

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