Critical Comparison: Ostarine (MK-2866) vs Testolone (RAD 140)

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What's good everyone?

Ray Kingsman is back up in this bitch with another Success Rebel Product Comparison. 

You guys seemed to like my comparisons of Ostarine vs LGD 4033 and LGD 4033 vs RAD 140

Some of you have brought up that Ostarine and Testolone are both great multi purpose and hybrid SARMs

Meaning that you can research either SARM for most fitness goals and see very good results. 

Many of you have confusion though on which SARM is better for certain fitness goals. 

Ostarine and RAD 140 have a lot similarities but they also have some very distinct differences. 

I will answer those questions, shed light on the similarities and differences, and discuss those ideas below with facts and my personal experiences. 

I want to give you guys the most information possible about these SARMs so you can make an intelligent decision about which compound to research to maximize your efforts toward your fitness goals. 

Anyway, let us delve more into these two SARM compounds and their key differences. 

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Origins And Commonalities Between Testolone and Ostarine

These are two very popular SARMs and I am sure many of you are aware of the benefits each SARM can deliver. 

If you are not sure of those unique benefits, please read my Guides To Ostarine and Testolone

Those posts give you the full breakdown on each SARM (dosages, research cycle lengths, benefits, drawbacks, etc.) and their capabilities. 

Therefore, we will start with what they have in common and their differences. As explained earlier, both of these compounds are SARMs.

SARM is an acronym for selective androgen receptor modulator. This means the anabolic compound only binds to specific androgen receptors in muscle and bone.

The binding process stimulates and enhances anabolic activity in the cells and soft tissue.

SARMs' selectivity in the androgen binding process spares researchers of some of the androgenic side effects they would experience using traditional or popular designer steroids. 

Both of these compounds were created and patented by pharmaceutical companies.

These companies were trying to create a for replacement for steroids when using hormonal therapy to treat diseases that can causes muscle wasting or hormonal imbalance.  

Patients that were prescribed different types steroids often dealt with the harshness of androgenic side effects. Especially, women and children. 

Therefore the pharmaceutical and medical community invested a lot of resources (money) in finding a substitute for steroids.

One that could deliver near the same results but with little side effects. This is why SARMs were created. 

Pharmaceutical companies created SARMs (and patented them) with the intention to sell them as prescription drugs to patients in need of hormone replacement therapy. 

SARMs are still in the research phase of their life span. They have never been tested and studied on humans. They have only been tested on rats and other lab animals. 

At this point, no one knows the long term side effects SARMs can have on humans. 

Ostarine and Testolone are both non-steroidal. That means their chemical construction does not resemble that of steroids. 

Ostarine has been the most studied of the SARM family while Testolone has only a few clinical studies done.

The results of clinical studies for SARMs are very promising in terms of delivering the desired results for the researcher. 

Both compounds are great for cutting, bulking, and a variety of other fitness goals. 

Niether SARM converts testosterone to estrogen (aromatization). Overall, each SARM cause very little side effects.  

They only side effect they both have is that they are a bit suppressive on your endocrine system.

This means that your natural testosterone production will be suppressed to a certain degree (slightly different for everyone). 

Therefore, you will need a full post cycle therapy after the your research cycle of RAD 140 or MK-2866. 

You can research each on for up to 12 weeks. 8-12 weeks is sufficient for a good bulking or cutting cycle.

These SARMs can also be researched for as little as 4 weeks. Even in that little amount of time you can still see great gains toward your fitness goals.  

Ostarine is great for beginners (no PED experience). It is not too anabolic, powerful, or potent. I would suggest starting your research here. RAD 140 is little too anabolic for beginners.

Now we will talk about the difference between the two SARM compounds.  

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Benefits And Popular Research Purposes Of Ostarine

Ostarine is, by far, the most popular SARM on the market these days. It is also the most researched out of the family of SARMs

As mentioned before, Ostarine can be researched for a wide variety of fitness goals. 

It can be used to enhance athletic performance, as well as enhance your physique.

Remember that ostarine is still an androgenic compound and will require a full PCT right after your cycle. 

Even it is not too suppressive, talk precaution and do a full post cycle therapy. 


Where ostarine really sets itself apart is for the purpose of cutting excess fat. 

This compound is exceptional at helping the researcher, lose fat body fat while maintaining strength and lean muscle mass while at an extreme caloric deficit. 

Ostarine providers the researcher with similar physical effects as with anabolic steroids. But with no androgenic side effects. 

That means you do not have to worry about prostate or heart enlargement, hair loss, higher blood pressure, other cardiovascular issues, testicular shrinkage, bitch tits (gyno), liver toxicity, mood swings, full body acne, libido issues, etc. 

None of that shit will be a concern to you because of the lack of side effects. 

Check out my 9 week cutting transformation if you want a first hand account of the lack of side effects. 

During that period I researched ostarine throughout my entire cut. I was able to maintain my strength and size. 

I lost almost 20 pounds in 9 weeks. I went from 225 to 206 in 9 weeks. This was a pretty solid transformation for me. 

Check out week 1 vs week 9. You can see the difference. 

Granted none of that happens without the diet, exercise, and natural supplement plan that I laid out in my original cutting procedure.  

Ostarine really helped me maximize the amount fat I lost while minimizing the amount of muscle I lost while an extreme caloric deficit. 

I highly recommend researchers and PED beginners researcher ostarine while cutting because it really will enhance your results. 


Ostarine can also be used for bulking as well. It is a great alternative to designer steroids (that have harsh side effects) like 1-Andro

This makes ostarine a great hybrid SARM. You only have to be a slight caloric surplus (200-300 calories) to see great results. 

Now you will not see as extreme results with Ostarine was would with traditional androgenic or designer steroids. 

You will not gain 15-20 pounds of muscle over an 8-12 week cycle.

It will be more like 5-8 pounds of lean muscle over an 8-12 week cycle. Maybe a little more for SARM or PED newbies.  

That is still very good in my opinion for a compound that delivers almost no side effects. 

Ideal Researchers For Ostarine

Ostarine is geared more toward first time SARM or PED users. This compound's research is best maximized when trying to cut fat and maintain muscle mass plus preserve strength. 

As mentioned earlier, ostarine is a great hybrid SARM. It can used for a variety of fitness goals that include but are not limited to cutting fat, bulking, recomposition, athletic performance, etc. 

I highly recommend it for cutting. If you are a beginner or SARMs than Ostarine is for you. 

For cutting I recommend you research 10-15 mg/day of Ostarine taken once per day with breakfast for 8-12 weeks. then directly follow your cycle with a full PCT.

It can also be researched for bulking as well. I would research 20-30 mg/day for 8-12 week cycle period. 

The product I researched was OstaStrong by Kodiak Labs. they have a created a high quality product here. Each capsule contains 15 mg of ostarine. You really get the bang for your buck here. 

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Testolone - RAD 140 (Fierce by Kodiak Labs)

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Benefits And Popular Research Purposes Of Testolone

Testolone (aka RAD 140), like ostarine, is also a great hybrid SARM. This is because it is great for a multitude of fitness goals. 

Not only is it good for putting on strength and lean mass but it is a great compound to research for cutting fat and building cardiovascular endurance. 

It can also be researched to enhance athletic performance and anti aging purposes as well. The possibilities are endless.

This compound might be a little anabolic and potent for beginners. I recommend beginners research ostarine first before giving Testlone a try. 


In my opinion, this is where RAD 140 is best researched. It is a powerful compound when it comes to putting on lean mass. 

It is almost as powerful as Ligandrol in that regard and definitely more powerful that Ostarine in that department. 

You can expect to gain several pounds of lean mass over an 8-12 week cycle. Results will vary for different people but everyone will see pretty good mass when researching RAD 140. 

This compound is highly anabolic. It has a 90:1 anabolic:androgenic ratio. This ratio basically displays the lack of androgenic side effects and how much this compound leads toward cell growth. 

To give you a quick comparison, regular testosterone is 1:1. So that is pretty impressive by itself. 


RAD 140 is great for cutting. It comes quite close to the results you would get with Ostarine. 

Rad 140 will do a better job helping you maintain firmness and strength while cutting bodyfat. This is due to how anabolic testolone is. 

During my Fall 2016 cut, I did have a very slight dip in strength (but nothing compared to what it would be been had I not researched ostarine). 

I cut with RAD 140 earlier in the year on a similar caloric deficit as with my fall cut. I noticed no dip in strength in gym. 

For researchers trying to cut, Testolone will be better for those who want to prioritize maintaining strength and size more. 


Testolone is also great for cardiovascular endurance. Although you still sweat when doing cardio, you will not get as nearly gassed as you normally would.

This was great for me when I was doing cardio in morning during a cutting phase. Hard elliptical sessions would leave me so tired for the rest of day. Testolone was a great remedy for this inconvenience. 

There are only two other compounds that work as well for cardiovascular endurance. Those are Cardarine and Stenabolic (guides coming soon).

If you do not want to research those compounds when cutting, testolone provides an "all in one" approach in that regard.

It will help you lose fat and give you an endurance boost to get the most out of your cardio.  

Ideal Researchers Of Testolone

RAD 140 has the most diversity in terms of the fitness goals it can be used for. Therefore, you cannot go wrong researching this compound if you have simple fitness goals (cutting, bulking, endurance, etc.). 

Testolone really shines in the bulking category though. This is due to how anabolic RAD 140 is and its lack of androgenic side effects. Hence, bulking is what I am going to suggest it for.

The ideal researcher would have few SARM cycles under their belt and would be looking to pack on some mass. 

I would research testolone for 8-12 weeks while dosing 15-12 mg/day taken in the morning upon waking up. 

Ideal researchers can also cutting with Testolone. They would research 5-10 mg/day for 8-12 weeks. I personally recommend 5 mg/day because of how anabolic and powerful RAD 140 is.

Always directly follow your research cycle with a full post cycle therapy phase.  

Ideal researchers have experience with PEDs and other SARMs. Hopefully, they would a few cycles under their belt before researching Testolone. 

You can read more about my experience researching RAD 140 here and here

The product that I used for my Testolone research was Fierce by Kodiak Labs. They have really developed a kick ass product here. It has a fair market price, 5 mg/capsule, 90 capsules per bottle and it is great quality.

Plus you do not have to deal with offshore credit processors that will freeze your bank account when buying it. 

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Which SARM Should You Research?

This is a great question and the answer depends on your fitness goals. What you are trying to achieve will which compound you research. 

If you goal is to cut fat and maintain your muscle and (most of) strength, the ostarine is the compound for you. 

You should also consider researching Ostarine if you are new to PEDs or SARMs. 

RAD 140 is better for bulking and putting on lean muscle mass. You will make solid muscle gains. 


There you have it. That is the breakdown of commonalities and differences between RAD 140 (Testolone) and MK 2866 (Ostarine)

Hopefully, this clears up any questions you might have about how these two SARMs stack up against each other. 

Be sure to check out my other comparisons. LGD vs. Ostarine, RAD 140 vs LGD, and 1-AD vs.1-Testosterone.

Also check out my guides for the Best Research SARM Cycle Bulking and Cutting Stacks.

All those articles will give you the breakdown between other popular anabolic compounds. 

We will have more guides on PEDs and anabolic compounds coming soon guys. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. 


Ray Kingsman

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P.P.S. Remember SARMs are banned for human consumption. They are only to be bought and used for research purposes. Thanks!

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