Should You Prioritize Getting Laid In Your 20s?


What's Up Guys? 

Ray Kingsman here coming at you with another Rebel Post. 

I published an article early this week about my hardcore goals for 2017 and what I will be focusing on. 

In addition, I made some suggestions on what I think you should be focusing on as well. 

Those things can range from a wealth of different topics. 

However, I notice that a bunch of you guys in your 20s really only care about a handful things. 

- Achieving a top 1% body and looking good
- Getting laid consistently and bringing new girls into your life
- Making money by getting a high paying job or starting a business

Most of you guys seem to know what to do when it comes to achieving these goals or at least where to start. 

Which is more than you can say for most guys walking through their 20s aimlessly. 

Needless to say, putting in the work for you guys will not be as much of an issue as it is what you should work towards. 

What goal should I pursue? 

That is the question that I get time and time again. 

The battle usually comes down to Women vs Money. A lot of you guys know that making money is a pursuit that is going to take years and might not have a definite ending.

As opposed to getting laid which is more a short term (2-3 years) pursuit. 

A lot want to know if there should be pursuing pussy in their twenties or working more long term goals like making money and financial freedom. 

This is topic we will delve into in this discussion. I want to give my perspective as well as look at this topic logically. 

The Importance Of 20s

Most people (older and average folks) will tell you that your twenties are for experimentation, nurture, building knowledge. That this decade of your life does not really mean a lot in the long run. 

I heard this time and time again in college. Professors (no real work experience), older friends, employers, co-workers all told me this. 

Now I am almost 60% done with twenties and lived in the real world for the past couple years, I can say that I mostly the agree with first part of the statement above and wholeheartedly disagree with the second. 

I think you should be experimenting, learning, and gathering as many skills as possible in your twenties. 

But by no means do your twenties no matter compared to the rest of your life. 

Your twenties are truly make or break. The decisions you make now can really shape the rest of your life. 

I am seeing this unfold for myself and the people around me (also around my age) right before my eyes. 

Your twenties might be the most important decade of your life and one that should not be taken lightly at all. 

I am convinced that if I slack off or make shitty decisions now that I will pay for it for years to come. 

Not only that, those bad decisions you made in your 20s might hinder other decisions you might want make in your 30s. 

Like me, you are probably seeing this unfold in your life and lives of your friends right now. 

If you are like me, this should make want to put a lot of thoughts into decisions before making them. 

All aspects, consequences, and return of investment should be considered before going forward with any decision that you make. 

Even the "smaller" decisions in life should sternly analyzed before taking action. 

Hence, this time should be maximized to pursue the goals you want to and will challenge you the most so you reap the benefits later in life. 

You want to make good decisions and pursue the right goals in your twenties. 

​Is Pursuing Pussy A Worthwhile Endeavor?

​This is largely debated in the mainstream media. Those fuckheads tell you to pursue monogamy at an early age.

Settle down and have kids in your late 20s. Go into debt and buy a large house and acres of land you cannot afford. 

Never enjoy the fruits of your good looks or all the hours you put in gym. Or the discipline it took to stick to a strict diet. 

Fuck that. 

Many of us (including me) want to go on a spree where all we care about is getting laid and banging as many chicks as possible. 

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that at all. You will learn a lot about yourself, other people, and the world at the same time. Not to mention that you will build a great amount of self determination, discipline, and mental fortitude.

You just have to understand what you will have to give up to get there. 

Before going on, I will say I do not have much experience when it comes to pursuing pussy but I have gone on a couple sprees in college and post graduation. 

The reason I have not done so has to do with what I mentioned earlier. What do I have to give up to achieve that goal?

I have a full time job (#corporateworld). I spend 10 hours per day either at work or commuting from work.

Needless to say, I have very limited time throughout the week. Therefore, I can only pursue one large goal outside work.

If I actually wanted to achieve something that is. I could try and pursue both. Struggle to find time to commit to both to get meaningful work done. Get frustrated and quit. Therefore achieving nothing. 

We all know not to go that route so I will not get into that. 

Like working out, when you start pursuing pussy, you will need to put in a lot of time. 

You need to slay your approach anxiety. Hit up girls online. Go on unreal amount of dates. Slay your sexual anxiety. Approach a shit ton of girls. Always hitting up girls in your social circle. Dedicating time to fuck buddies. Maybe grow your penis

Like hitting the gym for beginners, there is a lot to work on and take in at first. 

However, over time and with the more work you put in, it becomes a lifestyle. It will become a habit that you will not have think about or put extreme amounts of effort into.

At least to maintain current levels of success. You might have to put in more time to excel even further in a quicker timeframe. 

This is how the gym is for me now. I just do it. I make time for it. I do not really think about it at all. It just gets done and I keep reaping the benefits to a certain point. 

Until I want to make extreme changes in my physique, I can really just coast minimal effort to maintain my gains. 

However, this must be earned. It is earned by putting in the time in the beginning and not cutting corners. 

My #1 priority is building this blog (and eventually making money from it). Pursuing girls now will get in the way of that. 

In fact, trying to get laid would completely stop the progress I am making now with my business goals because are extreme time investments. 

I cannot make the time for both. It is a shame but it is what it is. Making more money is just more important to me right now than getting laid. 

You have to ask yourself the same question. What is the most important thing to you right now?

If it is getting laid and handling your sex life than do it. You will not be sorry. 

You will reap the benefits with never having to worry women or sex ever again. That would be a nice luxury to have. 

But I Want To Make Money To!

If you are chasing ass then forget about it. It is not the best way to approach your goals.

If you are a full time student or worker then you will not have the time to put in meaningful hours into a business for at least a year. 

If you pursue girls full time and can find 2-3 hours in the day, then go ahead and knock yourself. 

I would not recommend it though. I would suggest not clouding your mind with going so many different directions at once. 

Your chances of quitting increase doing that. Concentrate on one thing at a time. 

If you are in your early twenties then you will be fine, put 2-3 years into the gym and chasing ass. Then come back to making money when you are 24-25 years old. 

Pursue girls now if that is what you want to do. Come back to business when you get your sex life handled. 

My Opinion On Sex Life And Business Pursuits

I personally believe that guys in the 20s should pursue business above every thing else.

At the very least, budget those years so you can dedicate most of your twenties to building your wealth foundation. 

I believe this for a couple reasons. The first is that, nothing will grant you more privilege in life that wealth.

Wealth will grant you the most options in where you can take your life and the decisions you can make. 

I call this the freedom of finances (different from financial freedom, this is a topic that deserves it own article). This is freedom is power. This power is routinely exercised by rich and wealthy. 

We all know the world revolves around money and the people that have it are the ones in control. Just reaching the top 5% ($140k or more) in income can have profound advantages in life. 

The second is reason, is that building a business will take you the most time. It could take years to get your stuff off the ground. 

You can afford to do that in your twenties. It is okay for you to live at home while slaving away online trying to make it. This is because nothing is holding it you back an you have all the energy in the world. 

Now imagine you are in you are in your thirties trying to do the same thing. By this time in your life, you will have more financial and life responsibilities. That stuff limits your wallet and time. No good. 

You cannot wait until your thirties to start trying to make money. You will have suffered too much from the decisions made in your twenties. You need to start at soon as possible. 

This will put you a step ahead of the competition and your peers in general. 

A perfect example of this is James from Red Pill Reviews. He is 17 years old and has built a successful online business already in his part time. 

Imagine the options he will have when he is older if he keeps this up. He could be making a six figures by the time he is mid or perhaps sooner.

He could hire an employee to keep his business going while he pursues other goals.

Or pursue getting laid in his part time without having to worry about his income slipping because he was built a solid foundation already.  

Third, you want to get yourself out of the corporate and away from a shitty job as soon as possible. The best way to do that is starting a business.

This is my goal. Put myself in the position to quit my fucking job. Then move to Thailand where I can live nicely (live on less than $750 per month which is half of what I spend to live in the states) and work on my business full time. Then really watch my income blow the fuck up. 

No longer will I succumb most of day to soul wasting job. Watching the hours of my life tick away. 

What To Do If You Are In Your Mid Or Late Twenties?

Great question. I am on this boat and this my plan. 

Although I am not pursuing my sex life goals, I do plan to do so in a number of years because it is one of my goals in life to live a player lifestyle for a short period of time. 

I plan working on my business until I am thirty years old when I am making real money. Then I will work on hiring help to outsource a lot of the daily tasks. 

This will free up my time and keep my income steady. More importantly, allow me to work on getting laid part time. 

I will do that part from ages 30-33 years old while slowly building and growing my business full time (working on it ~8 hours/day). So I will not lose a step and still maintain my wealth. 

Plus, the prime of male is said to be in his late twenties to mid thirties. So I will be right on time. Do not think you are too old to chase ass in your thirties.

I plan on staying the gym, maintaining my grooming and style, and taking care of my skin and hair so my looks will not be an issue in my early thirties. 

I can imagine myself compared to the competition. Wealthy, financially free, happy, good looking, more emotionally secure, mentally stable, and just having my shit together. 

These are thing I cannot say I had in my early twenties. Hence, I cannot imagine that I will have a shortage of sexual options in my thirties.

Far from it actually. I think the flood gates (or legs of twenty year old girls) will open wide.

Then in my mid thirties, settle down into a relationship. Then focus solely on business again. Back to working 10-12 hours/day with a young sexy bitch by my side. 

To sum it up, if you are later in your twenties, focus all your free time on business right now for the next couple years. Ideally until your early thirties or as long as it takes. 

Get to the point where you at least have built a profitable business that pays you more than enough to live comfortably. 

Then hire some help or minimize the clutter. Get your workday under 8 hours (very possible). Work on getting laid in part time. 

Now you are financially free and start working getting laid. Now this not be easy but it will be worth it when you get there and you are reeling in the cash.

You need to prioritize making money right now if you are over 25 years old. You will have plenty of time to get laid in your early thirties.  

The longer you wait to prioritize money, the longer you will have to work a shitty job. 

Granted, abilities to reel in pussy can be monetized with things like dating coaching or training. Or building a blog around it. 

Also, you dating and gym goals are short term. The harder you work then the quicker you will get your goal and move on to long term goals.

This leads to my next point.  

Short Term Goals Vs Long Term Goals

I am 25, going on 26 this year. I am in the midst of my twenties with you guys. 

We always get the perspectives of people who have lived out there twenties already about how you should live them. 

I want to come at you with the perspective of someone in their twenties going through the same struggles you are. 

Many of us go back and forth on what is most important us. Health, wealth, spirituality, looks, social life, happiness, productivity, etc. 

Many of these things are split between short term and long term goals.

A lot people will judge what they should do by how long it will take to achieve said goal. 

Can you achieve your goal in the long term or the short term?

If you can get good with women in 2 years while "x goal" might take 5+ years then I should pursue pussy. Right?

You could do it that way but.........

I am telling you right now, that is wrong way to approach goal setting. 

Do not ever look at goals as what you can achieve the fastest. 

This in itself is a short term outlook on life which you will pay for later. 

How You Should Approach Your Decisions?

You really need to consider two things right now when you are deciding to pursue any goal. 

1) If you could change one thing in your life right now the what would it be?

The answer to this question is usually what you should pursue at the moment. 

For most people, this is a profound and long term goal. Like traveling the world, building a thriving social life, or owning a profitable business. 

For me, if you I could wake up tomorrow and own 1 or 2 profitable business that secured my financial independence and allowed me to quit my job then that would be amazing. 

Ultimately, that is what I am working toward in 2017. I want to build my way toward extreme wealth, set up my financial future, and retire from the corporate world forever. 

2) Which goal will challenge me the most and shape who I want to be over next "x" amount of years of life?

This will determine what your return on investment will be in pursuing your goal. 

As with the #1, I laid out what the returns would be. Wealth and retirement from the corporate world. 

Not only that but the discipline, self determination, and mental fortitude that comes along with trying, failing, trying again, and succeeding in building your own business. 

The same can be said for chasing girls as well. You also have to combat a ton of emotional issues as well to successful. The returns here can be huge if you put in the work. 


This was supposed to be a quick post. Sorry, I had a lot to say. I do not want you guys making bad decisions in your twenties. 

Most of you will be successful purely because you are hard working and have the will to succeed.

But proper goal setting and decision making makes things way easier for you in your pursuit for success and happiness. 

Getting laid is definitely a worthwhile and one I wish I had time for right now. You will learn so much about yourself and others. Plus the experience is invaluable and cannot be replicated doing anything else. 

If you are in your teens and early twenties than go ahead and do this. Chase ass, hit the gym, and have fun.

Come back to making money when you are in your mid twenties. 

If you are already 25-26 years old, then focus on making money and business right now.

Do not wait. Build a profitable business and come back to getting laid in your early thirties when you are financially free and have a lean start up. 

You are still very much in your prime when you are in the early and mid thirties. There are plenty of guys getting ass at that age. 

You will be far from behind as a wealthy player in thirties banging out girls who are ten years younger that crave a real man. 

Make sure to always think about the impacts, opportunity costs, and return on investments for your decisions and goal pursuits. 

Pursue something because you want to and to challenge yourself. Not because it is easier or quicker. 

The former is how you grow and the fast track to success. The latter dooms you to failure and mediocrity. 

There you have it. Thank you if actually read all 3350 words. I really appreciate it. I love talking about personal topics like this and there will be more to come in the future. 

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Thanks again guys, 

Ray Kingsman