What You Need To Know The Best Hybrid SARM: Review Of Rad 140/Testolone

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What's up guys?

Ray Kingsman. Back up in this bitch with another anabolic compound guide. Always here to help you guys get swole.  

Today, we are coming at you and talking about RAD 140 (aka testolone). I am going to give you the low down on the anabolic compound and provide you with what you need to know to research this compound properly.  

Many of you have enjoyed our past guides on anabolic compounds such as 1-Androsterone, Laxogenin, Ostarine, and Ligandrol

I want this one to give as well-rounded a profile on RAD 140 or testolone. More importantly, I want to let you know what you can expect from researching testolone or adding it to your muscle building stack. 

I want to talk about he origin of RAD 140 to give you guys some context on how and why it created and its original purposes. 

That information will be helpful to show you how testolone works within you body. 

We will also delve into some clinical studies about testolone to see what the science says. 

There are also several other things we will talk about as well that will give you more in depth look at RAD 140. 

Anyway, let's get started. 

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What Is RAD 140/Testolone?

RAD 140 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARMs). Very similar to that of ostarine, LGD 4033, and S4 (andarine). 

These means testolone is selective in binding to the androgen receptors in the muscle and bone tissue. This stimulates anabolic activity and growth. 

SARMs are separate class of anabolic compounds created my pharmaceutical companies to combat diseases that cause muscle wasting and atrophy. 

The goal of these compounds is to give you all the health benefits of anabolic steroids without any of the side effects associated with such use. 

The clinical studies are showing that it has the ability to stimulate muscle growth and aid fat loss. You can also see increases in physical strength, joint strength, endurance, and overall well being. 

SARMs are able to have little side effects because of their exclusivity to what soft tissue they bind to in their chemical processes. 

SARMs (including RAD 140) are completely non steroidal and tissue selective (muscle and bone), as I mentioned earlier. 

This means you do not have to worry about heart or prostate enlargement. Testolone's tissue selectivity saves you from those nagging and potentially health threatening side effects. 

I know it already sounds too good to be true. But remember ostarine and LGD 4033 pretty much fit the bill in that case. 

I had no side effects when I researched ostarine and ligandrol to get a taste for myself. 

Both were very effective in achieving my fitness and bodybuilding goals. I wanted to know the same about testolone when I decided to research it. 

What Was RAD 140 Created For?

RAD 140 was created, currently being researched, and patented by Radius Health Inc. 

They created this compound to try and create an alternative (or replacement) to traditional testosterone (hormone) replacement therapy. 

This makes sense for RAD 140 (and all SARMs for that matter). They can be taken orally and pose none of the potential health risks or side effects. That is a major breakthrough in science. 

Testolone does have the potential to be a very useful alternative to testosterone replacement therapy and treat those who have conditions that have affected their hormone secretion. 

It was also created with idea of treating medical conditions that cause muscle wasting. 

Say if they have osteoporosis and they are trying to fight against muscle muscle atrophy and soft tissue breakdown. 

Rad 140 and other SARMs have huge potential in this arena and I am excited see what the science says in a couple years about this. 

Chemical Structure Of RAD 140/Testolone

What Fitness Goals Is Testolone Best Used For?

Great question and this what makes RAD 140 different from all the other SARMs. 

RAD 140 is not only great for bulking but it can be used for cutting and pure strength gains as well. 

I know what you thinking though.

"Isn't that true for all SARMs?" Not necessarily. All other SARMs lean more toward cutting or bulking/recomposition. 

RAD 140 is a powerful bulking compound, as well as a great compound for cutting, strength, and endurance. 

It is almost as good for cutting as Ostarine and almost as good for bulking as LGD 4033. 

This is one of those compounds you can buy now and figure your fitness goals later knowing that testolone will be good for whatever fitness endeavor you choose. 

RAD 140 vs LGD 4033, Ostarine, and S4. Is RAD 140 The Strongest?

This is a subject to debate in the hardcore bodybuilding community.

The numbers alone have RAD 140 as pretty fucking strong. It has 90:1 anabolic to androgenic ratio. 

As opposed to LGD 4033 (10:1) and ostarine (3:1), who have much lower ratios under belts. That alone should indicate the strength of testolone.

My experience paints a slightly different picture though. Muscle building gains are very similar to Ligandrol.

In terms of muscle building ability, I would put testolone slightly behind Ligandrol but still far ahead of ostarine and andarine. This gives you an idea of where it falls on the muscle building spectrum. 
However, when it comes to bulking or recomposition, there are plenty of people who prefer to research testolone than ligandrol. 

When it comes to cutting, there are plenty of folks who choose to research RAD 140 instead of ostarine. 

A lot people prefer to research Rad 140 to andarine (S4) for strength gains and endurance. 

One thing that you can say about testolone is that it is powerful in its effects. You can use it for any of the goals listed above and see great gains. 

How Does RAD 140 Stack Up Against Steroids or Test?

It stacks up pretty well, in my opinion. This is because RAD 140 is very anabolic compound. 

Like I mentioned earlier, RAD 140 (90:1) has a much greater anabolic to androgenic ratio the other SARMs.

But the the other SARMs are not the only compound that pales in comparison to RAD 140. Testosterone (1:1) itself has a lower anabolic to androgenic ratio that RAD 140. 

That is pretty telling. These ratios usually display the amount of anabolic and androgenic effects one can have on the body. 

The higher the ratio, the better anabolic effects the compound can give you with lowering chance of there being androgenic side effects. 

From a clinical treatment perspective, this is huge. Because you can give this to patients (men, women, children) with low testosterone.

Basically, give them all the benefits of testosterone while minimizing the androgenic side effects. 

This will spare women and children especially of androgenic side effects while benefitting from all the anabolic effects of Testosterone.

This is if they were to use RAD 140 instead of clinical testosterone if they needed it due to some sort of medical condition. 

From a treatment and clinical perspective, RAD 140 is every bit as effective of steroids and clinical testosterone.  

Do not get too caught up on that ratio though because it not a definite indicator of how much muscle you will put on. As I will get to in a second. 

That ratio more exists to warn users of the chances of potential androgenic side effects. 

If the androgenic side of ratio is higher than the anabolic side (ex. 1:4), then there is a high chance you experience androgenic side effects while using that compound. 

Will you make as much in gains?

Maybe. This is really a play of how well your body reacts to certain compounds. Some people will react better than others

But the evidence says, at minimum, testolone comes very close to mimicking the muscle building power of steroids.

This knowledge provides great promise. From my experience, the gains are real and impressive for muscle growth and fat loss.

How Does Testolone Stack Up Against Designer Steroids like Epiandrosterone or 1-Andro?

In terms of muscle building power, like AAS, it comes pretty damn close. 1-Andro is the strongest anabolic compound I have ever used. But it came with some shitty side effects. 

I would gladly take 70%-80% of those gains with ZERO side effects instead reliving that experience with 1-Andro. 

Compared to Epiandrosterone (which I also experienced no side effects on, except for heightened blood pressure), the results I experienced were about the same for cutting.  

However when it comes to putting on muscle and size, testolone far surpasses Epi-Andro. Epi-Andro is better for cutting and strength gains. 

On both Epi Andro and 1-Andro, I experienced cardiovascular side effects. My blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, and resting heart rate increased dramatically. It subsided after my cycle but was concerning.

That was not the case with testolone. I only experienced a slight increase in resting heart rate. Everything else remained about the same. 

Overall Benefits And Expectations Of Testolone/Rad 140

There are several benefits of testolone that I want to list that I think you should be aware of:

- Does not aromatize (convert to estrogen)
- Reasonably dry gains. 
- Muscle fullness. 
- Taken orally once per day.
- Can provide you with similar gains to to traditional AAS or other designer steroids without any side effects. 
- Can see dramatic increases in strength like you would on 1-Andro, Ligandrol, and andarine. 
- Has the fat burning and cutting potential of ostarine.
- Has greater hybrid potential that ostarine. Ideal for all fitness goals. 
- Able to maintain strength while cutting fat on severe caloric deficit.
- Favorable academic, lab, and clinical studies on RAD 140. I will talk about those more in a bit. 
- Great for building insane cardiovascular endurance and stamina. 
- Very mild suppression on your HTPA (I would still suggest a full PCT). 
- No androgenic side effects. 
- Non toxic to the liver or kidneys. No prostate enlargement.
- No cardiovascular ailments. No high blood pressure, increase LDL (bad) cholesterol, decrease HDL (good) cholesterol, increase elevated high resting heart rate, or heart hypertrophy. 

That gives you an idea of the selling points behind this product and SARMs in general. I do not think the lack of side effects can be overstated but I will not ramble on about them. 

RAD 140/Testolone Clinical And Academic Studies

These are quotes takes from a study (of which I will link to below) that show the concepts of RAD 140 that I have outlined in this post.

"Clinical chemistry indicated the expected lowering of lipids (LDL, HDL, triglycerides). Despite the rather dramatic increases in body weight over such a short time, there was no elevation of liver enzyme transaminase levels in any animal at any dose >2 fold over its baseline value."

"Given the well-established relationship between oral androgen use and liver stress indicators, we were quite pleased that at a dose 10-fold greater than the fully effective dose we saw minimal liver enzyme elevations."

"Taken in sum, RAD 140 has all the hallmarks of a SARM. It is potency selective, since it stimulates muscle weight increases at a lower dose than that required to stimulate prostate weight increases." 

"Moreover, it is also efficacy selective, because it is fully anabolic on muscle but demonstrates less than complete efficacy on the prostate and seminal vesicles and, in fact, can partially antagonize the stimulation of the seminal vesicles induced by testosterone."

- National Institute Of Health Study

How Long Does It Take For Testolone To Start Working? 

So I started seeing results within one week of my research. This is the quickest out of all the SARMs I have researched. 

Some attribute this to RAD 140 research giving the subject more wet gains than dry gains. 

I experienced very little water retention while on cycle. My gains were seen in my strength increases since I was using it to cut fat and not gain muscle. 

LGD 4033 and Ostarine took about 2 weeks for me start seeing the effects.  

You will research it orally and it will be absorbed into the blood stream. This is when all the chemical process and binding to androgen receptors start happening. 

There is no conclusive evidence that this happens quicker than with ostarine, ligandrol, or andarine. 

But from my experience, RAD 140 worked almost immediately. It was pretty sweet.

Epiandrosterone and 1-Androsterone worked as quickly though. Those both worked within a week and a half as well. 

However out of all the SARMs, testolone starts providing results the quickest. Some even see results in the first couple days of research. 

On and Post Cycle Therapy

Although RAD 140 is said to have no side effects, I always recommend on cycle therapy. 

This will help combat against estrogen production climb which is bound to happen when you testosterone levels increase via RAD 140. 

It will also keep your cardiovascular system and other organs healthy on the off chance that you experience any adverse side effects for your research. 

I recommend Arimacare Pro by Olympus Labs. That is my go to and all in one on cycle therapy supplement. It is honestly the best product on the market for this right now and it's well priced. Give it a try. 

Post Cycle Therapy Is Needed 

Although there is only mild HTPA suppression with testolone, I always recommend a full post cycle therapy after your research cycle. 

This is so you recover as quickly as possible and ensure you do not jeopardize your long term health. 

Check out my post cycle therapy guide to get the low down on how to properly handle getting your hormone levels balanced again post cycle. 

Cycle Length And Dosage


For cutting, I would recommend a research dosage of 5-10 mg/day. Research orally in the morning along with food and drink. This will allow the body to absorb the compound into the blood stream easier. 

Research cycle the product from 8-12 weeks during your cut. As mentioned earlier, you will be able to maintain your strength and size while on a extreme caloric deficit.   

Bulking or Recomposition

For muscle building purposes, research dosage would consist of 15-20 mg/day. Also research orally in morning with food and drink. 

Research cycle the product from 8-12 weeks (some go as many as 14 weeks). When bulking, you only need to go 200 calories above maintenance to see great results. 

For recomposition, you can keep your caloric consumption the same and you will still put on mass and lose fat. 

Half-Life of Rad 140

The half life of testolone is somewhere between 16-18 hours. Therefore, it has to be taken daily and post cycle therapy begins a day after discontinuation. 

There is no need to split up your research dosage throughout the day. This had no effect on the compound's effectiveness or results. 

This half life is a bit shorter than the other SARMs but it should affect you as long you research daily in the morning with breakfast or a snack. 

What Can I Stack RAD 140 With?

First and foremost, testolone works plenty fine on its own for every fitness goal. To see great results, you do not need anything else. 

If you want to maximize your results than stacking RAD 140 with other supplements makes a whole lot of sense. 

Plus, you should always stack anabolic compounds with traditional muscle building or fat burning supplements. Depending on what your goal is obviously. 

However, most of you guys want to stack testolone with other SARMs, pro hormones, and designer steroids. Technically you can do this in theory. 

Despite common theory, not all SARMs work exactly the same. They all have slightly different chemical mechanisms and affect your body a bit differently to create similar results. 

I do not recommend this however. SARMs within their individual usage only mildly suppress your HTPA. 

However...when they are stacked together, they can severely suppress your natural testosterone production and vastly prolong recover time following your research cycle. 

Hence, I did not recommend stacking multiple SARMs at once because you can really hurt your HTPA. 

For bulking and muscle building, you can stack Testolone with 10mg/day of Ligandrol (using Brawn by Kodiak Labs) to amplify anabolic activity through your research cycle. 

For cutting fat and getting shredded purposes, you can cycle Testolone with 15 mg/day of ostarine (using OstaStrong by Kodiak Labs) and 25 mg/day of andarine. 

Better Stacking Alternatives

I am going to recommend some stacking alternatives that do not affect your HTPA. This will maximize the effectiveness of testolone while amplifying your results. 

For bulking and muscle building
,100-150mg/day of Laxogenin and 25 mg/day MK-677 (Growth Secretagogue Hormone). 

MK-677 is pretty powerful because it will really amplify soft tissue growth through more natural means. It is a non-androgenic compound.

So there is no need to worry about further natural testosterone suppression. 

Laxogenin is plant steroid (does to affect HTPA) that great for increasing to strength and stamina. This will help you amplify strength increases on Rad 140.

For cutting, 100-150 mg/day of Laxogenin should be sufficient with Testolone to prevent muscle wasting and preserve strength. 

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Which RAD 140 Product Do I Recommend?

I recommend Fierce by Kodiak Labs. This product contains 5 mg of testolone per capsule and 90 capsules per bottle. The capsules contain nothing but the highest quality RAD 140. 

The product is at a market average price and contains supreme quality over the competitors. 

For cutting, 1-2 bottle should be sufficient for your research cycle. For bulking or recomposition, 2-3 bottles should be sufficient bottles should be sufficient for your cycle. 

Recap And Conclusion

Testolone is a great anabolic compound that is a great for all fitness, lifestyle, and bodybuilding goals. 

You can use it to to pack on lean muscle while loosing fat simultaneously or to get shredded while maintaining your strength (you might get stronger like I did) and preserving muscle mass. 

You can stack RAD 140 with other SARMs (although I do not recommend it) and with other muscle building supplements. 

Probably the best part about RAD 140 is the side effects or lack thereof. I experienced ZERO androgenic side effects when researching testolone.

This can be used as alternative to hormone replacement therapy as well as treating those medical conditions that cause muscle wasting.

Testolone can be researched without the harsh side effects of testosterone injections. 

Overall, this is a great compound and I believe you guys should give it a go around for your research. 

Have fun on your anabolic journeys and leave a comment below to let me know what you think of RAD 140. 

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Ray Kingsman

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