Does Penis Size Determine How Attractive You Are?


So when one of the prime reasons we start jelqing, stretching, using Bathmate,or SizeGenetics is because we believe we are well below average.

But that inherit belief also comes idea that penis size has to do with physical attractiveness. We think that the bigger our penis size, the more physically desirable we will be to our sexual partner.

Is that true? We men joke about it all the time. Like our penis size is a right manhood and privilege. But does it really play a role in how physically attractive we are when no one can see it upon meeting us?

This was one of was always one of my questions. I know I want to feel like I had an adequate penis size but does this have a lot to do with how physically attractive I am to the opposite sex? My thought was "probably not".

Like a lot of this outside anything that had to do directly with penis enlargement, I did not put too time or research into finding an answer to that question.

Honestly, I probably just did not care that much. I knew the mental benefits and knowing my dick was huge would be well worth at the end of the day. I was right.

However, that does not answer the question proposed. So I set out to answer to find the answer. I wanted to share my findings with you guys.

I have to say (before you start reading) that I am pretty surprised with what I found. I think you will be too.

Well? Does It Matter?

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Journal Of Sexual Medicine

In short, the answer is YES! Your penis size does matter. Your penis size play a considerable factor is how attractive you are to the opposite sex.

So read the links below. These research results are pretty telling but some context needs to be put around them for you to fulling understand their meaning.

Also before you guys with small dicks completely freak out and think you are a worthless piece of shit; remember there some things to be considered when dissecting the research.

So calm down. Let me explain what went down during these studies and why should not freak out.

How This Information Was Gathered And Researched

So one of the studies that was taken was of a group of women. They were asked to rate the attractiveness level of men based on their pictures. These were computer generated images.

The life sized and computer generated images presented to these women were of naked men of different heights, races, hair colors, body fat percentages, shoulder to hip ratios, waist sizes, penis sizes, etc.

The scientists were mainly interested in testing four main variables of attractiveness. These were the size of your unerect (limp) dick, body fat percentage, shoulder to hip ratio, and height.

The height of the male subjects on the images was between 5'5" and 6'3". The body fat percentages were between 6% (lean) and 25% (very overweight). The unerect dick length sizes were between 2 and 5 inches.

There was no girth range because the computer would increase or decrease the girth depending on the penis length and body type. There were hundreds of different combinations of bodily traits that could have been used and shown to these women.

The study was carried out throughout a series of universities. The results for these studies were published in The Journal Of Sexual Medicine.

The study only involved a couple hundred straight women as subjects. This is not that many to appropriately judge in an entire population. Into the thousands would have been a lot better.

The average age of the women in this group of studies was 27 years old. It is safe to assume that most of them are in their physical and sexual prime.

The Research Says...

In general, the men with larger penis sizes to their counterparts were found more attractive to the female subjects.

However, there are other factors that played a part in these results. Men of larger height and shoulder to hip ratios were heavily favored by women.

From the research, those two things played more of a role in the results than penis size.

In fact, penis size really only mattered if the men met those arbitrary requirements for height and shoulder to hip ratio first. This is because almost all of the short and overweight men were not deemed attractive by women.

Scientific Conclusions Drawn From The Data

So penis size is a factor in ranking the physical attractiveness of men. Women do seem to a care about how big your penis is.

There seemed to be cut off though. The rate of attractiveness began to cool down at around 3.75 inches unerect.

However, that does not seem to matter as much as height, shoulder to hip ratio, and overall body fat percentage of men.

Penis size only seemed to be an a attractiveness factor for men who fit the trait above first. Shorter and fatter men all saw lower rates of attractiveness. But that is to be expected.

Another interesting fact, at 45% of men are insecure about their penis size or think it is too small. While only 15% of their female partners believe the same thing.

That means only a small percentage of women actually think their partner's penis size is an issue.

My Thoughts On The Results

I have several thoughts about these "studies" or whatever you want to call them.

Overall, the results were along of what I expected. I always thought dick size mattered to women. But it was not the end all and be all. Not by any any means.

Girls cannot see your penis when they first meet you. So they are purely judging your physical attractiveness off how you look. That is usually all they have to go off of.

This stresses the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. You guys need to work out, eat healthy food, dress stylishly, and keep your body fats below 10%.

Your natural height is out of your control. But you can wear height increasing shoes. They help big time.

All those things are way more important than your dick size. Your looks get you in the front door. Nothing happens without having that first.

Think about it. She will not see your dick until you perform foreplay or have sex with her.

In most cases, she will meet you with your clothes on and choose whether you are worthy of sex with her based on your looks.

I honesty think if a guy is physically attractive enough and she really likes him, a girl will forgive for having a below average sized dick as long as he can still give her an orgasm.

However, one thing that is not distinguished in this study is sex versus relationships. What the girls were looking in terms of a partners Like a casual or a serious relationship.

Depending on which one, then different things will begin to matter to these girls.

If a girl cares more about having a serious relationship then she probably will not care that much about penis size at all. She will care more about his career path and can he provide for a family someday.

This is where most women fall into their biological roles. In serious relationships, women want to be taken care of and know their children will be to.They seek a true companion that they spend a long term future and grow with.

If it is just a casual relationship, then I imagine penis size being much more important to the women. They are not looking for a long term partner and care way more about sex and physical attractiveness.

There are also many holes to be poked in the methods of the study as well.

The images were computer generated and not real life pictures. That could play a role in certain decisions made by the female studies.

They also did distinguish where they measured the limp penis from or how they measured body fat percentage. These are common controversies in studies like this. I am not surprised.

I could go on about these all day but I know you do not really care so I will not delve further.

Overall, the results were very interesting and reinforces my thoughts about physical attractiveness and penis size. i would hardly say these conclusions are the "official" guide to go by. However, they do shed some light on this topic.

Why You Should Not Be Too Concerned About This

I touched on this a bit earlier in the post. Whether you think you are fucked because your dick is small or all you penis exercises are for nothing, I urge you not to put too much thought into these studies.

First of all, I am sure they are not telling you anything you do not already know. Right?

Second of all, do not let some piece of academic research stop you from pursuing your goals.

If you want a bigger dick, then do your jelqing, Bathmate, SizeGenetics, Fleshlight (guide coming soon), or a stretching routine and wear your bandage extender for hours at a time.

Do what you want and pursue your goals. This study will not stop you from being insecure about your penis size.

Success and a bigger dick will. Go get it.


There are some points to take away from this. The most important things are that dick size does matter to women. However, your looks are more important.

I recommend being the full package. The lean, stylish, and good looking guy with a big dick. It will take a while to work up to this but you can get there over time.

Either way, the best way to reap the benefits is to start now. Do not let this study discourage. Any dude can grow an above average sized dick, lose body fat, and dress well.

A lot of you guys are in a position to be successful. You just have o be patient and put in the work. Do that and the world is your's for the taking.

That is it for now. Thanks everyone. 

Ray Kingsman

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