Add Inches To Your Penis Length In Your Sleep: Phallosan Forte Review


​So I have been looking for another penis extender device that is good for guys who are starting out below average. SizeGenetics Extender is meant for guys who are average length or slightly more.

I wanted to know if there are more options for guys with below average size. Not only that though.

I wanted to find out if there was another extender you could wear in your sleep. Lone behold, I found one extender that fulfills both of these objectives.

​Who Is This Device For?

This device is for guys who do not want wear an extender during the day for whatever reason. Or for guys too lazy to do manual stretching for a couple hours a week.

This is a device that will allow to stretch your penis while you sleep so you won't even have to think about the process.

What Is Phallosan Forte?

This is a male enhancement and penis extender device that focuses on length and comfort. You attach it to your dick in a flaccid state and it provides a soft or moderate stretch.

​How Does This Device Work?

​This works in a very similar fashion to the SizeGenetics Extender , Bandage Wrap Extender, or manual penis stretching.

If you keep your penis in a moderate stretch for hours at a time then the penile will break down. Then grows back bigger and longer.

Like SizeGenetics, you can perform a low intensity manual stretch for hours at a time and see great results.

What Are The Main Benefits To Phallson Forte?

​1) Very Comfortable - This extender is very comfortable. It is so comfortable that you can sleep with it on. There will be some trial and error.

You will not feel much once yo get it right though. I do not feel anything at all when I have this bad boy on. I can sit down, lie down, roll around (casually), and move up and about with no issues.

2) You Can Wear It At Night - This is great for guys who do not want to wear an extender during the day. They have an alternative to wear it at night.

The best way to maximize length would to use the SizeGenetics extender during the day and Phallosan at night. But if you do not want to do that then you do not have to because of this product.

It is best to sleep on back or side when using this extender. It is not as comfortable when sleeping on your stomach.

This extender hardly ever falls off. The only times it has ever slipped off for me are when I am aggressively rolling around in or jumping out of bed.

3) User Friendly - You need to learn how to use it first. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy to use. Not as easy as SizeGenetics, but still pretty easy.

This matters more if you want to wear during the day. If not you only wear during the night then do not worry about this so much.

What Are The Drawbacks?

This product is expensive. There is no way around it. Penis enlargement is an investment. There are no shortcuts.

Besides, expensive does not always mean bad. In fact, most of the time it is the sign of a quality product. So do not be scared away by the price.

Only by this extender if you can afford. If you cannot then save up for it. It is worth it. This product will speed up your results in length considerably. That is about it.

Phallosan Forte vs SizeGenetics

Well, both of these devices work. The aim to increase length and prevent turtle dick after your penis enlargement routine (Bathmate, jelqing, etc.). They both fit all sizes and require hours of use to reap the benefits.

The most important difference can be in how they are used. Phallosan's usage can be maximize at night. While SizeGenetics Extender's usage is maximized during the day.

Phallosan is also friendlier to erections. Although erections in extender rarely happen, they are definitely more comfortable in Phallosan.

For SizeGenetics, you can use wear this under your pants with proper discretion. As opposed to Phallosan can be a bit bulkier and harder to hide.

Hence Phallosan might be the harder extender to wear during the day. So if you want to wear an extender during the day SizeGenetics is the way to go.

SizeGenetics is also easier to take on an off. You can take and re-attach the device in 15 to 20 seconds. This makes it much easier to go the bathroom and use during the day.

However, both of these products are quality and great to use. They are equal in effectiveness and comfort. The only way they differ is how you might use them.

What Types Guys Benefit The Most From Phallosan Forte?

Lazy Guys - This works for the same reasons as for impatient guys below. These guys who cannot stay committed to male enhancement for whatever reason.

This device takes the "work" aspect out of the stretching part of the penis enlargement equation. This is because Phallosan allows you to stretch your dick your sleep.

Impatient Guys - This is device is great for who are too impatient to do manual stretching themselves. They just cannot deal with the slow paced nature of penis enlargement and manual stretching.

Phallosan allows for guys to literally stretch their penises in thier sleep! This extender is perfect for these type of guys.

Total Novices - This device is great for new guys. This will speed up your length results. It will also give you unreal results if you are using this device alongside Bathmate, jelqing, etc.

You could find results easily with jelqing or manual stretching but using this extender will get the ball rolling quicker.

Guys With Smaller Dicks - This device is actually well suited for guys who below 5.5 inches. It fits better and will be more adjustable until you hit six inches in length.

I would recommend this Phallosan or SizeGenetics for guys that have average to slightly below average sized penises.

Guys Who Have A Lot Girth And Have Focused On Length - These are guys who probably never focused on stretching and length.

They might have just pumped bathmate and jelqed. You can still great gains doing that but you primarily maximize girth.

To maximize length, you must stretch the penis. Using Phallosan Forte, is an easy way to adding stretching into your routine for reasons I mention above.

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Phallosan Forte is a great dick extender than can really open up and maximize your length gains. I recommend that you use it while you are sleeping.

For guys who want the "hung" that girls like so much, using an extender and stretching your dick is crucial. Phallosan Forte allows to add this aspect of penis enlargement seamlessly into your lifestyle.

In an ideal, you would use SizeGenetics Penis Extender during the day and Phallosan Forte Extender at night.

Plus, doing a bit of manual stretching during the day. Taking 1 or 2 days off a week. This maximizes length gains.

At worst, it is great for you lazy and impatient guys to add length and stretching to your routine without having to spend time performing manual stretching exercises everyday.

That is how Phallosan Forte can help reach your male enhancement goals. It's also FDA approved too. Meaning it has been regulated by an actual governing body.

If you have more questions, check out their FAQ Guide. They have a lot of cool information in there.

In the meantime, good luck guys.

Happy Gains!

Ray Kingsman

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P.S. Check out my experience with Phallosan Forte here

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