Success Rebel’s Penomet Penis Pump Review: Updated For 2017


What is up Rebels?

As we all know by know we talk about pretty hardcore topics on this website. 

Everything from penis pumps and extenders to SARMs to Designer Steroids to why politics are stupid to business to women to good looks to everything else that will help you become a better version of yourself. 

And it will always stay that way. We talk about all things that can help you improve and enrich your life. That is the whole mantra of this community. 

Anyway, one to more important. Like growing your dick. 

I wanted to talk you about my experience with one of the better penis enhancement devices on the market.

You guys keep asking my experiences with these products so I will keep writing about them.

Someone asked if I had used Penomet Penis Pump before and I what thought about the product. 

I actually do have some experience with this product. I have told you guys in the past that I got into this whole penis enlargement thing because I was pretty insecure about penis size. 

I thought I was inadequate and was almost ashamed to pull my pants down before getting a blow job. 

This caused severe ripples of anxiety for me. Especially during sex. 

My sophomore year of college, I had a fuck buddy for awhile. We would meet up once or twice a week, have a few drinks, some food, and then have sex. 

She would reassure that my penis size was just fine but I was not buying it. The anxiety would still consume. 

I would go limp right in middle of getting head or while I was inside her. The only times I could get consistently hard where when I was watching internet porn or while on heavy doses of Cailas.

I think that might of been why she stopped seeing me. I do not know. 

What I do know is that I had issues. These problems persisted throughout college. 

I tried all the bullshit mainstream advice and supplements out there. Testosterone boosters, horny goat weed, etc. None of that shit worked. 

A year after college, I decided to take this issue more seriously. Like bodybuilding, I thought improving the "appearance and size" of my penis would help slowly calm my anxiety issues over time.

I started searching Reddit and other creepy forums for answers to these issues and how to enlarge my dick. 

I read about jelqing and penis stretching. I started doing both immediately. The exercises helped my issues immensely. I started to see my dick get bigger. 

After seeing gains and knowing that this stuff was possible, I wanted to take things to next level and buy a high quality penis enhancement device. 

This is where I came across Penomet. The subject of this post. I will talk about my experience with it below. 

This will be official review of the product and a chance to tell you guys what I think of it. 

Now let us get on this informational session. 

What Is Penomet Penis Pump?

Penomet is water based penis pump that helps you expand and lengthen your dick. It works in a similar function to Bathmate

Most of you already know what penis pumps are and how they work so I will not delve too far into that. I give you a brief reminder below just in case you forgot. 

Contrary to popular belief, penis pumps are not only used to make your penis bigger. 

They are also used to treat specific ailments with the penis. Most commonly, penis pumps are used to treat erectile dysfunction. 

The pressure device creates is used to exhaust the penile tissue and help it expand and lengthen. 

This is great for creating a better mind to muscle connection. Plus, drawing more blood to the penis. 

It is also great for treating Peyronies Disease or battling any abnormalities that penile scar tissue cause. 

Penomet and other water based penis pumps were meant to treat these types of conditions, as well as make your penis bigger. 

How I Came Across Penomet

So Penomet was actually the first penis pump I ever experimented with when I started going hard with whole male enhancement thing. 

I had seen good reviews about it on creepy forums and had not heard about Bathmate yet. 

Anyway, I was tired of doing manual exercises for 60 minutes at a time. I wanted to take my penis enlargement to the next level. As well as be more efficient with my time spent on growing my dick. 

The more I could maximize my results for time I was putting in, the better. Those were my goals with Penomet. 

Penomet was the first product I had found that had legitimate positive buzz around it.

There were users (a lot of users...) showing pictures "before and after" pictures of their dicks to show Penomet's effectiveness.

Some of them if these guys who were claiming they were male pornography actors said Penomet was essential to maximizing the growth of your dick.  

Nonetheless, it was commonly viewed as a high quality product within the male enhancement community. This was very encouraging.

So I decided to give it try and see what happens. To be honest though, I did not do that much research on it until I already had the product. 

I only focused on the rapport and if the product was of high quality. I learned more as I used it for those next couple weeks. 

From there, I discovered its vast number of benefits but also quite a few drawbacks. Of which I will explain below. 

Penomet Is The Real Deal

Usually, I only write reviews on products that I have used and where the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. 

A lot of companies want me to recommend their shitty products without caring about how it might affect the consumer or my reputation. 

That is why I always do my research before using anything. Most of the products I recommend on this website, I have bought as a consumer looking advance myself with a personal goal in mind. 

So when I talk about a product, my opinion is coming from actual experience. I am not bullshitting when I recommend a product, technique, or exercise. Because I have tried it myself in the past. 

Once again, my experience comes from real life knowledge and experience. Not some internet marketing scheme or campaign meant to maximize the amount of clicks they get.

That is a waste of my time and will ultimately hurt my rapport with you guys. It is a lose-lose situation for everyone. Hence, why I do not do it.

I write all my reviews and recommend all my products knowing that my rapport and reputation is at stake. 

My reputation and image is everything to me. Success Rebellion is a no bullshit one stop shop for hardcore self development. It is meant to help you guys and provide the most value possible. 

It will always remain that way. No shitty or overpriced product will ever compromise that mission. Not now. Not ever. 

With that said, I could have done more research when looking into Penomet.

However, I was pretty convinced this would be a solid product upon talking to many experts online and hearing different people's stories. 

After using it myself, I know the benefits are real and I will list them down below. 

Benefits Of Penomet

The pump has been really effective in my experience. It has some real benefits and I have enjoyed using it. It works as well as Bathmate and hosts many of the same benefits. Let me list the benefits below. 

  1. Safety: The pump uses water pressure to create a vacuum around your penis to exhaust the penile tissue. This will force it to expand and grow. 
  2. Temporary Growth In Size: This pressure instilled on the penis that allows it expand and grow, also creates a temporary increase in length and girth for the penis. 

    These temporary gains only last for a couple hours but they make using this device a lot of fun. 

    I would use this device for getting into bed with a girl to make my dick seem extra huge.

    It was always awesome to see the shocked look of a female when I pulled down my pants and they saw what I was packing. 

    Needless to say, I love this feature or Penomet and you might too. At the very least, it makes Penomet fun to use. 
  3. Comfort And Minimal Compression: Never did I feel like my dick was being squeezed or ready to be pulled off from this device. 

    In fact, it was quite comfortable to use the majority of the time. As long as I had no pain in penis prior to using the device, it was just fine to use. 
  4. Increase Flaccid Size Too: One of the biggest misconceptions is water penis pumps only increase erect girth and length. 

    However, I saw gains in my flaccid length and girth too. This was before I started using SizeGenetics and Phallosan Forte

    I saw noticeable gains with my flaccid size and started to achieve that "hung" look that I dreamed of. 
  5. Gains Are Permanent: With consistent and steady use, your size gains will become permanent. 

    This will be the best part for most guys, my gains became permanent only after a couple weeks of use. 

    I am not special so the same should happen for you guys. Keep using this device for a couple months and dick will always be huge. Pretty awesome. 
  6. Corrects Unwanted Curvature Of The Penis: My dick curved slightly to the left before I started using Penomet. 

    This probable came from jelqing, penis stretching, and way too many years of jerking off to internet porn. 

    The pressure from the pump helps correct the curvature in the penis. This was my case. 

    My dick was almost straight again after only 8 weeks of using Penomet. 

    Penomet is a real solution for any guy trying correct unwanted curvature of the penis. 
  7. Corrects Premature Ejaculation: Using Penomet helped me a create a better mind to muscle connection to my dick.  

    This helps helps you control how physical sensations of sex affect your body and mind. 

    In many male cases, this can us help us gain better control over our orgasms. 

    Although this is not as effective as male edging in controlling your orgasm, it is a good first stop in getting there. 

    I coupled this use with edging (Fleshlight use) and kegel exercises (which you can do in Penomet) then your erections and orgams will be pretty intense
  8. Stronger And More Controlled Orgasms: That same "mind to muscle" connection also helps you have stronger and longer lasting orgasms. 

    This was the case when I started using Penomet after a couple weeks. I was able to feel and slowly draw the physical pleasure when I climax during sex. 

    This is probably do to the intense focus on pumping your dick when using Penomet. 
  9. Easy To Use: This device is fairly easy to put together and operate without much instruction needed.

    That allowed me to get to work quickly, in this case put the device together and start pumping.  
  10. Great For Penis Enlargement On It's Own: I used this device on it's own for a couple weeks. I saw gains I both my erect and flaccid penis size.

    This leads me to conclude that the same would happen to anyone who uses it. 

    Sure, you could further maximize your gains by stacking Penomet with other devices but it is not necessary to see gains overall. 
  11. Do Not Need A Bigger Pump As You Grow: With Premium System, you get all the pressure systems in on package. 

    You also get the same sized tube with every Penomet package. The Premium Package will pretty much last you forever. This is the package I got and recommend.

    It is expensive though. But well worth the money in my opinion. 

These are the  benefits I experienced while using Penomet. They are pretty great if you ask me. I suggest you give it a try and see for yourself. 

The image above looks very similar to the same box that my Penomet Penis Pump was delivered in. Funny. 

Discrete Packaging

I also enjoyed the fact that Penomet came in pretty discrete packaging. Mine came in a brown box with just a my name and a return address on it. No other labels or logos. 

That is it. Nothing that screamed "this uses a penis pump". That is what I was most afraid of.

But my fears were mitigated once I saw the package. So you do not have to worry like I did. 

Full Money Back Guarantee

Penomet Worldwide offers a 60 day money back guarantee. If you do not like the product, just send an email to customer support.

They will refund you every penny you spent. No questions asked. This a pretty risk free situation when you look at it closely.  

How Do I Use Penomet?

Press the pressure gaiter at the bottom of the suction tube or cylinder. Put Penomet over your dick while you are in the shower. 

Make sure you are on at least a 70% erection while using it. Fill (80% full is enough) the tube water. 

Pump until the seal at the bottom is shut. Do every couple minutes for the duration of the session. 

Beginners should choose the lowest pressure gaiter when they are starting out to avoid any serious injury. 

How Long Do I Use It For?

This has very similar usage to Bathmate. You will want to use it for 15-30 minutes every other day. Start with my 15 minutes at first for the first couple weeks.

As your penis builds up tolerance to the device, you can increase the time used by a couple minutes.

I added 5 minutes every 4-5 weeks. This is conservative but it keeps things safe.

Make you take rest days. Your dicks needs time to recover. If you do not rest, you will injure yourself. 

How Long Will The Gains Take?

Penis Enlargement is ver similar to bodybuilding. The permanent gains only come with consistent and focused usage. 

I gained about about 0.5 inch in erect length in just over 8 weeks. So the gains will take time. 

If you are looking to add an inch to erect length and girth, expect that to take 3-6 months. 

2-3 inches in erect girth and length will take roughly 9-12 months. It seems like awhile but the gains are permanent. So it is worth time investment. 

Tubes And Pressure Gaiters

There are five different gaiter (the attachment at the bottom of the tube). Each with a different color and pressure setting. 

As mentioned earlier, beginners should start with the lowest pressure setting. It will make sure their progress comes along smoothly and that they avoid injury.

They are in this order from lowest and highest. Purple, Blue, Black, Gray, Red. 

Each greater pressure setting allows for better suction power than the previous. 

The tubes are used to create the environment for the compression and expansion. The different colors do not represent anything so choose whichever you like. Does not matter, nor will it affect your gains. 

Disadvantages Of Penomet

Penomet does have some disadvantages that you should consider. Some of these might be game changers. Some might not be. That is up to you. 

  1. Penomet Is Expensive: Like Bathmate and SizeGenetics, these devices are not cheap but they are worth every penny in my opinion. I cannot put a price on combating crippling anxiety. 

    However, I would not suggest buying them unless you have the money. Be smart with your wallet, not reckless. 
  2. Customer Service Is Not Great: I had issues with shipping. I tried to contact customer service. But they were pretty subpar. 

    They took up to a day to respond to my emails sometimes. I could not find an exact number to call. I was too happy. 

    That was over 3 years ago. I have read around online and have heard they have improved their customer service. 
  3. Shipping Took Forever: My device was supposed to come in 4-5 business days. That was not the case though. 

    It did not come through for almost three weeks. This really pissed me off. The customer service kept brushing me off too. 

    They kept saying it would show up today or tomorrow. They fed me bullshit for 2 weeks! I was about to cancel my order when it showed up later that night. 
  4. Results Take Time: Although Penomet delivers some immediate gains, they temporary. Long lasting gains will come from weeks to months of use. 

    Be patient. Use for 20 minutes per session. Pump every other day. Gradually move on pressure setting.

    Do this a couple months and your gains will be great like mine were.  
  5. You Need To Keep The Device Clean: You gotta keep this device clean. Wash it frequently. Once a week is fine. 

    It is very similar to Bathmate, in that gunk will get caught up in tube if you do not wash it once or twice a week. Not pretty. 

    Just use some dish or hand soap and paper towel. Wipe it out. It takes 2-3 minutes and makes your life way easier and cleaner. 

These disadvantages were not huge for me. Although, the shitty customer service really got to me at times. 

Like I said though, I heard that has improved since I last used them. I would not let these advantages deter from considering Penomet. 

It is still a great device and one of the few quality pumps on the market. No doubt about that. 

The benefits far outweigh disadvantages in my opinion. I think most of you would agree when you see the permanent gains after months of consistent use. 

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Penomet is great. I saw great results using it. It has clear benefits that enjoyed. 

I used Penomet for 2-3 months, before ditching it for Bathmate. I thought Bathmate was the better. This is not the case. 

They both have the same quality and have similar functionality. You would see similar results using both. If you already have Bathmate, then keep using that. No need for Penomet. 

If you are beginner though, there some Penomet packages that are actually slightly cheaper then Bathmate. 

I will do a full Bathmate vs Penomet post, for those who interested, at a later date. 

My final assessment on this device is this. You will absolutely make solid and lasting gains if you stay committed to your penis enhancement workout for at least a couple. 

With that type of commitment and work, it is impossible not to see gains. All you need in 20 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Everyone can find an hour time to dedicate to Penomet if they are committed. It is even hard to use. 

This pump will produce awesome temporary and permanent gains. The pace of increase in gains will be even more significant for newbies. 

I think that all I have to say on this product for now. 

Thanks Guys. If you are interested in Penomet, click on my discount link below. 

Ray Kingsman.