Ray Kingsman’s “Must Read” 2017 Q1 Guest Posts


Hello Everyone, 

Ray Kingsman is back. Today I wanted to just post some the guest posts that I have on other awesome websites. 

Some of you might have already seen them. I have linked out to them before.

I am posted them again though. This is in the case that you have not seen them already. 

I thought about re writing for this website but it is just much easier for to provide them in a place where you can always find them. 

I think these three posts will be helpful to you guys when it comes to fitness and male enhancement. 

All my guest posts so far have been on Red Pill Reviews. This is a quality website that talks about different types of hardcore products and making money online. 

You should check it out. 

Alright then. Here we go.

Penis Growth Devices That Actually Work

This was a post that introduced Bathmate and SizeGenetics Penis Extender to the RPR community. I wrote this post about a month ago. 

We talked about why these devices were created and what their medical purpose is. 

We talked about how to use Bathmate by itself and with SizeGenetics. We did the same with "SG" as well. 

Everything I wrote in this post still applies today and you can get a ton of value from it.

It also gives you some new tips about how maximize the usage of both products for penis growth and sexual health. 

These were some of my first recommendations to the Success Rebellion community and I stand by them. 

They are great and fun to use if utilized consistently and properly. 

If you are just interested in buying Bathmate or SizeGenetics then please our links below. 

Both links will give free and priority shipping

Free Techniques To Grow Your Dick: Introductory Guide To Penis Stretching And Jelqing

I wrote this post about 2 months ago. This goes over the basics of manual exercises

As we all know, manual exercises are free. This is why I suggest that guys who cannot afford Bathmate, Penomet, Sizegentics, or Phallsosan Forte should start there. 

Jelqing, penis stretching, and using a bandage extender take very little time to learn how to do. Plus you will see results with consistent use. 

Their only drawback is that these exercises can be time consuming. That is why I suggest all guys move on to PE devices when you have the money to do so. 

Otherwise, like I mentioned earlier, manual exercises are great to begin your male enhancement journey with. 

5 Requirements Before You Consider Using Anabolic Compounds

This is post is probably the most important for guys who want to get into anabolics (SARMs, Designer Steroids).

This article is about the five things you need to do or know before ever going on cycle.

It all comes down to education and experience. You need to take the time to obtain both.

That will ensure that you get the most out of your cycle and training.

If you rush the process, not only will you minimize your gains and come short of your body building goals but you might also put your health in danger. 

I also suggest you give these posts a read (Long Term Use Of Anabolic Compounds and Why I Decided To Get Into Anabolics).

They will give you good perspective around the use and overall goal when it comes to suing anabolics. 


There you have it. Those are the guest posts that I have written in the first quarter of 2017. 

They will definitely help those of you just starting out in male enhancement and anabolic use. 

Check out Red Pill Reviews as well. My man, James, has a lot of great content on there already that vary through different interesting topics.

Anyway, if you have any questions about any of these posts. I will be more responsive if you leave comments below to this posts.

Not the guest posts linked to above. I like to centralize all the comments here so everyone benefit from the knowledge in one place. 

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We have a lot of other interesting content coming down the pipe so stay tuned guys. 

Thanks again for reading. Happy Gains!

Ray Kingsman