Male Edging Techniques: 5 Ways To Maximize It’s Benefits

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So we have covered what edging is and the finer details of the practice in previous posts. We know how to practice edging and how it benefits your sexual health.

Now that we have the basics down, we will shift our focus toward maximizing your physical experience and results. These are tips that have helped me through my time of practicing edging.

Through my experience, I have learned different ways to improve my edging technique. There are countless things you can do when it comes to edging. So work. Some don't.

However, I have put together is a list of helpful tips that you can use to help you get better results with your edging.

These are things you can implement into your edging routine that will help you get better results. I have listed those top 5 things below.

1) Choose Your Method Of Edging

​So you will need to choose your method of edging. You edging with almost anything that provides physical stimulation to your penis.

So you have sex, masturbate, or use fleshlight. The important thing is what works best for you and being mindful of your dick throughout the process.

Which technique allows for you to focus the most on your penis and give you a mind to muscle connection.

​2) Use Porn Videos As A Timer

This is where porn can be useful both as a sexual stimulate and a way to keep track of time.

Now I personally porn can be erection for cock when you actually want to have sex. If you masturbate, I suggest masturbating to realistic sexual fantasies.

However, some of you may be inexperienced with women and do not necessarily know what that looks like or you just prefer to masturbate to porn.

Either way, this tip is pretty simple to digest. Find one of your favorite pornographic videos that is 20 to 30 minutes long. Practice edging while watching your porn video.

Try to focus on the sensations in your penis as well. Every time you stop, pause the video briefly while you relax and deep breath. Resume the video when physical stimulation begins again

Beginners will need to do this as they might not have the self control to stop masturbating while the video is still playing.

​3) Focus Your Mind On Your Penis

This is pretty important to do in the beginning. But it is important to try and always focus on the feeling in your penis.

That connection is what builds the mind to muscle connection and eventually will give you control over your dick.

The easiest way to do this for beginners is to concentrate on your arousal and feel the blood rushing into your penis. The key for novices to build awareness of sensations in your penis. Make sure to embrace these physical sensations.

Do not try to ignore or withhold them. That defeats the purpose of the exercise. As you gain more awareness, you will slowly become more in tune with your penis.

Eventually you will be able to control these sensations and how you physically react to arousal. This is what will give you the ultimate "edge" and control over your sexual climaxes.

4) Take Deep Breathes When You Stop And Relax

This is pretty fucking important. When you stop, the number one thing you need to do is calm yourself so you do not cum.

Taking deep breathes and slowing down you heart rate is one of the easiest ways to do that. Think of it as a form of mediation.

The goal is to help relax and refocus on the bodily sensation and exercise. Taking deep breathes allows to do both. Plus it helps build that mind to muscle connection that we keep talking about.

5) Use Fleshlight Device For Edging

Flashlight (guide coming soon) is a sex toy that is meant to replicate a vagina. This a must have product for men in the adult industry. This is because it can give you the most realistic version of edging possible.

It allows you to mimic sex. Therefore practicing edging this device can be helpful because they will be having a lot sex on camera. They need a device that they can edge with and replicate that experience.

Fleshlight works better for some than others. But everyone should give it a try. With the right lubricant, it feel pretty close to a real pussy. I will have a review on the product coming soon.


So there was quite a bit to pick up on this article. Luckily, we made it pretty concise for you. Try these tips out because they are bound to help you out in your edging sessions.

I personally recommend diving right in and seeing what works best for you. Different bodies respond to different techniques. Keep edging and see what works best for you.

Might be surprised how quickly you see results. I was able to really grow a connection body and better learn how to control my sensations within a matter of months.

Just practice edging 3 or 4 times a week for 20 minutes (30 minutes is better) at a time. Do it on your off days from your male enhancement Routine (Bathmate, Jelqing, Penis Stretching , SizeGenetics, Phallosan Forte).

There are so many benefits to this practice. Not to mention, it can be free to practice. All you need is your penis. Like manual PE exercises, you can start edging right now.

Do what I listed above. You will be having mind blowing orgasms and spraying all over girls in no time.

Anyway, I gotta head to hit the gym fellas so I will talk you soon. Please subscribe below to stay updated with our community.


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