Does Penomet Really Work? My Personal Penomet Results.


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Rebel Ray coming back at you to talk you more about my experience with Penomet HydroPump. 

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What I Got Into PE?

Why I got into penis enlargement devices. Why I chose to try Penomet. I talked about this a bit in Penomet Review.

However, I wanted to go a little more in depth why I started looking in penis growth devices. How I came across it in the first place. My expectations and overall results with the pump. 

Plus what expectations you should have when using this product. I think telling my story will be really helpful to you guys. 

It will really spell out who needs this product. Also what it can do for you to maximize your penis growth and make your PE routine more enjoyable. 

Why I Moved On From Manual Exercises? 

As I have explained in the past, when I started doing penis growth exercises I was only jelqing, penis stretching, and using a bandage extender.

I wanted to exhaust all free or minimal expense resources before I ever try an expensive product. 

That is true across the board for every goal I pursue. With bodybuilding, I lifted without using natural supplements for 5 years.

Then weight lifted for another 4 years before I started to use anabolic compounds. 

So I proceeded to do manual exercises for a couple months and saw pretty good gains.

However, these exercises drew tedious and time consuming as I had to add on repetitions to my routine.  

At one point, I was spending 90 minutes on my penis enlargement routine. That is way too fucking long. 

Especially with balancing a full time job, hitting the gym hard, and trying to maintain a average social life. 

So I began to look into alternative methods of penis growth. More specifically, penis growth devices. 

My first thought was that nothing really exists out there. Especially devices that safe and that can also mimic the physical effects of jelqing and penis stretching. 

I knew penis pills did not work. Over the counter supplements do not work. I had tried that shit before. 

I was told air pumps were dangerous for your dick. Plus they would always be sold on sketchy or porno websites. So I knew to stay away from those. 

So I did not think I had many options in terms of quality products. I decided to go back to those creepy forums where I learned about manual exercises. 

How I Came Across Penomet?

On these creepy forums (many of them were on Reddit), I simply asked if there any penis growth products out there worth trying. 

I was expecting for most people to say to you best off doing manual exercises. 

However, to my surprise, I got quite a number of recommendations. I found this very interesting. 

I am always one to think twice about things. So I wondered how many of these products are bullshit and which ones are actually legit. 

So I researched every product I was recommended and asked people on other forums about them. 

After a couple days, there was one product that got good reviews consistently. That was Penomet. 

I was a little skeptical but usually if you look for personal logs on forums and see that many people are getting results from using that product properly then that is a good sign. 

What I Was Being Told About Penomet?

So I did more research to figure out how Penomet worked. I thought penis pumps were the #1 way to fuck up your dick. 

However, this pump used water based pressure to create compress and expand the penile tissue. 

In the logs I read, no one used there pump for more than 15-20 minutes at a time and 3-4 days out of the week. 

It sounded way too good to be true. I thought this might be another scam. However, it did not have the common tell signs of one. 

Many people swore by it's quality. It had a legit website. People you can and talk to ask questions. 

This is when I started to turn the corner and think...."well maybe this is something to these water based pumps."

I was told there was a money back guarantee after 60 days with no questions asked as long I kept my receipt. 

Since they were a legitimate company, I had no reason not to believe on that. I would definitely know if the product would work in 60 days. 

Probably less. I would know in the first month. That is how long it took for me to start seeing real results from manual exercises. 

But my thought was if this product can deliver the same results as jelqing but 15-20 minutes then this product would be a success to me. 

So I went ahead and ordered the product. 

My Experience Ordering Penomet

So ordering this product was a nightmare, to say the least. 

So ordered the product and my confirmation email said that my order would ship in 2 business. Then take 2-3 days to ship to me.

So I was thinking, everything take 5 business days. Therefore, I expected my product within a week.  

That was not the case. 

The product took almost 3 weeks to deliver! 

I was not happy. I called customer service, they would tell me my product is on its way and give me a false shipping number. 

This made think I was being scammed. I was very close to asking for a refund. 

But they finally gave me a working shipping number and I could see that my deliver coming in real time. 

This eased my fears a bit but I was waiting until the package actually arrived. Luckily, it did. 

Now, my thoughts were that is pump better fucking work or I am returning this shit mad quick. 

My Expectations And Results

So I expected this pump to deliver comparable results to jelqing in 20 minute period. 

I did not expect anything crazy. I just wanted to keep progressing in my penis growth and get more time back in my day. That was really it. 

As you can see, my expectations were in line and not too high. These expectations greatly contributed to why I had such a positive experience using Penomet for the first time. 

I had very little emotional stock invested in my personal results with Penomet. 

Realistic expectations are a key factor to success. Unrealistic expectations are one of the main reasons why people quit their goal early and stop working. 

They do work for a little while and expect a 7 inch dick in 3-4 weeks. That does not obviously. The user gets mad and blames the device.

Then they quit and blame everything but themselves. Please do not be this person. Keep your expectations reasonable and that will maximize your chances for success. 

My Results

So I used this product for 8-9 weeks. I added about 0.5 inches in erect length and 0.75 inches in erect girth. I thought that was pretty solid. 

Needless to say, Penomet blew away all my expectations. Plus, I really enjoyed using this water as well.

My favorite aspect of this pump is that it stays large for several hours after PE use as well. 

I would frequently use Penomet before sex to give my ladyfriends the largest dick down of their lives. I wanted to make sure they would always remember me for the right reasons. (Haha). 

I would use the Penomet 3 times a week for 20 minutes at a time. Then slap on my bandage extender afterward to keep my dick extended. These methods were very effective for me. 

What You Can Expect And Takeaway From My Experience

There are a few things you can take away from my experience with Penomet. I will list them below. 

Fun and Efficient To Use - You will have fun using this product like I did. The temporary gains this pump gives are fucking awesome. Your dick is noticeably bigger just after using the pump the for couple minutes. 

Not to mention that you only have to use the pump 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes at a time.

That is way better than an hour and half of jelqing and penis stretching. You get way more time back in your day with Penomet. 

Manage Your Expectations - This is so important. Do not have unrealistic expectations or you will quit. You need to properly and realistically map out your goals and expectations. 

This will ensure you go in with the right mindset and not fuck yourself over. This penis enhancement stuff is more like a marathon than a sprint. So you want to maximize your chances of staying the long race. 

Not Every High Priced Device Is A Scam - This is something that took me a lot of time to get over.

I used to believe that all expensive items are complete bullshit and that are always cheaper options for a fraction of the price. 

However, that is not always the case. There are some cases where you just have to shell out the money for a quality product. 

I do believe that Penomet Hydropump falls into that category. Although this product is not terribly expensive, it is far from cheap. 

They have different product packages that ranges from $150-$300. It is well worth the price, in my opinion. 

However, if you cannot afford to buy this product then stick with jelqing and penis stretching for now. 

Do Your Research - Always do your due diligence before spending a lot of money on anything. Take the time and do the research. 

Do not impulse buy. That will leave you with a bunch of shitty and overpriced products, without money, and in debt. 

Please do not do this. Go on forums and look reviews on your favorite products from real people. 

This helped me really gather a ton of good intel on the product and figure out that it was legitimate and safe penis pump. 

Have The "Long Haul" Mentality With Male Enhancement - This is with any goal but this pertains more so to male enhancement. 

As mentioned earlier, this stuff takes time. So keep your ego and patience in check. 


So that was my experience with Penomet in nutshell. Hopefully, this post gave you a little more perspective on the product as well as how it worked for me. 

I have been told they have fixed their customer service and delivery issues since when I ordered from them back in 2014 which is good to know.

Other than that, my experience with Penomet was pretty awesome. I saw great gains in 8-9 week period. 

So overall, my Penomet experiment was a success. In fact, had I stuck with Penomet (instead of moving on to Bathmate) I probably would have achieved the same gains. 

The two products work pretty much the same way. Some Penomet product packages are cheaper than Bathmate product packages as well. 

Penomet is definitely worth looking into. Give it a try. You can always return it in 60 days and a full refund anyway. That is what I was going to do if the pump sucked. No shame in that. 

Luckily, that was not the case. Anyway, that is all I have now. 

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