Grow Your Dick With Little Effort: Penis Enhancement For Really Busy Guys


So this is a topic I felt would be helpful for a lot of guys who want to make gains but not spend an hour of your day tugging on your dick. 

This means you will be limited to penis enhancement devices, as doing manual exercises just takes too long and it is boring as hell.

Those manual exercise routines can take up to 90 minutes. 

Thus, lazy guys are bound to quit after a couple weeks go warming up, jelqing, penis stretching, and cooling down.

To be clear, whether you use manual exercises or devices; penis enhancement takes time, dedication, consistency, and effort like every other meaningful goal in life. 

There is no way around that. If you think that is what this article is then click away now.

I am not here to give quick solutions because they do not exist.

However, I can make things a bit easier without suffering a dramatic decrease in results. 

That is what this post is for. I want you guys to maximize your gains for time you put in. 

I am always trying to be as efficient as possible with my time and I want you guys to be as well.

Always be thing "Return On Investment" with everything you put time into.


I know many of you already think this way. 

Some of you are trying to build businesses or pack on muscle in gym. 

Some of you are trying to improve your sex lives and go on tons of dates. 

Other guys have time consuming jobs and do not want to tug on their dicks for an hour when they come home. 

You guys are busy and have other shit going on.

I get it.

That is why I outlined the "R.O.I." philosophy above. 

That will keep you track and using most of your time during the day to be productive. 

Let's take this approach with penis enhancement. 

How I Came Up With This Approach To PE?​

What I am about to share with you has been has been my approach to getting back into penis enhancement in 2016. 

Honestly, I have a lot stuff going on these days in life (as do many of you).

I am trying to cut fat, grow this online community, and maintain my sanity at my corporate job.

It is not easy juggling all those things at once. 

But I care about my penis size and I want to maintain it at the very least. 

Hence, I wanted an efficient approach to PE given how busy I was. 

That is how I pretty much came up up with this "no nonsense" routine. 

I noticed that this approach is equally effective for busy and lazy guys. 

No matter which end of the spectrum you fall under, this should help you out. 

Remember, think return on investment. That is what makes this approach so powerful. 

What Do You Need?

We will be using two popular penis growth devices, a water pump and a penis extender. 

For penis pumps, you have two options. Bathmate or Penomet. Both are high quality water based pressure pumps that deliver great gains. 

I personally prefer the newer Bathmate pumps. I think they are slightly better. I will write a critical comparison between the two pumps in the coming weeks. 

For penis extenders, you will need SizeGenetics or Phallosan Forte extenders. 

Both extenders are very comfortable and you will see pretty goods gains on both.

I prefer phallosan because it is comfortable enough to wear when I sleep at night or take daytime naps. 

Why These Devices Are So Efficient And Hands Off?

The reason we are using these pumps is because they only need to be used 4-5 times a week for 15-20 minutes at a time to maximum gains. 

Water pressure really exhausts and breaks down the penile tissue. This will force your penis to adjust. Meaning grow stronger, longer, and bigger. 

For extenders, you can just slap them on for hours at a time and forget about them. You can have to take them off every 2-3 hours to restore blood flow and that's it.

The stretch also breakdown the penile tissue but differently then Bathmate or Penomet. The stretch makes the penile tissue longer. 

So when it recovers, it grows back longer and stronger as well.

The extender and penis pump combined prove to provide the best effect for the time you put in when using them.  

How To Best Use These Devices To Maximize Gains?

I like to use my Bathmate & SizeGenetics routine. It is pretty simple and straightforward. 

You would use Penomet the same as Bathmate in this routine and Phallosan Forte the same as you would use SizeGenetics Penis Extender. 

For the first 4 weeks, you will use Bathmate for 5-10 minutes at time on the lowest pressure setting on 30%-50% erection. 

You can use the pump 3-4 times or every other day during this period. 

For the extender, start by using for 2 hours after you use Bathmate. This will keep your dick extended after using Bathmate. 

This will prevent any turtling or shriveling up from happening after use of the device. 

Everyday, you can add 15 minutes to your extender usage.

Once you are past 3 hours, you can start wearing the extender during your day in addition to after using Bathmate.

After a month, you should be wearing your extender for multiple hours a day in addition to Bathmate or Penomet sessions. 

Results And Expectations

Expectations are very important here. Since we are not jelqing or penis stretching on top of penis pump and extender use, we cannot expect gains quite as quickly.

However, for absolute PE newbies, you can expect to gain close to an inch in erect and flaccid length. 

Plus, 0.5 inches in flaccid and erect girth in a matter of 3-4 months.  

That is what happened to multiple newbies that I recommended this program too. 

More experienced guys, can expect to gain half as much as a newbie in the same timespan. Those were my results.  

These are pretty decent results given the time you are putting in.

Using the pump for 15-20 minutes at a time 3-5 times a week. That might an hour and half out of your week at most.

Using a good extender, can be almost passive experience. As long you can find one that is comfortable and provides a light stretch. 

Luckily, I tried so many already and provided you two (SizeGenetics and Phallosan Forte) that already work. 


Basically, ditch manual exercises and use penis growth devices. My recommendations are Bathmate and Phallosan Forte

What I explained above is more or less the routine I am using right now and have been for a couple months. 

It does not take much at all to implement. Plus, you will see results if you stay inconsistent over the course of a couple months.

This is key for guys who have a lot of shit going on and penis enhancement may not be what they want to dedicate a large part chunk of their day to. 

That is fine. You still have options which I have outlined in this post. 

Penis growth devices were literally created to make this process less time-consuming and aggravating, and more fun and comfortable.  

If you cannot afford these devices (they are expensive), that is fine. But you will be forced to perform jelqing and stretching or just hold off on PE until you can afford them. 

You can do either one as long as you take action sooner rather then later. 

Your gains await. I hope this post was helpful to you guys. If you have any questions then please comment and ask below.  I will answer all your questions as quickly and thoroughly as I can. 

If you enjoyed this post, please share with others who interested and have similar goals to the ones I described above.

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Good luck. Let me know how it goes. 


Ray Kingsman