Is Living Your Passion Overrated In Your 20s?


What's up guys? 

Ray Kingsman here coming at your today with another rebel post. 

In these posts, we more discuss our non-mainstream ideas. We dig into some of the bullshit society tries to sell and I will give you my perspective on things. . 

It can be fun tearing through some of these ridiculous ideas the media and greater public want you to buy into. 

But if you are on this corner of the web, the chances are you are not as naive as the vast majority of the public. 

In this edition, we will be talking about the "living your passion" idea that been sold to us by the popular media. 

I want to give my take on this idea and some learning lessons that I have taken away from this mantra over the years. 

I have plenty of life experience that serves me well i this topic. 

Anyway, on to it.

Following Your Passion Is The Worst Advice You Could Give A Male In Their Twenties

Let me explain why. You need to venture no further then going to your local college campus to find out how this advice can steer young people in the wrong direction. 

Too many people are picking majors they are "interested in" or "have a passion for". Picking majors in philosophy, history, political science, English, etc. 

Guess what?

Those majors have ZERO fucking market value. Good luck finding a well-paying job with that on your resume.

I know plenty of people who tried. It only worked for a small few who had great corporate connections (usually their parents or other family members) and got hooked up with great jobs out of school. 

Most of us will not be that blessed to know someone in our family or close network that works at Goldman Sachs. But those connections be made. That is discussion for another time.

A lot these students go into debt getting useless degrees. Hence leaving a lot of college graduates frustrated because they spent too much time pursuing a worthless major and partying. 

They all regret it  once they have to move back in with their parents or forced to go to graduate school and go into more debt just to get a $50,000 salary job. 

That sucks. 

You would think these students would know this. Right?

But they do not. Because society tells them to follow their passion and their interests (whatever that might be). Not the majors or business opportunities that could make them money.

People who are serious about making money already know this.  I know that is a lot of you guys. But I do not want to fall into this trap at any time. 

Other Examples

College is the most obvious an example.

People can make bad business, investment, and life decisions based on the "passion" mantra. 

There are people who do this in all facets of life and suffer the consequences later. 

Take UFC fighter Micheal MacDonald. Micheal has been a long time contender in his division. He is a good fighter with a lot promise and always puts on a show.

With that said, he gets paid $25,000 in show money and $25,000 if he wins (UFC is notorious for massively under paying MMA fighters). He has been losing a lot lately and only walking away with $25K.

He constantly goes into debt to pay for his training camps, coaches, and nutritionists. After taxes, training costs, and other fees, he only sees 1/3 of the money won. Read more about it here. Yet he continues to fight. 

Why?. He said he is falling his passion. That he loves what he does. Even though he is in debt, had to get a second job to the pay bills, and move back in with his parents. 

He said that he could go to college for dirt cheap and get a good job or become a Doctor. In fact, he believes he could make more money going that route than fighting mixed martial arts.

Instead, he chooses to get punched in the face for a living and make, at best, $50k. There are plenty of people (including me) who come out of college making more money than that. 

But McDonald wants do what he loves. That is his decision and his life.

What I am saying is that if you care about making money then you cannot make decisions like the ones listed above. It will be toxic to your short and long term financial future.

Why Do People Follow Their Passion It Will Only Hurt Them Later?

I believe there are a couple reasons why this happens.

The first reason is
the popular media sells you on this idea that people that follow their passions and interests are happy with their lives. That they will always find fulfillment quicker than the well-paid dronie. 

This could not be more false. Let me ask you a question. 

Would you rather be broke or in debt constantly (always wondering if you are going pay rent and bills on time) while working on your passion?

Or would you rather have a well-paying job or business in a market that you do not hate or love (you do not mind working long hours but you are not itching to get out of bed every morning), that will allow to retire at an early age?

For me, the answer is obvious. I would much rather have the latter and make a lot of money. 

Money grants you the most options and freedom in this world. The more of it you have, then more power you have. That's it. 

The second reason is many young people do not want to work hard. They use a passion mantra as an extra to follow an easier path in life. 

Instead of studying a specialized or quantitative major, they pick a some useless social science. Simply it is easier to do.   

Your twenties are times to challenges yourselves, not taking the easy way out. 

Right now in your twenties, you all unlimited energy and can work unlimited hours. You will not be able to do that in your late thirties and forties. 

Take advantage of your youth and push yourself. Do whatever necessary (within the constraints of the law and your moral ethics) to achieve your personal goals and make money. 

If you do not, you will pay for it later with a mediocre lifestyle and income in your 30s and mid life.

This community is for those who want to be mediocre. I know you guys want more. Or else you want now be on this website. 

The third reason is that they believe they should be helping others instead of helping themselves. 

This another ridiculous reason to me. So many people are willing to go broke in their 20s and 30s working for large and corrupt non profits or volunteering your time away. This baffles me. 

How can actively help someone else if you cannot help yourself? The idea is fundamental to me. 

Do not spend your time working for crappy non profits were the executives are making six figure salaries and the everyone does the real work is making $35K-$50K. 

When you can make double doing the same job in the commercial and private space or building a business. 

Plus you will help way more people building a quality product or service that you can sell to others.

Businesses make the biggest impact in this world because they are constantly inventing new things and advancing on products.

The technology sector is a perfect example of this. The people making the new and cool products that making the biggest impact on people's lives are private business. 

The same is true in finance. Banks are always trying to find new ways to help you access your money and create new investment plans. 

This is because nothing motivates people to innovate more than competitive markets and making profits. Nothing!

Some of you could become executives at those corporations or build those business that disrupt the market. 

Or just build a small service (like a personal training or financial planning) or product business (selling clothes or supplements) that serves a niche group of customers.

A lot of people become millionaires doing that and slowly build from there.

Instead some would rather ask for donations and type up grants hoping the government, civilians, or corporations spare your not for profit organization some nickel and dimes. 

Fuck that guys. Go where the money is and stop wasting time. 

The fourth reason is people believe making money is overrated and unfulfilling. Ultimately, focusing on making money it will make them unhappy. 

This another thing that the media gets really fucked up. They trick us into believing that making money will only make you unhappy. 

The could not be more untrue. Not doing what you want with your life will make you unhappy. 

Not living with purpose and drive everyday will make you unhappy. 

Giving into society's bullshit social norms will make you unhappy. 

You get where I am going from?

Making money and watching your financial empire grow is one of the most fulfilling pursuits one can go on in life. 

It is challenging and you learn so much about the world and yourself along the way. 

Not only that but you stand to gain the most long term from this hard work as well. 

Those who put in the years of work, do not give in to society's social demands, did things their way, and have no financial worries are happy people.

Do not worry guys. Do it that way and you will be happy too. 

What Should I Pursue Then If Not My Passion?

This is a very simple concept but one that young people are not hearing enough nowadays. 

They need to go where there is a market demand for a certain set of skills across many industries. 

Ideally, there would a shortage of labor supply in that market as well. This will almost guarantee you are employed and getting paid well. 

The same philosophy applies to building a business. You create a product or service that has a large market demand and is in small supply of quality vendors. 

A good example is coders and programmers in information technology. Every industry deals with data and will need people with most up to date skills to figure out how to manage and store their data for optimal use.

Another good example are good personal trainers and nutritionists. They are scarce despite popular belief. Especially at large commercial gyms.

Most of them recycle shitty workouts and diets they see online. They do not educate themselves at all and regurgitate fitness myths that are not true

The best personal trainers have their businesses and are great salesmen. 

They actually provide clientele with great and amazing service and as well build a great relationship with your customer. They are constantly hustling for new clients as well. 

That is the essence of business and making money. 


Guys, following your passion is overrated and it make you broke right now and later in life. 

Is that worth it? 

The only way following your passion makes sense is if there is a market demand for it.

Plus, it would be great if there was a shortage of suppliers in business or labor to fulfill the demand. 

Otherwise, go where the market demand is guys and be the best market option available.

That means always being up to date with your skills or improving your product.

Be a copy cat. Find a repeatable process to success that works. It is that simple. You really do not need to complicate anymore than that. 

Do not fall into traps society lies out for you. Follow your instincts. Keep your goals to yourself because no one cares about your hustle

Go where the money is brah. 

Make it happen guys. The cash awaits. 

Ray Kingsman

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