Success Rebel’s Guide To Refeeding (Reverse Dieting) Part 2: Refeed Supplement Stack


So if you have not read not my post on how to refeed, then I suggest you read that first. 

It will put this post into better context and really breaks down reverse dieting for newbies.

This post will talk about supplements you can use to help speed up the production of your metabolism while refeeding. 

These are products I have talked about before in past during the explanation of my fall cutting procedure and breakdown of laxogenin.  

As you all know, I have use all of these products in the past. I also plan on using them again during my post T3 period and refeeding phase.  

These products are laxogenin, Sans T2, and Biogreen Labs Thyroid Support. These are top of the line products and they have really helped in the past.  

Let me breakdown what makes them so special.  

Sans T2 Extreme

T2 is a precursor to T3 and does not shutdown your thyroid. T2 can really help increase your metabolic production.

This can be used during your cut to keep your metabolism churning. It can also be used in your post T3 research and reefed period as well. 

T2 is not insanely catabolic like T3 research can be. So there is no need to worry about muscle wasting, weakness, rapid heart rate, trouble sleeping, etc. 

Keep your doses between 200-300 mg/day. So a pill after meal or so should be sufficient in getting what you need out of this supplement. 

Biogreen Labs Thyroid Support

This is a natural thyroid supplement usually used by those who have very mild cases of hypothyroidism.

Most of these ingredients on the back are vitamins, minerals, preservatives, amino acids, and fruit extracts. 

These ingredients combined are meant to help naturally stimulate the production of T3 and increase your metabolic rate within your body.

This will allow you to slowly increase your calories while giving your thyroid the boost it needs to keep up with the extra food consumption. 

Biogreen Labs produces best natural thyroid supplement available. At least the best I have ever used (and I have used a lot of them, from many different manufacturers).

This product delivers a quite a punch in only 2 capsules per day. Especially, at the beginning of your refeed phase. 


I talk about laxogenin pretty in depth is this previous post. But this is a plant steroid that can introduce anabolic effects to the body.  

Like the two supplements above, it does not shut down your natural thyroid or testosterone production.

It does help oxidize fat and increase your metabolism though. While helping you keep on muscle. 

This makes it a great supplement to take during your refeed phase and post cycle therapy.

It can be used for a lot of fitness goals but it in this case, it is perfect for helping your body get back on track. 

When you are refeeding you should only need 50-100 mg/day to see the effects toward your metabolism and body composition maintenance. 

Putting It All Together

These three products together can really help your natural thyroid production rebound quicker.

Theoretically, your metabolism should be able to fully rebound on it's own. But why take the chance?

I would stack the odds in my favor by using the products listed above to stimulate your metabolism and get it back to were it was before you started cutting. 

This will allow your body to reach homeostasis far quicker and allow you to start cutting or bulking again sooner. 

Good supplements can really help you reach your goals faster if you know what to do in your lifestyle to maximize their effect. 

Follow my refeeding guide to the tee and use these supplements listed above and you will stay shredded. 

Happy Cuts and Gains. Until next time. 

​Ray Kingsman.