The #1 Legal Cutting Steroid: Review Of Epiandrosterone/Epi-Andro

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What's Up Guys? 

Rebel Ray Kingsman here. With another anabolic compound post to add the collection. 

This post will go over the ins and outs of the Epiandrosterone, a powerful designer steroid. 

I will talk about its benefits, advantages, drawbacks, side effects, what goes is it best for, other important facts, and many aspects of my own personal experience cycling this compound.

This is one of the better designer steroids on the market. There are many different uses for Epi Andro and it does not take a huge toll on the body. 

I want you guys to know if Epiandrosterone can benefit your fitness goals or not. 

Many of you might be surprised how well Epi Andro might fit into your anabolic stack and the many different uses for it.

Anyway, let us get on with this post. The muscle gains await. 

What Is Epiandrosterone? 

As mentioned earlier, Epi-Andro is a powerful designer steroid (legal anabolic compound that you can buy over the counter). 

This compound is shown to naturally occur in high quantities within many other mammals such as pigs and bears. It can also be found naturally in pine pollen. Hence, one of the reasons it might be legal. 

To further explain, it is weakly androgenic steroid hormone and a metabolite or derivative of DHEA. Very similar to 1-Andro.

It converts to (DHT) dihydrotestosterone, male sex hormone, in the body. This makes Epi-Andro is pro hormone.

It also is a precursor to stanalone which is a very strong, androgenic, and banned steroidal hormone.

This is not Androsterone or 1-Andro. These compounds have different but similar chemical structures. Epi-Andro actually contain androsterone in it. 

Epiandrosterone was first discovered in the early 1930s. Researchers and scientists found the compound in large amounts of distilled male urine (gross!).

This compound became very popular in the 80s and 90s on the hardcore bodybuilding scene. 

Wait. What Is DHT?

DHT is potent androgenic male sex hormone that is naturally produced by the body. It stands for dihydrotestosterone.

This chemical compound binds to androgen receptors in the body to produce a biological response. In this case, anabolic activity. 

It is the primary androgen for you hair, skin, and prostate gland. 

DHT does aromatize. So there will not be massive estrogen production as more DHT comes into the body.

It used in research all the time, to find the differences between estrogen creating androgens and non estrogen creating androgens. 

This hormone plays a large part in male sexual and physical development. 

What Fitness Goals Is Epiandrosterone Best Suited For?

From my experience and research, epi-andro is best suited for guys trying to cut excess body fat and maintain their muscle mass and strength. 

This is what I used it for and it worked very well in this capacity. While cutting, you can a moderate dosage and see you strength stay the same while an extreme caloric deficit. 

This compound can only be good for guys looking add muscle hardness and density (similar to andarine). 

Epi-Andro can be used for bulking too but it is not optimal. You will can definitely add a couple pounds in muscle over an 8 week cycle. 

But you will not see as drastic results with bulking in Epiandrosterone as you would on 1-Andro, RAD 140, LGD 4033, or even ostarine

If you decide to use it for bulking then it must be stacked with a anabolic compound better suited to pack on size. 

In my opinion, Epi-Andro is best used to cut body fat quickly and get that hardened muscle look us guys love so much. 

However, this is not the only use for Epi-Andro. When stacked with other anabolic compounds, it lessen it's side effects. I will talk more about this below. 

​Can Epi-Andro Be Stacked With Anything?

Yes. I mentioned earlier, that there are some anabolic compounds that you want to use Epi-Andro with because it lessens some of the side effects. 

This is the case with 1-Androsterone. 1-Androsterone has pretty nasty side effects. 

One in particular, it this lethargic feeling all out through the cycle. Plenty of research has been done to figure what causes this but all have been inconclusive thus far. 

One way, to combat this side effect is to take low doses (100 mg) of Epi-Andro along with 1-Andro on your bulking cycle

This was make the lethargic feeling will decrease dramatically. It will not completely go away but it will vastly reduced to a point where it will not affect your daily life and workouts. 

The gravity of this effect is also continent on the individual. Some will witness that lethargic feeling go away completely. Others will just have it greatly reduced to the point where it is tolerable. 

No one know epiandrosterone reduces this side effect of 1-Andro. This is because no one knows what causes the lethargic feeling in the first place. I am hoping to see more science and studies on this soon. 

Epiandrosterone can also be stacked with testolone or ligandrol on bulking cycles. They work very well to pack on lean mass while gaining a hardened muscle look. 

Personal Experience With 1-Andro

Story time....

I really wish I knew about this effect Epi-Andro had on 1-Andro. During my cycle of 1-Androsterone, I felt like absolute garbage all the time. 

So much, that it made doing simple tasks difficult. I had to will myself to be effective at work and hit the gym. 

But I did not do anything else beside work, work out, eat, and sleep. I felt too terrible to do anything else. I mostly stayed in bed on the weekends. 

This became near unbearable three weeks into my cycle. This was such a problem that I decided to cut my cycle short. 

It was supposed to be 6 weeks and I cut it to 4 weeks because of how bad I felt constantly. 

I would highly suggest coupling 1-Andro with Epi-Andro so you do not ave to go through what I did. 

It is an easy to maximize your usage of 1-Andro. I will lost 2 weeks of good gains because I literally could not function throughout the day. 

Do not make my mistake. Cycle both compounds together. Spare yourself the pain and maximize results. 

How Does Epiandrosterone Compare To Other Designer Steroids?

The answer to this question will greatly depend on your fitness goals. 

If your goals are too cut fat, lean up, have your muscles look very hard and dense; then this is one of the best compounds on the market to this with. 

It is very effective in maximizing fat loss and minimizing bloating and water retention. 

At an extreme caloric deficit, you can still maintain your energy levels and strength in the gym. This allows you to keeping getting effective workouts and pushing your muscles. 

Epiandrosterone is not as effective with bulking. Designer steroids like 1-Andro are way better for packing on lean mass. 

You are better off using 1-Andro and Epi-Andro together as I explained earlier. This helps reduced the lethargy that comes with 1-Andro usage. 

If you do decide to stack them together, your HTPA will most likely shut down. So you will need a full post cycle therapy

Stacks That Will Not Hurt Your Endocrine System As Much

I would recommend stacking Epiandrosterone with 25 mg/day of MK-677 (growth hormone secretagogue, guide coming soon) and 100 mg-150mg/day of laxogenin (plant steroid) if you want to stack on size. 

Neither MK-677 or laxogenin are androgenic compounds. Therefore, neither one will suppress you HTPA. Not to mention both zero side effects. 

You will see pretty good muscle gains on this anabolic compound stack and will not suppress natural testosterone production anymore than necessary. 

Epiandrosterone Vs. Ostarine

Since we have establish that Epi-Andro is best suited for cutting, we must ourselves how it compares to ostarine

Ostarine is not a designer steroid. It is a selective androgen receptor modular. But it is best known for it's effectiveness during cutting research cycles as well. 

Which is more effective for cutting?

Both are equally effective when cutting body fat. Without compounds, you will preserve lean mass and lose excess fat.

However with Epi-Andro, you get a better look of muscle fullness, hardness, and density.

Epi-Andro is also a great strength maximizers. You will notice your strength shoot up while in cycle.

Ostarine does this to a degree but not as well as Epi-Andro.  

Ostarine is much better hybrid compound though. It can also be used for bulking, strength gaining, recomposition, as well as cutting. Plus, it is a great compound to research for first timers. 

But if your goals are too cut while maintaining a look of muscle fullness and density then Epiandrosterone is the better choice. 

Overall Benefits And Expectations Of Epiandrosterone

Here are all the great things about Epi-Andro. I decided to sum them up into one list to make them easier to view.

- Converts to DHT in the body and increases protein synthesis
- Preserves strength and muscle mass while cutting
- Does not aromatize (convert to estrogen)
- Can deliver a hardened and full muscle look
- Taken orally. No need for injections. 
- Weakly androgenic overall
- Maximizes fat loss. Very similar to ostarine
- Mildly suppressive on your natural testosterone production. (Still recommend a full post cycle therapy).
- Not toxic to the liver or kidneys. (Still suggest On Cycle Therapy)
- No evidence of prostate enlargement with use.
- Can be cycle for up to 10 weeks because it is easy on the body.
- Can be stacked with other SARMs or with 1-Andro to elevate lethargy.
- Lack of water retention and increases muscle pumps in the gym.
- Boost in sex drive and libido.
- Improves energy in the gym and life and sense of well-being.

This here is a short list of the benefits of Epiandrosterone and what makes it a great designer steroid. It has a wide range of positives and potential to get you ripped with the proper work put in. 

How Long Does Epi-Andro Take To Start Working?

I started noticing the difference 1.5 weeks into my cycle. This is consist with other users.

For most people, it will take 1-2 weeks to seeing the effects of this designer steroid. 

This is pretty quick in my opinion, the only anabolic compounds that I know the works faster is RAD 140

All other anabolic compounds take about 1.5-2.5 weeks into your cycle. So this 1.5 weeks is pretty good. 

Side Effects Of Epiandrosterone

Unfortunately, there are a few side with epiandrosterone. I did experience some cardiovascular side effects.

During cycle, I experienced a higher resting heart rate, rise in LDL (bad) cholesterol, loss in HDL (good) cholesterol, and higher blood pressure. 

So I recommend on cycle therapy. I personally recommend Arimacare Pro By Olympus Labs.

This has supplements (CoQ 10, Grape Seed Extract, Red Yeast Extract, etc.) in it that protect the heart. 

The cardiovascular side effects subside once your cycle is however. So they are not permanent. Do not worry. Use on cycle therapy and you will be fine.

Not to mention, Arimacare Pro contains arimistane. That is a irreversible estrogen blocker.

That will protect you against any climb in estrogen levels your body might have. Your body might have a climb in estrogen levels due to the higher levels of testosterone. 

Your body will produce a bit more estrogen to keep the balance between the hormonal levels that same as they were before cycle. 

Another side effect could be hair loss. Excess levels of DHT are known to be pretty bad for your hair. Especially if you are genetically prone to hair loss.  

If you are Epi-Andro might not for me you. An alternative could be ostarine or andarine. 

Post Cycle Therapy

I believe I mentioned this earlier but Epi-Andro is mildly suppressive on the HTPA, as all androgenic compounds are.

Although you may be able to get away with a mini post cycle therapy but I recommend a full post cycle therapy

This is because you are not guaranteed to recover completely with a mini post cycle therapy. 

Doing a full post cycle therapy maximizes your chances of your endocrine system recovering fully from your cycle.

Check out my post cycle therapy guide to get the low down on how to properly go about your recovery after your cycle. 

Cycling And Dosage

For cutting or bulking, Epiandrosterone can be cycled for up 10 weeks. I personally recommend 4-8 weeks. I cycled it for 8 weeks. 

I think that is a good amount of time for your body to deal with the side effects. It is not too harsh on the body so it can be cycled a little longer. 

I notice that a dosage of 200-300 mg/day is the sweet spot for most guys to see results.

Some experienced users dose more than this standard amount. Some may cycle upwards toward 400 mg/day.

That is a lot and most cycle that amount when they use Epi-Andro as a standalone anabolic compound for bulking

My sweet spot was 250 mg/day. That is what I saw great results on while cutting. 

I recommend the same dosage for bulking as well because you will be cycling Epi-Andro with higher doses of 1-Andro or MK-677.  

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Which Epi-Andro Product Do I Recommend?

I personally recommend Super Epi by Olympus Labs. This is the same Epiandrosterone I used when I was on on cycle. 

Unlike a lot of Olympus Labs' products, one pill contains the serving size. Each pill contains 250 mg. That is one day's serving. Pretty good.

The bottle contains 60 capsules. That is perfect 8 week cycle. When I was on cycle, I just took one pill a day until I finished the bottle. That was about 8.5 weeks. 

Recap And Conclusion

Epiandrosterone is a great designer steroid that primarily shines when cutting body fat. 

It will help you maintain strength and muscle mass while shredding through body fat. 

When couple with other androgenic bulking agents like 1-Andro, Ostarine, LGD 4033, RAD 140 or Mk-677 (non androgen anabolic compound); it can lead to serious mass gains while gaining muscle hardening effect. 

So you can get swole while maintaining a shredded look. Epiandrosterone gives you that edge while bulking. 

Epiandrosterone comes with a few sides effects that subside after cycle. Mainly mild cardiovascular and hair loss side effects.

Once again, they subside after cycle. I suggest using on cycle therapy to combat these mild cardiovascular side effects. 

Overall this a great anabolic compound and can be utilized in several different ways. 

I think you guys should give it try. You will see pretty good gains. Results always vary from person to person though. 

That does it for this our guide to Epiandrosterone. I hoped you learned what you needed to know about this compound. 

I think you now know what you need to make an informed decision about whether or not use this product. 

If you have used this product before please leave a comment below and share you experience with me. 

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Anyway, happy gains and talk to you guys soon. 

Ray Kingsman

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