The Best Nootropic For Mind, Energy, And Motivation Boosting: Rebel Ray’s Guide And Review Of PhenylPiracetam

Medical Disclaimer: Just so you know, all the information here is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please only use these drugs under the supervision of Doctor or licensed medical professional. None of the advice here is approved by the FDA. Thanks.


What's Up Guys? Ray Kingsman back up in this bitch. 

This will kick off my nootropics section of this website. This is where we talk about productivity and what you can do to maximize your output. 

We have continuously talked what compounds you can use to enhance your results in the gym and maximize your diet. 

We have talked about exercises and devices you can use to maximize your sexual performance and penis size. 

Now I want to introduce what compounds you can use to maximize your cognitive output and brain power.

As ou know, on Success Rebellion, we only talk about ways you can accomplish your goals and different things you use to do so.

Talking about anything else is a waste of time in my opinion. You should always be focused on how you can move you life forward in way or another.

Do not try to do much at once. That is recipe for failure. Pick one or two things at time and concentrate all your effort on achieving those goals. 

How I Came Across Nootropics?

I started working a corporate job in summer of 2013. A couple months after I graduated from college. 

The first three months I was given to get accustomed to the job. Many of you might know, the transition over from college life to 9-5 life can be very rough on many levels. 

I walked into a very high demanding job atmosphere at the age of 22. When I used to not having class on Friday. Partying until 4 am on Thursday. Working my "do nothing" on campus job. Coasting through school. 

Needless to say, there is not much responsibility in college. There is no one to hold you accountable.

A high demanding (and well paying) corporate job is the complete opposite. 

You are hired with the expectation to perform at very high level, fairly quickly. If you do not meet the standards, you be replaced. That simple. 

Either way, I decided to coast through my first couple months on the job. Just doing what I was asked and not really pushing myself to excel. 

Two months into my job, I was pulled used one day by my manager. He told me that I needed to shape up and work harder. Or I will be fired. 

That was a scary moment, given that I was just 9 weeks into my job and did not want to start looking for a new job again. I also had very little savings.

Basically, I needed to keep my job. I was wiling to do so by any means necessary.

This about the same time, I cam across the our little manosphere ghetto of the web and staring learning about nootropics, anabolics, hardcore pick up, and penis enhancement. 

The first thing I gravitated to was the use of nootropics because that would help me solve the biggest active problem in my life which was being more productive at work. 

I came across the same compounds that many you guys have heard of. Phenibut, Kratom, and Modafilin. Those are big ones that everyone talks about. 

Back in 2013 though, they were kind of hard to find those specific compounds. So I opted to look for alternatives.  

There is where I ran into noopept (another guide coming soon) and phenylpiracetam. 

​What Are Nootropics?

First of all, nootropics are cognitive enhancing compounds meant to improve brain function.

Most nootropics focus on increasing long and short memory, lessening anxiety, boosting motivation and creativity.

They were originally created to treat patients with specific cognitive issues or medical conditions that diminishes cognitive ability. 

What Is Phenylpiracetam?

Usually, each different nootropic usually only one or two of the things mentioned above. there are couple different names for this compound. The most common ones are Phenotropil and Carphedon.

PhenylPiracetam vs Piracetam

This is not piracetam. Do not get the two compounds confused.

In scientific terms, the main difference between piracetam and phenylracetam is the addition of phenyl molecule group on the piracetam molecule.

This adds a few effects to the substance. It is highly suggested that you do not use this phenylpiracetam with any SSRIs or prescription drugs (especially, antidepressants).

Unless you have a doctor's written and verbal consent to do so of course.

That could cause some serious unwanted side effects (nausea, cramping, excessive sweating, anxiety, etc). So do not get any ideas.

Where Do PhenylPiracetam Come From?

No one is sure exactly where it originated. Some say it was developed by the Soviet Union to give to astronauts to increase mental abilities.

Others say it was developed by the military to increase cognitive function for fighter pilots and special forces. 

I would not be shocked if neither one was true. Either way, this was developed to get more out of the brain. 

Nowadays this compound can be used by almost anyone. It works very athletes, students, daytime workers, etc. It is mainly used in areas where is very difficult to maintain intense focus hours at a time. 

The goal is to give the user abilities (within reason) well beyond what the brain is normally capable of. 

Physical And Cognitive Benefits Of PhenylPiracetam

This compound has quite a few benefits that make a hot commodity on the market these days. 

However, from my personal experience, many of these supplement companies try to oversell these benefits. 

They try to make phenylpiracetam sound like a miracle drug.

To be clear, this is no miracle drug. Your problems won't magically be solved by this substance.

However, you will see noticeable differences after a few days of use.  

I will breakdown what the studies show vs my personal experiences. 

The clinical studies show those who used PhenylPiracetam on an 8 week period experienced the following benefits: 

Increased motivation, inspiration, and positivity

In my experience, phenylpiracetam can act as a great mood and energy booster. Basically, it can act as an "pick me up" that allows you to keep grinding.

It is not on the same level as modifinil, but it gives you just enough of a boost that it can allow you to keep working hard throughout your day.

The chemical mechanism in which it does this has not been figured out yet. But it hypothesized to be increases the amount of dopamine receptor and greater access to nuerotransmitters.

Increased Discipline And Will Power To Complete Tasks Throughout The Day

The increased motivation can be directly linked to a greater amount of will power and discipline to complete tasks.

This is also linked to the greater amount dopamine receptors flying around in the brain.

With higher amounts of dopamine, humans can work harder for longer periods of time.

While having lower amounts of dopamine in the brain does the exact opposite, you will look to cut corners with your tasks and achieve goals at a much lower standard. 

This is not ideal. Hence, this how phenylpiracetam can really do wonders for your discipline and will power to complete tasks.

Improved Learning, Short Term Memory And Recall Abilities

So learning is the process of acquiring information while memory is retaining that information.

The two are distinct mechanisms but they are very reliant on each other working adequately.

The processes of learning and memory consist of several chemical mechanisms in the brain.

We will not get into to the specifics of those process because they are well beyond the scope of this article.

However, you must understand that if one part of that long chemical chain of reactions is not working the way it is supposed to then the whole learning or memory process can be compromised or impaired.

Phenylpiracetam increases the release in the dopamine receptors (as mentioned earlier). Dopamine receptors play a large role in retaining information and attaching emotions to memories.

Improved Mind To Muscle Connection (probably through nervous system stimulation)

This is one that has not been proven in studies but I experienced a greater mind to muscle connection in the gym. 

I was able to get slightly more out of my workouts because I was able to push a little harder for a little longer.

But I also because I was able to activate a lot of muscle fibers in whatever group I was working out that day. 

This allowed me to get much greater pumps in the gym and allowed me to get those hard strength gains.

Dosage And Cycle Length

A typical dosage of phenylpiracetam is between 100-200mg, up to 3 times throughout the day with food or drink.

This means a maximum dosage of 600 mg/day. I usually do a dosage 300 mg/day, split into 100 mg dosages throughout the day.

I usually do one dosage with breakfast, lunch, and a late afternoon snack.

They are best taken right before periods of intense learning or right before work.

Then you can take 1-2 more dosages throughout your day when you start to feel tired or lose motivation.

This is perfect to use if you have long day ahead you at the office or building your business.

Or if you are a college student who needs to maintain focus during an all nighter.

Tolerance can be an issue for many users, including me. I built up a tolerance to phenylpiracetam fairly quickly. 

To combat this, I usually will use phenylpiracetam Monday-Thursday and take Friday-Sunday off. 

Plus, every 6-8 weeks, I will take a full week off using it. 

Like caffeine, your body can build a tolerance to it very quickly. However, you can lose that tolerance quickly as well.

You can be back at zero in 7-10 off phenylpiracetam. There are no withdrawal symptoms to worry about here either.  

What Can I Stack PhenylPiracetam With?

Choline - This is a popular low level nootropic and supplement. It is commonly used to boost learning ability.

This is mainly stacked with nootropics, such as noopept and phenylpiracetam, because it reduces the chances of getting headaches.

Headaches are an occasional side effect for some users because phenylpiractam depletes choline reserves in the body and brain.

That can cause headaches. However, this can be quickly mitigated by supplementing Choline with phenylpiracetam.

250 mg/day of choline should suffice to help avoid heartaches.

Acetyl L-Carnatine - This is also meant to help combat occasional headaches. 500 mg/day works well here.

Do not stack with other powerful nootropics or prescriptions for safety concerns. These are best used on their own. Try different nootropics on their own. Not stacked with other stuff.


Phenylpiracetam is a great supplement and nootropic to add to your "brain and productivity" stack. 

Not only does it enhance to learning and memory abilities for prolonged periods of time; it gives a motivational and energy boost that allows you to work more. 

When a man becomes full of energy, motivated, and has enhanced learning and memory abilities; he is unstoppable. 

You will become extremely more productive and feel better about it too.

This nootropic is great for guys who trying to build a business because you are going to need to put in long hours, especially in the beginning months of your business venture.  

This is personally what I use it for. Phenylpiracetam is great when I am writing a blog post or working on my Amazon FBA business (soon to launch). 

If you are hard at work most of the day, like me, then you might want to give Phenylpiracetam a try. 

(Just so you know, all the information here is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please only use these drugs under the supervision of Doctor or licensed medical professional. Thanks.)