Success Rebel’s Guide To Post Cycle Therapy

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Post Cycle we go. We got a lot to cover.

So this is a topic that is not discussed well anywhere online. In my opinion at least. There are not even that many books or studies on this that I found.

I had to my find this information I had to go an expert (my experienced friends) and a doctor. There should be no need to have to jump through hoops in order to stay healthy.

What drove me  to write this article is the enormous amount of misinformation online. I have seen supplement companies that say "SARMs do need any post cycle therapy" or "The only thing you need is 50 mg/day of arimistane for 2 weeks." 

I see things like this now and I cringe. Because I know there are a large portion of guys following this bad advice from shitty supplement companies and putting their health in danger. 

I had to be sat down by a doctor and told that just how important post cycle therapy is to your long term and short term health. 

Post cycle therapy is the most vital part and aspect of your total. Therefore, I want to give you guys all the information you need to have a successful PCT and keep you physical health in order.

This post is intended to give you essential information. I want you guys to sort of use this as a guide on how to several things:

   - Properly time and plan out your Cycle and PCT. 
   - How long of time your should take off in between cycles (off everything).
   - Ingredients To Run A Proper Post Cycle Therapy.

If you get those three out of this article then I would have accomplished what I came here to do today. Or at least use it as the beginning of your research on how run a proper post cycle therapy. 

I am hoping you get much more out of it than just that though. I want you guys to really take your health seriously.

Especially, you guys who are just diving into anabolics for the first time. This information I will outline for you this post can be crucial to your health. 

Now anabolics are not for everyone (I only came around 2.5 years ago). But if you are new to this stuff then you should understand how and why this information is so important to your short and long term health. 

The best way to make sure you stay safe when using anabolics is start with mildly aggressive compounds, use on cycle therapy for duration of the cycle, follow that with a proper post cycle therapy, and then take a good amount of time off between cycles. 

I will have a future post that details on cycle therapy (also very important). This one is to really help you get your PCT game on point so you can minimize your chances of health risks. 

Basic Understandings

So let us breakdown a few basic conceptions that I am sure most of you are already aware of. I want to reiterate them for the context of this article though. 

Whenever you ingest androgenic compounds or exogenous hormones (designer steroids, prohormones, SARMs, etc.) your HTPA and natural testosterone production will be suppressed.

When you discontinue your use of androgenic anabolic compounds, testosterone hormone production will still be suppressed. 

Natural testosterone production can take months (even up to a year from what I am told) to recover on its own. Hence, why we institute post cycle therapy. 

Post cycle therapy is supposed greatly shorten the amount of time this recovery process takes. Obviously, this could vary for each individual. But this the reason why we do post cycle therapy in the first place. 

Also the natural test production rebound time can also depend on several other factors. Such as which compound you taking, the dosage taken, how are you taking it for, did you use on cycle therapy, etc. 

What we aim to avoid is permanent (HTPA) shutdown of natural testosterone production. This can happen if you HTPA (hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis) is being rocked too hard and can no longer handle the stress.  

It would be best to talk to a doctor if you are experiencing this now. Anabolic beginners should also talk to your doctor about this before you hop on your cycle.

The more information, the better. In the meantime, you can use this article as a starting point for your knowledge. 

Timing Your Cycle And Post Cycle Therapy

Oral androgenic anabolic compounds usually shorter half lives of about 24 hours. Androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) can have shorter or longer esters.

AAS use esters to prolong the half life for the specific product product being taken. Hence there will be a longer amount of time until it wears off. Hence you can begin PCT several days (usually up to 2 weeks) after you last dosage.  

As opposed to many SARMs and legal prohormones that have 24 to 48 hour half lives. So you need to begin your PCT 24 hours after your last dosage.  

So your total cycle length = on cycle of "x" compound + PCT = time off the cycle. 

Post cycle therapy is included in total cycle length. So 8 weeks on cycle of "x" product, followed by 4 weeks of post cycle. That is a 12 week cycle. 

Since you took a 12 week cycle, you will need at least 12 weeks to for body to readjust to its normal mechanisms. Then get go to the doctor to get blood work done and reassess if you are ready to hop back on cycle. 

There are some people who might disagree with this philosophy but this is the safest way to assess your total amount time of hormonal compounds and minimum amount of time you should take off hormonal compounds. 

We will talk in depth about what do when you are completely off cycle another time. In short though, you just to keep up your gym routine and stay on natural bodybuilding supplements. I will give a few recommendations on that in a later article. 

Common PCT Timing Mistakes 

PCT length = 4 weeks (for cycles between 4-8 weeks) or half the amount of time on cycle is over 8 weeks.

Too many guys to short of a PCT or none at all. No PCT is only a acceptable is in two situations. 

   1) You are on a mild SARM or PH cycle (reasonable dosages taken) that lasts less than 3 weeks.    
    2) On cycle for x amount of weeks then take 4 weeks off everything. Then hop back on cycle. 

The second scenario is not ideal and I am not the biggest fan of it. But if you want to hop back on cycle only after only 2 to 4 weeks of finishing a previous one. It is best you do not do a PCT. 

If you do a PCT in this scenario, it will take your HTPA for a wild ride (bring it back up just to bring it immediately back down, not good) and highly increase your chances of prolonged suppression or permanent shutdown. No bueno.  

DO NOT go on cycle for 8 weeks. Then do a 4 week PCT, just to hop right back on cycle the day after your PCT. I do not know why some people do this. This puts a lot of strain on your HTPA and can have long term side effects. 

Another mistake guys make is that they only take a 4 to 6 weeks off cycle before starting a new one.  

This is not enough time for your body to reach homeostasis again after your  post cycle therapy. Remember on cycle time + length of PCT = Total cycle time = Time off cycle.

This is a general rule of thumb. This will make your PCT more effective and put less strain on your body. 

Ingredients For PCT: SERM

SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) are a must for any thorough post cycle therapy. Particularly, Novladex or Clomid. They help stimulate natural testosterone production greatly.

They are prescription drugs that were originally created to estrogen-related diseases. They should be taken if any hormonal compound enters the body that effects your natural hormonal production. 

If you cannot get a prescription to these compounds, research products will do the job as well. But having a prescription is ideal. 

SARMx sells pretty high quality research products. I gotten novladex from here before for my research. I was impressed with how well it worked. I would suggest this source for those cannot lock down a prescription SERM.  

Over the counter supplements are not enough for a proper PCT and you should not rely on them alone to get your natural testosterone levels to rebound.  

They are better than using nothing and can do the job in some cases but risk your testosterone levels not rebounding as quickly as they could. 

Now over the counter supplements are great to take with novladex or clomid. That is fully covering bases. More on that later. 

Aromatase Inhibitors

Aromatization. I am sure you guys are familiar with this term. Usually it is referred to when we talk about the conversion of excess testosterone into estrogen when we are talking about "wet" performance enhancing compounds.  

The body does goes through this process to maintain a stable ratio of hormonal levels. The process is called aromatization because the main enzyme that is used is called aromatase. 

There are two types of aromatase inhibitors (AIs) that you need to be aware of. Reversible (non suicidal) and irreversible (suicidal). 

Irreversible AIs permanently deactivate estrogen molecules (aromatase enzyme). The body will produce new ones and the suicidal AIs pick them off. Making them best for post cycle therapy. Suicidal AIs consist of compounds like arimistane. 

While the reversible AIs just just inhibit the process of aromatization (synthesis of estrogen) but do permanently deactivate the molecule. Some believe this is better to use when you are on cycle. 

This will keep your estrogen levels in check when you use wet (ones that aromatize) compounds. This is help prevent things like gyno (bitch tits).


This is a suicidal AI that you can easily find over the counter or at many online supplement retailers.

Arimistane permanently deactivates the aromatase enzyme at the receptor, thus preventing the conversion to estrogen. It basically keeps your estrogen levels in check. 

Arimistane is also used a testosterone booster and is quite effective for other general or more natural weight lifters. It will help them lose fat, shorten recovery time, make better nutrients in the diet, add lean muscle, etc. 

This is not a SERM. Many guys in the community have this believe but I wanted to set the record straight on that right now. SERMs are novladex and clomid. AIs will be arimistane.

With that said, I believe this is another must have for post cycle therapy and during your cycle. This will vastly lower the chances of estrogenic side effects and keep you from going catabolic directly after your cycle.

D-Aspartic Acid

For all intensive purposes, D-Aspartic Acid (not L-Aspartic, not the same thing) is a powerful yet temporary testosterone booster. It will heavily elevate natural testosterone production for several weeks at a time before returning to normal levels. 

Not so great for a long lasting testosterone booster. However, the temporary aspect makes D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) perfect for a several week long post cycle therapy. It is probably the best testosterone booster you could use in this case. 

There are two types of DAA sold on the supplement market. Regular (standard) DAA and sodium DAA. Both work pretty well but sodium DAA is stronger and the effects last slightly longer. Sodium DAA is also more expensive. 

Regular DAA will probably give you what you need in terms of a proper PCT. Ideally, you should pony up and buy sodium DAA. This is just to cover bases and ensure maximum recovery during your PCT.

Your health should be prioritized at whatever cost and should not be compromised due to a restrictive budget. That is just my philosophy though.

Other Important PCT Ingredients

This section will focus more supplement support that you can use. We will talk about what you need in order to help your body recover from the strain of being on cycle. 

These are things like helping you blood pressure, cholesterol, lipid levels, resting heart rate, etc. all return back to normal.

There are plenty of complete PCT products out there, as most of you guys already know. A lot of these supplements you can get over the counter or at a trustworthy online retailer.

With that said, you should use these supplements with a SERM and AI. The supplements I am about to mention are not enough on their own to help your body recover adequately or quickly enough. 

Many shady supplement companies and "fitness gurus" will have you believe the opposite. They want you to think..."Take this one product. It will solve all your problems. Do not worry." Be cautious. They are trying to sell you something.

If anyone tells you that you only need one products to handle a complex issue (like raising you natural testosterone levels and getting your body back to normal), then you should be skeptical.

Always ask questions and absorb information from trustworthy resources guys. I cannot stress that enough.


I am going to mention several things that you guys need to be aware of. Each of them will have its own impact in helping your body and natural testosterone levels recover. 

Blood Pressure, Liver, and Kidney Support

Trans Resveratrol helps with all of the above. It can be used for inflammatory problems, destruction of cancer cells (liver), manage glucose levels, and treats osteoporosis.

Trans Resveratrol has a wide variety of uses but it can really pack a punch for post cycle therapy. But mainly used for managing blood glucose levels and protecting the liver from cancer. 

Not to mention, it can also help you control your estrogen levels. You can also add milk thistle for liver support as well. 

Prolactin Prevention and Support

What is Prolactin? I am glad you asked. Although it is not very frequent among anabolic users, some guys can be prone to it. 

There are various groups of performance enhancing compounds called progestins. This might cause an increase in prolactin in men (testosterone induced hyperprolactinaemia) which allows women to produce breast milk.

This can result to due the aromatization of excess testosterone. I think you can see why this can be very bad for dudes. In order to prevent this, we need a proper tesosterone:estrogen ratio in place.

Dopamine activation can inhibit the secretion of prolactin. They are antagonists against each other. 

Mucuna Pruriens and Vitamin B6 are both known to reduce prolactin levels (when taken in higher doses) by dopamine antagonist on their own. So they can be taken in combination with each other in order to reduce prolactin levels.   

I would add this stuff in on cycle and to post cycle therapy as a "just in case" sort of thing. This happened to my boy Johnny Testosterone a couple years back and he other guys who have suffered from this because they did not take the proper precautions. 

Cardiovascular Support

There are plenty of supplements you can take that are good for the heart, especially on cycle and post cycle.

There are some bodybuilders that think you only need cardiovascular support when on cycle. I would disagree. When I did my 1 Andro cycle, my resting heart rate and cholesterol stayed slightly elevated for 3-4 weeks after I discontinued use.

I believe this is because I did not use any cardiovascular support post cycle. It took my cardiovascular system, a few weeks to adjust back to normal. Especially, my cholesterol levels. Hence you want to do what you can to quicken this process. 

I would recommend a combination of CoQ10, Beetroot, and fish oil. This will help with supporting heart muscle and lowering bad cholesterol. 

Super PCT By Olympus Labs

What you need in a post cycle therapy supplement are a handful of things:
   - Irreversible AI (ex. arimistane)
   - Natural Testosterone repair or amplification (ex. Sodium DAA)
   - Heart, Kidney, and Liver Support (ex. Trans-Resveratrol)
   - Prolactin Support (ex. Mucuna Pruriens and Vitamin B6)

This supplement contains all of the ingredients I mentioned above. The full ingredient list above. In terms of complete PTC supplements, no other one on the market comes close. 

The full ingredient list on here far surpasses anything else out there at the moment. Olympus Labs really outdid themselves here. 

I have used this on my past couple post cycle therapies and it really has made the difference in terms of effectiveness and convenience. I do not have to carry around multiple bottles of different supplements with throughout the day. It's great. 

The only drawbacks are you do have to take 10 capsules a day. That is only to ensure that you get the full dosages of every ingredient (this product has a lot) that you need throughout the day. 

But, as I mentioned earlier, it is much better than having to take multiple products every single morning. If you broke this product up into different supplements, you would have to take at least 20 pills a day. This cuts that in half. 

Super PCT is the best over the counter post cycle therapy supplement available. Please add it to your stack if you take health and recovery seriously. 

Get your SERM and then you are good to go here. You could grab some more arimistane and some CoQ10 (for your heart) if you think it is necessary. 

My Hidden Difference Maker: Laxogenin

This is a plant steroid that increases protein synthesis in the body and creates an anabolic environment for your body. This can help you avoid a catabolic state after your cycle. 

Laxogenin is not androgenic and does not affect your HTPA at all. Therefore, you can use it during your post cycle therapy to help you keep your gains (or keep making steady gains) without worrying about your natural testosterone or estrogen levels.  

This is my secret weapon during post cycle therapy and the months afterward. Laxogenin helps me increase keep strength in the gym and my energy levels during my PCT. 

This is especially to use after your cycle on a mild compound (like ostarine or epiandrosterone) where your HTPA are not too suppressed. It allows you to keep making gains. I mainly use this for post cycle therapy and I bridge between cycles. 

This can aid your body's recovery and allow you to keep up your athletic performance. I recommend Strength Unleashed by Olympus Labs. They are the only manufacturer I know that actually does not water down the product.

It really works. I will make a full guide on laxogenin soon and give you the full details how to use this stuff. Stay tuned. 

Wrapping It Up

To recap, whenever androgenic compounds or synthetic hormonal compounds are ingested into the body; your natural testosterone production will be suppressed. 

You will need at time and lay out goals for what you want and need out of your post cycle therapy. Take the time to do this or do not go on cycle at all. You could put your health at risk.  

You will a couple different things to get your HTPA back up and running at full capacity. Also, to help the body recover from whatever strain it was on during the on cycle phase. 

So remember what you need. Prescription SERM (research SERM, worst case scenario), aromatase inhibitor, over the counter supplement support, and a strong testosterone booster. 

As I mentioned earlier, take this stuff seriously. There are too many dudes out there who delve into the more aggressive compounds without laying out the proper tools for a good post cycle therapy (or even on cycle therapy for that matter).

A lot guys think they can get away with just taking arimistane and some liver support for 3-4 weeks and take 3-4 weeks off after that.

On top of that, getting no blood work done. It is just too much to risk guys. Do it right and be safe.

Do not become of those guys that says "Yeah man, I wish I took my health more seriously when I younger. I would not have the physical or hormonal issues I do."

That is a shitty position to be in. If you do TRT when you are older, do it because you want to. Not because you need to. Just my opinion.  

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this article. I believe I have given you all the tools to have a successful post cycle therapy. 

Let me know if you have any questions or leave a comment with your thoughts.

Until next time,

Ray Kingsman.  

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