How To Make Your Dick Longer While Sleeping: My Phallosan Forte Results And Gains


In this post, we will be talking about Phallosan Forte Penis Extender and my experience with it. 

I have enjoyed using this extender. Especially since it is comfortable enough to utilize while you sleep. 

That is key for guys who want practice penis enhancement and still make meaningful gains but are either lazy and really busy in their daily lives

It is probably a game changer for really lazy guys, in my opinion. This and Bathmate or Penomet.

This is the most comfortable penis extender on the market next to SizeGenetics Penis Extender

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This post will talk more about how I cam across Phallosan Forte, the snags I ran into along the way, what expectations you should have, and what you can take away from my experience with the device. 

Why I Started Looking To Improve My Regimen​

Let us flashback to the beginning of 2015. I was over a year into my penis enhancement journey. 

I was well removed from jelqing and penis stretching. I tried Penomet and was still using my bandage extender. Then I moved on to Bathmate.

Although I was having a down year, I was still making noticeable gains using my Bathmate & SizeGenetics Routine

As the year dragged on, my motivation began to whine.

I was neck deep battle with depression because felt like I was falling into The Blue Pill Lifestyle Trap.

For those of you who have fought depression, you know that your motivation to do anything outside common necessities (work, eat, etc.) is non existent. 

This is what was happening to me at the time. I had to delve in SARMs (Ostarine and Ligandrol) to keep me excited and motivated to go to the time.

And I still ended up gaining 35 pounds in fat. 

Nonetheless, it was hard to stay motivated to keep doing my penis enhancement work. 

It was hard just for me to get out of bed in the morning, let alone thinking about growing my dick. 

Luckily, I had my PE devices that made things easier.  

But if there was a way I could make things more hands off, then I was down to try it. 

The more hands off it is, the likelier chance I had to stick to it back then. 

I was more concerned with penis size regressing. So I if I could find a more hands off way to keep the gains then great. 

How I Came Across Phallosan Forte?

My dick had grown quite a bit since I started PE. I was very happy with my gains. 

Even though my SizeGenetics Extender was pretty hands off and comfortable, I had to adjust it here and there.

As well as, release every two hours (for a couple minutes at a time) to promote blood flow. 

I wanted something that could be even lazier with (I know, right?). 

Plus, I wanted to try an extender that I did not need to wear during the day. 

I had tried to wear SizeGenetics while sleeping, it did not work out well. 

I went back to some of those creepy forums and was told that there were in fact extenders that you could wear while you sleep. 

In fact, there were some that were made with the dual purpose of being worn throughout the day and while you sleep. 

I was told Phallosan Forte Extender was the best extender so this endeavor and help me meet my goals. 

Enter Phallosan Forte

Most of you reading this already know how penis extenders work and what they are used for. 

But the few of you who do not, the basic idea of the device is that it leaves you dick extended for hours at a time in various directions.

This will exhaust the soft tissue in your penis. This forces it to expand and become longer.

Awesome. Right?

Phallosan Forte (and SizeGenetics) Extenders were actually created to help combat Peyronie's Disease.

This disease is the condition of a curved penis. There are actually a bunch of guys who suffer from this too.   

Alas, the solution to this disease was to stretch it out gradually until it straightens again.  

Phallosan Forte was medically approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for this issue.

Of course, I wanted to use it just make my dick longer or maintain my length gains. 

My Routine

So I did not complicate this too much (or at all). I wanted to give this extender a try. 

So I stopped using SizeGenetics Extender for a bit to try Phallosan. 

I would usually wear Phallosan for 2-3 hours after using Bathmate 3-4 times a week. 

Then I would wear it while sleeping on the days I did not use Bathmate. 

I would switch the direction of the stretch every time I used the extender to make sure that all parts of the penis were being stretched. 

Pretty simple. My goals were to match the amount of time wearing Phallosan that I had used to wear SizeGenetics. 

My Results

So my results were very encouraging. I kept up the routine I showed you above for about 6 months. 

I used the routine I described above. I added almost 0.5 inches in flaccid and erect length. 

What You Can Take Away From My Results

My results are pretty good for someone who has already maxed out their newbie gains. 

When I started using Phallosan Forte, I had already gained 1.25 inches of length.

I had been practicing penis enhancement for about 15 months consistency before using Phallosan. 

Needless to say, I was no longer a newbie. Gains get harder and harder to come by as you become more advanced. 

You will not be able to gain 1 inch in length in 6 months. Like when you first started using Bathmate. The gains slow down. 

Therefore, if you have to set your expectations reasonably if you are more experienced. 

However, if you are newbie, then you should expect double the results that I made. 

Seriously. I am not kidding. If you use the device consistently, then those are the results I would expect.

That is the result of the newbie effect. 

It is very similar to when someone takes up bodybuilding for first time and they blow up considerably in their first year or so of training. 

Lifting weights for the first time shocks for nervous system. This forces your body adapt, grow, and become stronger.

After that first year, then muscle gains are much harder come by. Until you hit your genetic ceiling. 

Penis enhancement works the same way. 

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Overall, my results were pretty good. Most of you can expect the same gains I experienced. 

Newbies can expect even better results. Just make sure to take easily when you first start using it. 

Start using it 2-3 hours a day. Then add a half to your usage every week. 

Once you get to a point where your dick can handle using the extender for long hours, you can start to wear it when you sleep. 

Just be sure to use the Phallosan Forte consistently and the length gains will come. 

If you have not read my Phallosan Forte Review yet, please check that out. 

I go into a lot of depth about this extender device in that post. 

Either way, this device is awesome and I enjoyed using it. It allowed me to keep making gains while fighting depression. 

It was a big factor in staying afloat mentally and emotionally. As crazy as that sounds. 

For you guys who are hesitant to pull the trigger, you have all the info you to get started with penis enhancement. 

Travel through the different information on this website. You have all the knowledge you need right here. 

You have thought about it long enough. Time to get started. 

That is all. Happy gains!

Ray Kingsman

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