Should You Start A Blog Or Sell A Product?


I know you guys are used to my blog posts on penis pumps, SARMs, penis extenders, manual exercises, etc. 

But today, I wanted to talk about a topic much more relevant to me. 

The title explains it all. Blog or Product?

This is a common I get from readers all the time. It is a good one and there are a lot of situational circumstances that play a part into this. 

There are some factors that you need to assess before deciding which type pf business you would like to start. 

Creating digital (blog) and physical products both have their pros and cons which need to be analyzed. 

I will say this though, a lot of guys want to start self improvement blogs and websites.

The hope is that they become the next Good Looking Loser, Bold & Determined or Danger & Play.

Write their way to riches and laugh all the way to bank. What guys fail to realize is that it takes a long time to get those places. 

It took Victor 4 years of consistent work to make 6 figure salary on his blog. I think it Mike Cernovich 3 years or so. 

The only one was able to do kind of quickly was Chris from GLL. He was making 5 figures per month within a year. But most guys will not stick it out that long, let alone 3 or 4 years. 

The truth is they could probably make money way faster and with a lot less work, building product and selling it then starting a blog. 

You just have to put up more money (usually a few thousand dollars) and with more supply chain and operations issues (getting product from factory to customer).  

It is a bigger risk and the chances of failure are probably as high as starting blog, if not higher but to me it does not make a difference because blogs take forever to gain traction.

In that time, most people give up anyway. Because they do not know the ins and outs of internet marketing.

Either way, I think way more of you guys need to consider selling a physical product because it is not as risky as you think it is. 

Let me get into my argument below. 

Pros And Cons Of Building A Physical Product

So with a product business (we assume you sell the product online), you basically find a product that is in demand.

Find a manufacturer to build your product and then you have that product shipped over to storage facility. 

From there you have UPS (or whatever mailing shipping company) deliver and fulfill the orders.

Plus you make money immediately when people buy your products. You are not waiting for some affiliate to deliver your cut. 

You get 100% of the revenue and not little commission on a sale like an affiliate marketer. 

Plus, this whole process can be outsourced completely. It just takes some money to get started and you need to have people to sell to.

These are usually the two biggest obstacles for anyone starting a product business.

Many of you believe that it takes thousands of dollars to start a product business. Which is kind of true. 

It does take up front capital to build a product business. But I know two people who run 5 figure per month product businesses that started them on less than a $5,000 investment.

A lot of you guys think that is a lot of money. But if you are working a full time job and living at home or living on your own frugally, then that should be 3 to 6 months of savings. 

A lot of you guys are in your twenties. You can afford to take risks because you have plenty of time to make your money back. 

Plus, you might as well take the risk man. You can make money way quicker of you do it correctly. 

You could be making several thousand dollars within a matter of months. As opposed to building blog, that could take upward toward a year or more even if you do SEO and internet marketing properly.

Especially since everyone wants to build a blog these days. Everyone wants to be an affiliate marker. 

Or they want to build the next sexy web application. The next snapchat or Facebook. 

They do not think of building simple products that someone might need or that there is no online niche for. 

That is how a lot of guys of doing well doing Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). They look for not to competitive niches in Amazon listing and they go after those niches. 

That is how I would do it. Nick Nerov did something very similar a year ago and now has a 5 figure per month business. 

There is a lot of money to be made online selling physical products if you guys are willing to put a little money and give it a try. 

I might in the very near future. I will keep you guys updated on that. 

Building A Blog Is Cheap And Slow

Building a good blog takes a lot of time and effort and energy. There are ton of things to learn and progress can be slow as hell. 

The blogosphere is very competitive. Like building a physical product, you really have a superior blog in an non competitive niche and be willing to invest the time into learning internet marketing and traffic conversion. 

It takes a lot of patience but the payout can be huge. If you do hit big in 1-3 years time on your blog, then you profiting huge margins. 

Blog take so little money to start up. That is the beauty of them. They are great for guys who have little to no working capital to start a physical products business. 

Eventually, heavy weights in the blogosphere move on from giving information for free. They start selling digital of physical products to their audience. 

This is where the real money made. Because now you have a loyal audience that trusts you. They are willing to buy anything from you too. 

Any product you sell them that is relevant to their niche will sell big. And you will rake in the $$$$.

This will ultimately be my plan with Success Rebellion. Build it up slowly overtime. Then build a loyal community and then sell them quality products. 

This takes years though. It is a slow process even if you do things properly. That is just the way it is nowadays online. 

Conclusion And My Suggestions

So you have the pros and cons of building an online physical product business, as well as a online blog. 

My suggestion to you guys is to start a product business on Amazon if you have the capital. 

Get it going even if you fail. You will learn so much, by the second or third go around you will hit it. 

If you do not have the capital, then work a job and save up the money. 

While you are doing that, you can be researching products to sell and talking to manufacturers. 

Then I would document everything on a blog that talks about how you did it and that made you successful. 

Kind of like killing two birds with one stone. This is the way I am leaning these days. 

Do not worry though, I am staying active on SR and have no plans ceasing content creation anytime soon but I wanted to give you guys insight into my mind and where I am these days. 

I will keep you updated on me and I will talk to you guys soon. 


Ray Kingsman