Anabolic Growth Without Steroids: Ostarine/MK-2866 Review


Hello Everyone. My name is Ray Kingsman. I have been a meathead in the gym for well over 10 years. However, it only started "researching" performance enhancing compounds in 2014. 

I first started with a mild prohormone called Epiandersterone. I got great results and no side effects and not to much testosterone suppression. 

Then I tried 1-Andro. Also great results. But a fair amount of side effects. I was pretty hungry all the time, lethargic throughout the day, huge testosterone suppression, etc.

After that cycle, I began looking into other types of substances. This is when I came across SARMs.

The picture above is how I looked after my first ostarine cycle. I first researched ostarine for 8 weeks back in March and April of 2015. 

After my 1 Andro experience, I was looking for something that was not as harsh on the side effects or testosterone suppression. 

Some of my close friends were telling me about SARMs and that they were all the rage in the natty bodybuilding. They said these compounds were versatile in usage and basically side effect. 

Sounded to good to be true. However, I did experience pretty much no side effects on Epi Andro. So it is definitely is possible. 

But first I did my research. I wanted to know all that was available about this research product before I started my own research. 

I will share my research and experience with you below. This article is intended for first time users of anabolics, guys experienced with anabolics who looking to try something new or an alternative to prohormones, or those who just want to learn more about SARMs.

Whatever you reason is for being here. I want to educate you the best I can so you can
   1) So you know what this stuff is and how to use for research
   2) Make an informed decision on whether or not to use ostarine for your research.
   3) Maximize the effect of your research usage of this product. 

Anyway, on to the article. 

What Is Ostarine?

Ostarine or MK-2866 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). This means is binds to specific receptors in the body to stimulate anabolic activity (cell growth).

It is also completely non-steroidal and non liver toxic. 

This compound is a great steroid alternative for bodybuilders who do not want to mess with steroids or prohormones. This is what made SARMs attractive to me.

I have never used designer steroids but my friends coming off AAS (androgenic anabolic steroids) use SARMs for a post cycle therapy and bridge between cycles so they do not go catabolic.

Ostarine was originally invented by a pharmaceutical company to treat patients with osteoporosis to prevent muscle wasting and strengthen the bones.  

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Does Ostarine Really Work?

In short, YES

Out of all the SARMs, ostarine has the most clinical studies to show it's effectiveness to add lean mass to the body. 

The studies also show Ostarine has the ability to improve joint, tendon, and ligament strength. 

When I used Ostarine, my goal to gain some decent mass over the span of 8 weeks or so. Now I did not see the same results that I did on 1-Andro. However, I did experience steady gains and rapid strength increase.

I put on about 6-7 pounds of muscle over 8 weeks and colossal amount of strength to all my lifts. 

​Is Ostarine Safe?

Yes. Clinical research on Ostarine has not been reported to cause any serious short or long term damage to the body or overall physical or mental health. ​

As I mentioned earlier, it is not toxic to the liver. You do not need to worry about enlargement of any parts of the heart.

Keep in mind though, this compound (and all other SARMs for that matter) is still being heavily researched by pharmaceutical companies and other labs as alternatives to steroids (for medical treatment) and has not been around too long.

The studies show no long term damage but those studies are only a couple years old. So keep that in mind while researching this stuff. 

Ostarine Suppression

When cycling with the recommended dosage for a reasonable amount of time, you should not experience significant testosterone suppression.

So my test levels did drop a little but nothing too scary. I got blood work done directly after my cycle. I did a full PCT though to recover as quickly as possible.

No one I know has experience significant suppression or shutdown when researching ostarine.

But everyone is different. I cannot guarantee that it will not happen to you. Which is why I would at least a mini PCT the day after the your research cycle. 

My PCT consisted of novladex and over the counter PCT product that contained arimistane. I will get into that in a bit though.   

Ostarine Side Effects

I did not experience any side effects. Other than some testosterone suppression directly after the cycle, as I mentioned earlier.

It was a truly remarkable experience. I made all the gains with none of the side effects.

-No hair loss
-No oily skin
-No libido issues
-No excess water retention
-No unneeded aggression
-No acne or rashes
-No heart issues 
-No testicular shrinkage
-No gyno (bitch tits)

This compound aromatize either so you do not have to worry about unwanted spikes in estrogen levels. Because of its lack of androgenic side effects, this is almost the ideal compound for guys first dabbling into anabolics.

There could be a chance of strain on some organs in the body. However, if you have you on cycle support on hand then you should be fine. 

How To Take Ostarine

First time users should cycle this product for about 4 to 6 weeks. For experienced users (who have a couple cycles of AAS, PH, other SARMs under their belt) can cycle this product for about 8 or 9 weeks.

9 weeks is the longest I have ever researched ostarine. On my first research cycle, I cycled it for about 8 weeks but I had a 2 prohormone cycles under my belt. 

You can also stack ostarine with other compounds such as other SARMs or prohormones. I am currently stacking ostarine right now with Epi Andro for my cut

In the latter stages (final 2 weeks) of my research cycle of ostarine, I added Mk-677 (growth hormone alternative, an article to follow soon).

I do not know if I suggest stacking this with other SARMs. You might risk HPTA (hypothalamus pituitary testes axis) shutdown or severe suppression.

This happened to me when I stacked LGD 4033 (Ligandrol, another SARM) and S4 (andarine, also a SARM) together a couple months after my Ostarine research cycle. And I took reasonable doses for both. More on that another time. 

I believe SARMs would work fantastically with MK-677 or Epi Andro. That is just my opinion though. 

I definitely recommended using creatine with ostarine to enhance muscle fullness and get more out of your workouts. 

Ostarine Dosages

I recommend you take 10 to 12.5 milligrams fort the first week or so (5 to 7 days) to assess your tolerance and to see if their are any immediate adverse effects. 

If there are no adverse effects after the week then go up to 20 to 25 mg. I feel like that is the realm in which most guys get great results. This is  if your goal is recomposition or bulking to throw on lean muscle. 

If you are cutting and looking to just stop catabolism (due to low caloric intake) from occurring then you can stick to just 10 to 12.5 mg. That should help you keep you strength and muscle and maximize fat loss.  

Right now, I am about 5 weeks into my cut using 12.5 mg of ostarine. I have dropped about 13 pounds and I am seeing major changes in my physique. 

Do You Need Post Cycle Therapy?

Yes. I would recommend a full post cycle therapy for 4 weeks. This consist of a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) such as novladex or clomid, suicidal estrogen blocker such as arimistane, and support supplements for different parts of my body (too many to name).

I take my health very seriously guys and I recommend you do the same. Although ostarine is not too suppressive on natural testosterone production, you do not want to take chances. You want your natural test levels to rebound as soon as possible. 

There might also be a chance of strain on different organs throughout the body which would be consist with other types of anabolics. The studies do not show this but we do not know for sure. Be to be safe than sorry and assume there is 

Without post cycle therapy is might take your HPTA months to fully rebound, even if it there was only minor suppression. That can lead to libido issues or erectile dysfunction and all other types of shit you do not want to deal with. 

I will have a full post coming about post cycle therapy in the coming weeks. At the very least, do a mini pct for 4 weeks. This just consists of arimistane, testosterone booster, and organ support. This "might" do the trick. 

I personally recommend Sup3r PCT from Olympus Labs. This has all the organ support you will need, along with good dosages of arimistane, and testosterone booster. In one supplement. It is awesome. Should be everything you need for a mini PCT. 

If I were you though, I would stack Sup3r PCT with prescription grade novladex. If you can not get your hands on prescription grade novladex then I would suggest getting research chemicals. 

Enhanced Athlete has research liquid novladex. It is the best quality for the price out there right now. 

You could also add MK 677 or laxogenin (or both) to your post cycle therapy to help you keep your strength in the gym and keep your muscle gains. 

I used a combination of novladex, Sup3r PCT, and laxogenin (plant steroid, completely natural) during my post cycle therapy and maintained all gains. I actually kept slowly increasing in strength but not nearly at the same rate I was when I was on ostarine which I expected. 

I was happy with that because I expected a slight decrease in strength. That is what happened to me with both 1 Andro and Epiandrosterone.

That did not happen this time. Granted that might because I added laxogenin that time around. But 

Do You Need On Cycle Therapy?

Yes. Although there are no signs of organ strain from the studies, I would rather be safe than sorry. Just like with my post cycle therapy. 

You want to do your best to minimize heart and liver strain while on cycle. Along with an a suicidal estrogen blocker to combat hikes up in estrogen levels.

Estrogen levels can also tend to rise a bit when testosterone levels go up dramatically. This is so you body hormonal levels stay balanced.

That is why it is great to have arimistane on hand, in case you are prone to side effects from slightly higher levels of estrogen. These reasons are why I recommend on cycle therapy. 

I suggest Arimacare Pro by Olympus Labs. This product has liver and heart support in it as well as 50 mg of Arimistane. 

What Is Best To Stack With Ostarine?

I talked about this earlier. I know guys stack ostarine with other SARMs (LGD 4033, S4, RAD 140, YK 11) all the time to maximize the anabolic properties of each compound at once. 

This makes sense on a scientific level. No SARM works exactly the same as another. They are not different versions of each other. There is variation in chemical structure between these SARMs. They are not the same.

However, stacking these SARMs together can cause serious suppression or shutdown of natural testosterone production. Obviously, that can be a problem.

To avoid this, I would stack with androgenic compound. I would stack it with MK 677. MK 677 (growth hormone secretagogue) would be ideal to stack with any SARM (or prohormone) when bulking.  

You can also stack it with low levels of Epi Andro (50 mg) when cutting to help keep your strength in the gym.  

Weeks 1-8: Ostarine 25mg/day, Arimacare Pro
Weeks 1-12: MK-677 25mg/day,
Weeks 9-12: Novladex 20-40mg/day, Laxogenin 100mg/day, Sup3r PCT.

Week 1-8: Ostarine 12.5mg/day, T2 200mg/day, Arimacare Pro
Week 9-12: Novladex 20-40mg/day, Laxogenin 100mg/day, Sup3r PCT.

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The Ostarine I Have Used In The Past

This is not the one I am using right now (I bought Arimestage PCT 50 earlier thinking it was a mini post cycle therapy, whatever) but this is the ostarine I first researched back in 2015.

This is a high quality source of ostarine. Not watered down shit like some other distributors out there. You want to make sure your ostarine to be the pure and potent. 

Kodiak Labs has your back in that regard. Their ostarine is some of the best on the market. You are bound to see gains. Just research the ostarine correctly. 

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Ostarine is fucking awesome to the say the least. I experienced no side effects during my research cycle. Ostarine also does not aromatize. 

I got saw lean steady gains over the eight weeks I used ostarine and there little water retention. My gains were dry.

I had very little testosterone suppression as well. Not to say, everyone will experience the same thing. It can be suppressive at higher doses. But if you stay in the 10-30mg/day then you should be fine. 

Ostarine is a great alternative to guys to do not to want mess with designer steroids and prohormones. 

I suggest giving ostarine a try. You might be surprised how well it works. 

In the meantime, thanks for reading. TTYL.


Ray Kingsman

P.S. Olympus Labs and Kodiak Labs are pretty much the only companies I trust to deliver top quality non mainstream supplements. I highly suggest you give them a try. Get OstaStrong Here.

P.P.S. I will have article about other SARMs and Prohormones I have used soon. As well as articles about post cycle therapy, on cycle therapy, laxogenin, T2, T3, and much more.    

P.P.P.S. You can read my common questions and answers guide to Ostarine , Ostarine vs LGD 4033, and my experience to get more knowledge about how to properly research this product.