Success Rebellion’s Guide To Penis Stretching

What Is Penis Stretching?

Penis stretching is a little but different from jelqing. The focus is on extending overall penis length by "manually" stretching your dick on a consistent basis.

You could use an extender device to this but the benefits of manual stretching are as follows:

- It is a natural exercise
- It's free.
- You can start right now
- You can do it wherever (given that you are in a private place!)

Why Is Penis Stretching Important?

The best penis enlargement routines contain some type of penis stretching. This is because penis stretching maximizes growth length and girth. Your dick will also grow much faster.

A lot guys mess up by only jelqing or using Bathmate when they do thier penis enlargement routine. They are leaving a lot of gains on the table by not doing any type of penis stretching.

Adding penis stretching into your routine allows you to get to your goals and realize your gains a lot quicker.

I did do these exercises from the beginning. However, I did not take stretching as seriously as jelqing. I would half ass the stretching part of my routine.

I likely left a lot of gains on the table over the first several months of my dick enhancement training. Do not do what I did. Take stretching seriously because it will maximize your overall results from this stuff.

Different Methods Of Penis Stretching

There are actually several ways to stretch your penis. I touched on this earlier. However, I will only explain the most popular ways to stretch though. There are as follows:

- Penis Extenders - I briefly mentioned these earlier. This a device you can use that will put a low amount of pressure on your dick and stretch out the penis for long periods of time.

These are great to use while you are sleeping or after your PE routine to promote maximum gains. It also requires little thought and action. Easy to use

- Hanging The Penis - This is attaching a specific amount of weight to the end of your penis and letting it hang. The amount of pressure put on your dick depends on how much weight is hanging from your penis.

This method is probably one of the oldest methods of penis enhancement and might be the most uncomfortable. It can be very effective though.

- Bathmate - You can also use Bathmate to do stretches as well.

- Manuel Stretching - I mentioned this method earlier as well. This is physically pulling on and stretching the penis. This is meant to be an active stretch of the muscles in your penis.

The amount of pressure you put on your dick depends on how hard you pull. It is usually done in conjunction with other PE exercises.

We recommend starting with manual stretching and adding that to your routine. Then after a couple months, when your penis is more conditioned, add an extender device along with manual stretching.

How Does Manuel Penis Stretching Work?

Manuel stretches function in one of two ways. The first one is lengthening the ligaments (mainly suspensory ligament) in the penis. There are no bones in the penis. It is entirely made up of smooth muscle.

Ligaments attach muscles to bones. The suspensory ligament was attaches the pubic bone and the penis. It is the basis of the upward angle (and length) in your penis when you get an erection.

Not only does this ligament allow us to have upward erections but also controls (or limits) the length our penis hangs from our bodies when flaccid.

Thus, the suspensory ligament is one of the most important parts of the penis.

The second one is strengthening and stretching the muscles (mainly corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum) in the penis.

The idea here is very similar to stretching a muscle group. When muscles are tight that actually means they are short. When you stretch them, they become longer and more flexible.

The same is true for the muscles in your penis. You stretch them so they can become longer. Therefore, making your overall penis length longer.

How Do You Get The Results?

Stretching programs muscle groups are very similar to resistance training programs. They target specific muscle groups with a specific stretching exercises and work on them in a set "routine".

Your penis enlargement/stretching program will work similarly to this as well. You will perform specific exercises in a certain order to maximize gains.

How To Manually Penis Stretch?

Like jelqinq, these stretching exercises are done with your hands only. You can do them anywhere (as long as you are in private!) and it is free to do.

We recommend some basic penis stretches to condition your dick to these exercises.

Later on we can add some advanced stretches and some stretching devices to the routine. For now, let us talk about the basic stretches.

​So jelqing and stretching will be the basis of a beginner's penis enlargement routine. Stretching needs to be taken seriously because there is a risk of injury.

If you perform these exercises correctly and you be fine. If you are impatient or half ass the process then you can really hurt yourself (and your dick) down the line.

Stretching Warm Up

So you will need to warm up for these exercises too. Rule of thumb: always warm up before dick enlargement exercises or routines. This will highly decrease your chance of injury and maximize your gains.

Before you start your stretches, make sure all the lotion and water are off your cock. Your dick needs to be completely flaccid while doing this stretch exercises. This promotes length gains and make your dick way easier to pull on.

Upward Stretching

This is pulling the penis upward at the top of the shaft. Use your index finger and thumb finger and grip the head of the penis. You want to lightly stretch the penis by pulling gently on it.

Adjust your grip until you feel that both sides of penis are being stretched equally. We want an equal amount of pressure in the penis.

As you pull upward toward your chest, you should feel a slight stretch in the base of your penis.

This is right where the shaft meets your pubic bone. This should not hurt. If it hurts, you are applying too pressure and risking injury. Stop right away.

Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds. Give your penis a 15 second rest and then stretch again for 30 seconds. You want to complete that cycle five times.

OR after the first stretch, you could start and hold the stretch again for 3 to 4 (no more than 5) minutes. Then stop. I prefer this one because it is mindless. You just have to hold and feel the stretch.

As opposed to starting and stopping every thirty seconds and remembering what set I am on.

Both ways are effective and will yield desirable results though. I just prefer the second method.

Downward Stretching

Honestly, this is the same as the upwards stretch. The only difference is you are pulling downward toward the floor.

All the same rules apply. Pull gently until you feel a stretch at the base. The stretch should not cause pain. If so, then stop stretching immediately.

Your dick is also flaccid during this exercise as well. You do not want a semi erection during this stretch exercise.

You put two fingers under the bottom where your shaft and pubic bone meet to get a slightly deeper stretch but I would not recommend this in the beginning.

Pro Tips

  1. After every 5 minutes or so, achieve a 50% erection to restore some blood to your penis. This will promote recovery because the blood is sending nutrients and cells to patch up the micro tears. This will also help prevent injury which is always nice.
  2. For those of you who are circumcised, the foreskin under the penis head might be a little sensitive to even a little bit of stretching. This makes it hard to grip the penis well.

    This can be counterproductive to stretching. To combat this, you can use a dry washcloth and wrap it around under the head area of the penis. Grip your penis with the dry washcloth over it and it allow you to get a better grip.
  3. Do not overdo it. Listen to your body. Take the stretching slowly and gradually increase the pressure. This will ensure pain-free gains.
  4. Always make sure to cool down after these stretching exercises. It helps restore proper blood back to your dick and prevent injury.
  5. Stick to a 10% to 20% erection level while stretching. Have a little bit of flowing but now a lot. You want to stay flaccid enough to get a good stretch.

    Ignore the part of videos that say you can have up to a 60% erection level. That is false and can cause injury to your dick if stretched at that erection level.

Wrap Up

I personally started by alternating between stretches during my routine. I would do an upward penis stretch and then a downward penis stretch.

This a simple routine for beginners to follow and allows for good gains to be made. You now have all the information you need to get started dick stretching.

We will create a guide with more advanced penis stretches for those who are couple months into their routine.

We will also create a more comprehensive guide on how you can combine these stretching exercises with your Bathmate, SizeGenetics, or jelqing routine for maximum gains.

Until next time guys...happy penis gains.

Ray Kingsman

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