Ostarine/Mk-2866 Common Questions & Answers


This is list of frequent questions that I receive about ostarine. I compiled them into a list so that you guys can scroll through and get the answers that you are looking for.

Hopefully, this post adds some clarity and knowledge on how you can be maximize ostarine for your research. You also read about my personal experience using ostarine

Warning in advance. This is going to be a long post because I tried to be as detailed as I could by using my experience with ostarine as well as facts about the research product. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the post. 

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Do I Need To Go To The Gym When On Ostarine?​

Ah. Duh. Of course. I assume most of you already know this. You guys are pretty smart. That is why you are on this website and not some mainstream bullshit fitness website that tells you to "try this new exercise in the gym to get a ripped physique".

But I need to reiterate this for the handful for people who thought this what the miracle drug. I need to set them straight and feed them with the correct information.

So in case you did not already know, you will need to hit the gym hard when using ostarine for your research. This is not a miracle drug by any means, it is only meant to heavily improve your results and maximize your efforts in the gym. 

How you train is dependent on your goals. I know mixed martial artists, submission wrestlers, thai fighters, and bodybuilders who have researched ostarine. It is pretty versatile in its usage.

Most of you guys just want to improve your physique. Like I did when I was on cycle. If that is the case, then expect to bust your ass in the gym to get real results. That is what you should be doing anyway.  

​I Am 20 y/o And A Complete Newbie To Weight Lifting. Should I Research Ostarine?

No. I recommend guys put together 2 years of consistent weight training and be at least 23 years old before you even think about using anabolics. 

1) You need to exhaust all you natural newbie gains. 
2) You need to build discipline and learn what your doing in the gym and with your diet.
3) You need to understand how your body works so you can tailor your routines and diet to what works best for you. 

It took me about 14 months to exhaust my newbie gains in the gym. It took another 2 years for me to build the discipline to do exercises with proper form, add in drop and super sets, experiment with different routines. etc.

Those newbie gains would probably rival any results you would see on anabolics anyway. I gained 20 pounds of lean muscle my first year in the gym. 

It took another 4 years after that to get serious about my diet. Up until 2012, I just looked to eat a lot and take in as much protein as I could. I always wondered why I carried I a little bit of extra fat.

Then in 2012, I got serious about getting shredded. I improved my diet and saw serious results. It should not take you as long as it took me.  

If you serious about building a great body, this should take you about 2 to 3 years. By that time, you will understand you body and have exhausted a good portion of your genetic potential when it comes to putting on muscle. 

In your late teens and early 20s, your natural testosterone and growth hormone levels are still sky high. I did not mess with anabolics until month before my 23rd birthday. 

Unless you have lifting for years and have already maxed out your genetic potential, then I would not recommend taking ostarine before the age of 23. 

Who Should Not Research Ostarine?

As I mentioned above, those who are completely new to the gym and that are under 23 years old.

For guys who started lifting early on in age (like me) and might have maxed out their genetic potential by the age of 21 and really know their bodies, they might consider using anabolics.

Even in that case though, I would still wait and experiment anabolics until you are 23 years old. 

How Long Should I Research Ostarine?

4 to 6 weeks for first time users. Assess how your body feels. 8 weeks for more experienced users. 

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What Is The Proper Dosage?

I notice that 20 to 30 mg/day is the range in which most users see great results. For the first week of your research cycle though, just take 10 to 12.5 mg and assess how your body feels. 

Make their are know adverse effects and immediate bodily reacts. If everything is good, then go up to 20 to 30 mg that next week. 

What Type Of Lifting Routine Should Do?

I recommend lifting heavy on your compound lifts and then adding a bunch volume for your isolation exercises to exhaust the muscle and stimulate blood flow. This is what I do and I always see great results. 

However, I encourage you experiment with different types of routines and see what works for you. Eveeryone is different. What works for me, may not work for you. Keep that mind and always be trying new things in the gym .

Should I Research Ostarine To Cut Or Bulk?

Ostarine can be researched for either goal. It can help you add on lean muscle and help you avoid muscle wasting during an intense cutting cycle. 

Stick to 20-30 mg a day if bulking or recomposition is your goal. Around 10-12.5 mg a day if cutting is your goal.  

What Non Mainstream Supplement Should I Stack With It?

There are quite a bit of non mainstream supplements you could pair ostarine. I suggest you pair it with a non-androgenic compound such as MK-677 (growth hormone alternative). You should be crazy gains on it that stack. 

You can also pair it with Laxogenin (plant steroid, non androgenic) if you really want to accelerate fat loss and enhance your strength gains. You can keep taking MK 677 and laxogenin after your cycle and into your PCT if you want to help maintain your gains. 

The reason I would pair with an androgenic compound it because you really run the risk of HPTA shutdown or severe suppression that might take a while to recover from. 

I am pairing 12.5mg of ostarine awith 50mg Epi Andro (not much all). I have seen no adverse effects yet. This might only work in the case where the dosage of the other compound needs to be taken or researched in smaller than normal quantities or doses.

What Mainstream Supplement Should I Stack With It?

You do not have to stop taking any of your normal everyday health supplements. Still take your multivitamins, fish oil, CoQ 10, veggie powder, protein powder etc... everyday.

From experience, creatine works very well with ostarine. Your muscles will get a more full and inflated look. You will have more energy and stamina in the gym when creatine and ostarine are used together. 

How Does Ostarine Effectiveness Compare To Other Anabolic Compounds?

Ostarine is not as strong as 1-Andro. It is also not as strong as traditional designer steroids. However, there are no side effects if you stick the recommended dosage. You can see anabolic effects without the shitty downsides of AAS. 

Ostarine's anabolic activity spark along with its lack of androgenic side effects and natural testosterone suppression is really where this product shines compared to traditional AAS and prohormones like 1 Andro. 

How About In Comparison To RAD 140 or LGD 4033?

LGD 4033 and RAD 140 are also SARMs. But they are more powerful then ostarine because they are more potent. Therefore spark greater anabolic activity.

You can expect greater muscle and strength gains on those compounds then on ostarine. This makes them more ideal for bulking because you will likely put more muscle on.

I would not suggest LGD 4033 or RAD 140 for beginners because they more aggressive compounds. Although they have very little side effects (like ostarine) if right doses are researched for a reasonable cycle length, they might cause more severe natural testosterone suppression. 

I researched a cycle of ostarine first and then moved on to LGD. My body was probably more prepared to handle it. Start with ostarine, then move on to the more aggressive stuff. 

Read my post on LGD vs Ostarine to learn more about the differences between the two compounds. 

I Do Not Want My Natural Testosterone Production To Shutdown. Does Ostarine Cause Testosterone Suppression?

There a little natural testosterone suppression with ostarine. This can be mitigated with proper post cycle therapy. Your natural testosterone production should bounce back within a few short weeks. 

Ostarine is not nearly as suppressive as prohormones. Nor does it cause endocrine shutdown. As long as you do not try stacking three or four different androgenic compounds together. 

If you just plan on researching ostarine by itself then you should not experience severe testosterone suppression. However, everyone is different. That is why I recommend you have post cycle and on cycle therapy on hand. 

Since It Is Not Too Suppressive, Do I Still Need Post Cycle Therapy?

Yes. I suggest a full post cycle therapy for 4 weeks. That consists on a prescription grade SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) like novladex or clomid, a estrogen blocker, liver and heart support. 

Sup3r PCT from Olympus Labs should take care of the latter few things. At minimum PCT (no prescription based SERM) for 4 weeks. You also just use Sup3r PCT for that as well. Start your PCT the day after your ostarine research cycle ends. 

What About On Cycle Therapy?

Yes. Androgenic compounds can put strain on the heart and liver. There are no reported issues with this when it comes to ostarine and other SARMs but the research is only a couple years old.

I would rather be safe than sorry. So I used on cycle support. Arimacare Pro from Olympus Labs does the trick. It also contains some arimistane to keep your estrogen from getting too high. Thus minimizing any potential side effects.

Take 4 to 8 tablets/day depending on how genetically prone you are to estrogenic side effects and heart issues. 

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When Time Of The Day Should I Take My Ostarine? 

Ostarine has a 24 hour life. I just took 20 mg in the morning everyday upon waking up or with breakfast. On rest days (I had 1-2 a week), I would just take 10 mg. 

What Should I Really Expect In Terms Of Results?

You can expect to put on 6 to 7 pounds of lean muscle and a lot of the course of 8 weeks. It is not going to be as much of crazy as AAS or even 1 Andro. But you will make pretty noticeable gains over the course of your research cycle.  

What Are The Side Effects?

As I mentioned earlier, there are little to no side effects when on cycle. I experienced no side effects whatsoever while I researched ostarine. Just make know there will be a little natural testosterone suppression. Nothing huge. Just your PCT ready. 

What About Hair Loss, Rashes, Acne, And Bitch Tits?

Very little chance of experiencing these side effects. I did not experience any of those things. I do not know anyone who has experienced any of those side effects.

I highly doubt anyone will as they research a reasonable dosage for a reasonable amount of time. 

Should I Take Liquid Or Capsule Version Of Ostarine?

I suggest capsule form. I have never taken the liquid form of SARMs. I know plenty of people who have and they have still seen good gains. I personally prefer the capsules though. They are just easier to dose and use than the liquids are.

Where Should I Get My Ostarine From? 

Kodiak Labs. This is company that I first bought my ostarine from. In fact, I have gotten LGD 4033 and Rad 140 from Kodiak Labs. They deliver in timely manner, use discrete packaging, and have very reasonable prices.

They have email support and a phone number to call in case anything goes wrong with your order or confirm your payment has been received. 

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That is our list of common questions and answers as of right now. I might be adding to this list in the future depending on if they benefit the community or not. 

Hopefully, this helps a bunch of you guys out when researching ostarine and maximizing your experience.