Beat Depression For Good – Man’s Guide To Well-Being Review

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What is popping guys? 

Rebel Ray back up in this bitch. 

Today we talking about a topic that I know a lot of us are going through or we have dealt with in the past. 

Depression and anxiety.

These two mental states can be crippling for a young male who is trying to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

This is quite common for goal-oriented and high achieving young men. In fact, it is the nature of our mindset. 

Men who strive for their goals in life are bounds to have their highs and their lows. And the lows can really suck sometimes. 

Trust me. I know. I have been there plenty of time of times.

Like a lot of you, I let depression affect many aspects of my life. I just tried to just tough it out instead of addressing the route of the problem.

I was afraid of admitting my own faults to myself and acknowledging their was something wrong that was within my power to fix. 

Taking responsibility for your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state is never easy. It was not for me.

The worst part is no one can make you do it either. You have to take responsibility and fix things.

But it is much easier to wear a mask and pretend it is all okay.

I did that for awhile. 

If you are like me, then you are good at wearing smile in front of people. You can act as if everything is going extremely well. You look like you take care of yourself. 

People on the outside would have no idea there is even an issue worth discussing. 

However, today we ARE going to discuss this issue. More importantly, we going to discuss what you can do about depression and anxiety today. 

There are tons of ways you can about doing this. This process usually takes a bunch of time, resources, and trial and error. 

It can be a frustrating process but I promise it is very rewarding. 

I will cover strategies from one of the best resources online when it comes to battling this stuff.

This resource is Man's Guide To Well Being By Regan from Refined Mindset.

This is probably the most in depth and practical guide I have come across online on how to battle depression. 

It is all about taking action and gives you step by step proven techniques on how to reduce anxiety and beat depression. 

Most of what we will discuss today will come from this resource. I highly suggest you guys check it out. 

For those of you who just want to know where you can get the book, you can just hit the button below.

My Battle With Depression

We covered a bit of this already but let me break down my most recent experiences with depression. 

My longest bout with depression came in 2015 when I was really starting to get bogged down by the corporate world and nothingness it offers. 

My anxiety spiked up because I thought my life was fucked. It felt like a black cloud was hanging over me.

It was a weight dragging me to my knees 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

I dreaded going to work everyday and I was hardly productive outside it. After work, I would just crawl into bed and watch Netflix and YouTube.

I became anti-social and stopped hanging out with my friends. 

I found solace in only two things. The gym and junk food. One was great and the other was not. 

Over the course of 2015, I got super strong in the gym but I also got super fat from all the junk food.

I felt like shit all the time, except for when I was in gym. 

I dealt with this 10 - 11 months. I sunk deeper and deeper into hole of sulking and misery. 

I told no one what was going on and put on a smile in front of everyone I knew. 

I had a war going on inside me and no one knew. Part of me preferred it that way. 

But I became unproductive cunt, heading nowhere in life. That was a problem. 

Why You Need To Take Beating Depression Seriously

You need to take handling depression seriously because it will be a burden that will inhibit you from doing anything else with your life. 

You will be confined to a state of negativity for as long as you let depression dominate your existence. 

Many people use coping mechanisms when dealing with depression. Those coping mechanisms can spiral down many awful paths such as alcoholism or drug use.

Or some people just sit around plat video games or watch Netflix all day like I did. That is a complete waste of time. 

Your life is not moving forward when you are sitting in front of television. 

If you ever aspire to have real life goals (starting a business, putting o muscle, getting shredded, getting good with women, etc.), then you will never be able to fully maximize your production toward what you want.

Your depression and anxiety will always hold you back from maximizing your potential as a man. 

Why Most Depression Resources Suck!

So you know why beating depression is so important toward maximizing the quality of your life. 

Now we want to know information or resources are out there to help us do it. 

In 2016, when I became serious about beating depression, I began searching the internet day and night for free or cheap resources online. 

I did the same when prepping to write this post

I have some bad news.

Most of the information out there sucks!!

It is the same bullshit generic advice that is not the least applicable when trying to make a change in habit.

Stupid people with no experience beating depression will say dumb shit like this:

"You have to just change your mindset man."

"You have to visualize what you want and then live it"

"Think about what makes you unique and cherish it"

"You just have to become excited about living life"

This advice sucks to the maximum degree. It has no practical application whatsoever. 

This is what you see in the mainstream self-development community.

No wonder everyone is still depressed.

It is probably their goal to keep you that why so you keep reading their bullshit or buy whatever bullshit product they are trying to sell.

It's crazy. Like I said, these are muthafuckers pushing you bullshit just to get a few clicks on their website.

Do not listen to the main self development community. There is absolutely nothing to learn there. 

However, are a few legit resources online. I will explain more below. 

The Difference With Refined Mindset

Good advice on beating depression can only come from someone who has personal experience on that matter.

In fact, that goes for anybody that is giving advice on anything. Unless they are talking from personal experience, take everything they say with a grain of salt because they do not know for sure.

They did not put in the work or deal with the uncertainty that comes from trial and error. They did not live their words. They offer no wisdom.

All they offer is bullshit information that they are regurgitating from a textbook or random internet study they found.

That information is useless to you. You need to seek out the people with experience in what in the areas of life you are trying to improve in and pick their brain.

The same is true when it comes to beating depression and anxiety for good.

However, not all of us have a person with experience on this subject on hand that we can just reach out to whenever we need it.

There is no hotline of people with experience in beating depression that we can just call at anytime (at least not for free or a reasonably price).

So how do we mitigate issues like these?

Lucky for us, there is a solution.

Enter Regan from Refined Mindset

He has created the most helpful resource online for guys who are struggling with depression and anxiety.

Regan, like many of you, used to be crippled by depression and anxiety. He had been through a lot of hardship in his life.

From growing up without a father to battling cancer at a young age to struggling with his mind and emotions. He has been through it all and made it out better then ever.

He did this by sitting down and creating an actionable plan on how he can improve his life and beat this debilitating condition.

He succeeded. In his success, he know lives better then most people I know.

Now he has decided to give back to world help others who are currently struggling through the same issues he used to deal with.

In doing that, he has created one of the most legit resources online for beating the brakes off depression and improving your life. 

But if that was not enough, he decided to step up his game and create a clear and concise book that puts together all the knowledge in head and on his website.

All the knowledge Regan has stems from personal experience and triumph. 

He spent months putting together this 176 page book in the hopes that it would change lives. 

Now he can share it with you and help you defeat your demons and become the best you possible. 

This book is called Man's Guide To Well Being.

I tell you what, I wish I had a resource like this when I was battling depression. It would have made the road a lot easier. 

Let me show you why this might be a game changer for some of you guys. 

Personal Growth And Mental Fortitude

I had several thoughts as I going through this book. My first one is the appreciation for Regan's realness. 

He lets you know off the bat this journey will not be easy. In fact, it might be the hardest some of you will ever do. 

That is exactly why you have to do it. It is not just about you beating depression.

This is about you growing as an individual. This is about becoming the man you want to be.  

This about finally becoming the man you deserve to be. The man you want your future kids to look up to. 

The man that can be strong for his wife and family. Because if you cannot defeat your own inner demons, how can you expect to take care of anyone else.

That is why beating depression is so important. Because it not just depression we are talking about. 

We are talking about your personal growth as a man. 

Regan goes into this in depth in his book. He analyzes the differences in how mindset shift from survival to growth can impact your progress and success. 

He talks about discovering your true self through learning what you really want out life and what makes you happy. 

This is much harder then it sounds. It will likely take months for you truly adopt this self awareness and personal growth.

This is because self awareness and personal take mental fortitude (strength of mind) which needs to built over time. 

Nothing worthwhile comes overnight guys. It takes time and we need to put in the work. 

That is okay. Because we are in it for the long haul. Regan gives actionable and practical steps into toward adopting a growth mentality and building mental fortitude.  

Essential Lifestyle Changes That Need To Be Made

To better fortify and maximize the results actions Regan wants to complete above, he implements some mandatory lifestyle changes. 

These are a mix of things you start doing right now to enhance your quality of life. 

While he mentioned other lifestyle changes that may take longer. Like building better friendships and relationships, in general.

It takes time to find and add the right people into your life. It will take even longer to trust them fully.

In the meantime, Regan talks about going for some easier wins. There changes are more subtle, easier to implement, and provide a substantial boost in quality of life. 

Such as how to naturally boost your testosterone and making better diet choices.

The only caveat is like a lot new habits some of these changes taking discipline to stick to. 

One of these is quitting and staying from porn. This is one that has so many benefits for physical, mental, and sexual energy levels. 

It is so benefitial to the mind, it's almost like cheating. Many of you alredy know this. 

However, like me, you have struggled to stay away from it. This is product not developing enough mental fortitude and discipline

You will be in a good position to handle though with tips Regan provides in this book. 

Regan breaks down tips that will make it far less difficult to stick to these lifestyle changes. 

The it is up to you to act on them, implement those changes into your life, and stay consistent with them. 

Spiritual Basics and Emotional Stability

I will admit, my spiritual stability is still something that I am trying to grasp mentally. 

I believe more in personal values and belief systems.

Regan talks about how to use your self awareness to better set up your own value and belief systems.

You want those systems to work you. Not the other way around. 

Too often we see people drift down the wayside because the let their belief and value systems dictate their actions. 

Think these liberal and conservative whores you see battling each other on Capital Hill every week. 

Or Christian morons who hate people of other religions in the name of God. 

That is what you do not want to be.

You want to absorb world around you and subject yourself to new ideas. 

You want your belief systems to be shaped by your own your personal experiences and what you see going on in the world. 

Regan talks about how to emotionally free yourself and no longer be a slave to those fake belief systems. 

There are plenty of ways to go about this but Regan prefers certain methods that allows for you to grow mentally at the same time. 

Holding Yourself Accountable

Regan's book comes with several worksheets full of exercises that you can do on daily basis to enhance mood and quality of life. 

Many of these worksheets are designed to be a log so you can hold yourself accountable to improving yourself and beating depression.

These are worksheets that allow to create a checklist and a routine of sorts you can follow. 

this allows to be consistent and see your own progress which is huge for your personal growth and achieving your goals.  

Check Out Refined Mindset And Man's Guide To Well Being

Alright guys, I have a lot to say about this awesome resource and might make another post on this in the future.

But in the meantime, go ahead and check this book out. I think many of you guys can really benefit from this.

Even guys who are not necessarily going through depression but just looking to improve your quality of life. 

Everyone can benefit from this read.


Remember guys. It is up to you take action when it comes to beating depression and improving your life. 

Otherwise, no advice out there will help you. There is no magic method to help you get rid of depression. 

So stop looking for one. You need to have long term view on things. 

This comes right back to your mindset.

Beating depression comes down to a change in mindset. Mindset is one of the hardest thing learn and change.

It is even harder to teach. To convey methods of mindset change is very tough. 

Honestly, the best way to change your mindset is to take action toward your personal goals. 

When you achieve success in the things you want, your mindset is usually the last thing to change. 

As you make progress and see success toward the things you want and make those essential lifestyle changes, you mindset will slowly shift and catch up to your reality.

Regan teaches you how to implement steps toward making a positive and enriching reality that you want. 

Then making subtle mental switches to will enhance your view on the world and people around you. 

In turn, your mindset will be forced to catch up.  

I wish I had resource like this while I was trying to beat depression. It would have been a great resource. 

But now that I think about it, I pretty much followed all the steps he laid out in his book. 

Just not in the exact same order. 

Anyway, I think you guys should check out this book. It is definetely worth your time. 

I would never recommend anything to you that did not think was the highest quality on the market. 

The same is true when it comes to male enhancement products, anabolic supplements, and nootropics. 

My reputation is always stake when I make reviews or recommend certain products. 

My reputation is everything to me. I truly care about you guys and want to help. 

I want Success Rebellion to be a one stop shop for guys who are serious about hardcore self improvement. 

I take my self-development very seriously. I have visions of the man I want to become. 

I know many of you are the same. 

Like me though, you guys are not there yet and are looking for the best methods to improve. 

I try to provide the methods that have worked best for me and others I know. 

But it is process. 

We will all get there with consistent effort and patience. 

One day at a time. 

Anyway, pick up Man's Guide To Well Being by Regan from Refined Mindset.

It might just be what you need to make a long lasting change. 

That's all for now guys. 

Your boy,

Ray Kingsman

Medical Disclaimer: Just so you know, all the information here is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please only use these drugs under the supervision of a Doctor or licensed medical professional. None of the advice here is approved by the FDA or legal any governing body. Thanks.