Should You Use Steroids? What You Need To Know


Steroids are a pretty popular topic in the manosphere. Guys have the idea that steroid use is the fast track to body of their dreams. 

We all know the benefits of anabolic compounds. We read about them everywhere in the Red Pill Community. 

However, what is rarely talked about are the drawbacks or harmful aspects of some these compounds.

I want you guys to make informed decisions with lives and bodies. I owe it you to give you the full story from both sides of the coin. Not just one.

I have experienced several downsides of anabolic use myself over the past 3 years or so.

I will share with you my experience and advice. Mainly the what I believe to be the answer to the question below.  

I have a lot guys asking me if they should use them or not? Is it worth a potential lifetime of health defects? 

My answer to that depends on several factors. Let me explain below. 

There Is No Free Lunch

Let's start off with a little life lesson here. For every goal or positive pursuit in life, you will pay a price to reap the benefits. 

That price could comes in a number of different ways. Plus, some payments are greater, harsher, and last longer than others. 

An example is getting into a committed relationship in your twenties. 

For the warmth, comfort, affection, and the security of a loyal girlfriend you might have to give up the following:

- Being solely in control of your future. Now you have to consider someone else when you make decisions about your life. Hence, you girlfriend now has power over you which she can exercise whenever she wants.You are now left vulnerable to her will to a degree. 

- You could have used those years you were in a relationship to chase a large amount of ass. In doing that, you can know learn to get laid whenever you want, sex will never be an issue ever again, get that partying out of your system, or perhaps find a higher quality girlfriend. 

Another example is starting a business in your twenties. 

- You are pretty much giving up all over aspects of your life that might take up multiple hours in your day. So no more 2 hours/day in the weight room. No chasing, dating, or approaching tons of girls. 

- Opportunity Cost: You could have spent that time learning another skills or pursuing another personal goal. 

The Cost You Pay With Steroid Use

1) Physical Health

Steroid use works the same way as the examples above. You will most likely pay a price for messing with body's natural systems.

Your putting your body through great strain in the short and risking long term health defects in order to accelerate great gains or push your body past its genetic peak. 

These health defects can include but are not limited to:

- Gyno (Bitch Tits)
- High Blood Pressure
- Higher HDL (Bad) Cholesterol 
- Lower LDL (Good) Cholesterol
- Enlarged Heart (Very bad!)
- Enlarged Prostate
- Liver Toxicity
- Kidney Strain
- Physical Lethargy
- Heightened Aggression
- Suppressed Natural Testosterone Production
- Accelerated Hair Loss
- Testicular Atrophy
- Night Vision Blindness

The list goes on. But those are most common with traditional androgenic anabolic steroids or injectable testosterone. 

Some of these health defects can last you the rest of your life depending on your genetics, pre-existing health issues, and if you use these compounds appropriately. 

2) It Is A Lot Of $$$$$$

If you do go about your cycle properly. You will need you multiple months supply of your chosen anabolic compound, on cycle therapy supplements, traditional muscle building supplements, and post cycle therapy compounds. 

That whole package can be anywhere from $150-$500 for one cycle. That is a whole lot of money. 

Once again, you gotta factor in your opportunity cost. You could have invested or saved that money, started a business, bought a one-way plane ticket to Thailand or Vietnam, paid your bills for multiple months in advance, enjoyed some type luxury, etc.

Needless to say, that anabolic compounds can be quite a financial investment for user. It is not cheap if you do it correctly.

And if you decide to put or health on the line then you might as well invest the extra money to minimize those risks. 

3) Hard To Travel 

Taking these compounds on a plane or across borders can be excitedly difficult. Many of these compounds are illegal to harbor on a plane and thus will be taken when going through security. 

Even for designer steroids (legal) and SARMs, those can have restrictive custom laws. So if you are on cycle and have to travel a lot due to work or personal reasons, then life can be very stressful and difficult. 

4) Takes Careful Planning

You need to carefully plan out your cycle. Everything from dosages taken each day, when they are taken during the day, length of cycle, length of post cycle therapy, length of time off cycle, etc. 

This has to be properly planned out to ensure safety and effectiveness of your cycle. If not, you are putting your health at risk and not maximizing your chances of success. 

This takes a lot of time and can cause a fair amount of stress. Because there plenty of things in life that you just cannot account for.

Emergencies happen and they can interfere with your carefully planned cycle. This added stress is another price you might have to pay. 

So Why Do Steroids In The First Place?

Simply...most guys are willing to pay those costs in order to reap the benefits of gains in the gym. 

Or they are not fully aware of the costs. This is as equally as the statement above and quite sad. 

Many guys do not properly analyze what they might be doing to themselves before they do it and suffer the consequences later in life. 

The short term gratification is never worth the long term sacrifice of your money and health. 

The compounds can be used safely. But their are too many idiots out there who choose not to properly educate themselves before going on cycle and do serious damage to their wallets and bodies. 

I do not want that to be you. Educate yourself. Please. 


I am pretty experienced with anabolic compounds and have written extensively about how to use them. 

Check my 5 Requirements For Anabolics Use Guide that wrote for Red Pill Reviews, post cycle therapy and long term anabolic compound use guide to learn how to properly go about cycling anabolic compounds safely.

You can also go any of my product reviews. Like Ostarine, LGD 4033, RAD 140, 1-Andro, or Epi-Andro. I properly explain how to use these compounds safely. 

That is just a start though. Use the web to build a foundation of knowledge and go to a doctor to real the real information and how you should about using this stuff. 

Ideal Users Of Anabolic Compounds

Once again check out my 5 Requirements For Using Anabolic Compounds Guide. Those requirements need to be met first before going on cycle. 

5 Requirements for Anabolic Compound Use. Here is a quick recap of that guest post I wrote:

- You should be at least 23 years of age.
- Have 2 years of dedicated bodybuilding experience
- Exhausted all traditional and mainstream bodybuilding supplements.
- Get blood work done to make sure you are health.
- Be educated on cycling and how these hormonal compounds work. 

Meet the requirements above first. The list below is about guys who should consider using anabolic compounds or going about some type of hormonal therapy in other scenarios or situations. 

1) Hard Gainers

Guys who cannot build muscle or keep it on no matter who much they put in the gym. 

These guys usually have very narrow bones, narrow shoulders, thin faces, very lean, and have fast metabolisms. 

They might need anabolic support to combat the constant catabolic state their bodies put themselves in. 

2) Guys Over 30 Years Old

Once you are in 30s, your body will slowly decrease in testosterone levels and production. 

This will meant a breakdown of lean muscle and potential fat gain. This is no good. 

Anabolic compound support and help recoup what you are losing in natural testosterone production.

3) Guys Who Have Naturally Lower Testosterone Levels

This is for younger guys that have lower testosterone levels for whatever reason (there are tons of causes). 

Hormone therapy is almost essential in this case. Most doctors will actually prescribe anabolic compounds to you in this case. 

4) Guys With Catabolic Medical Conditions

If you have any medical condition that causes catabolism and breakdown of lean mass then you will most likely be prescribed steroids by a doctor to combat the catabolism. 

Not So Ideal User Of Steroids

Perfectly healthy males with mesomorphic growth genes do not need steroids. A lot guys fall under this category.

They can put on 30-50 pounds (depending on your genetics) of muscle over a 3-5 year span by just clean bulking. 

These males do not need steroids and will get great results without them as long as their diet and workout routines are sound. 

The only reason guys with this genetic profile would use anabolic compounds would be to push past their genetic limits. But that level of muscle would put you in pro bodybuilder range. 

Most of guys do not want to get pro bodybuilder huge anyway. So there is no need to go down this path. You will look plenty good going about it the natural way. 

I will say though, they do help if you are cutting at an extreme caloric deficit and trying to preserve muscle tissue. 

Anabolic compounds minimize strength decrease or prevent it from happening completely. Plus, they maximize fat loss. 

So anabolic compounds do work for mesomorphs in this regard. Once again, I am trying to give you both sides of the coin. 

My Experience 

I have gotten pretty lucky in my experience with anabolics thus far. I had an experienced friend fully educate me on the process before I got started. I did not rely on internet forums or shady blog articles.  

I experienced some cardiovascular issues in 2014 during my cycles of Epiandrosterone and 1-Androsterone

This was pretty scary given that my family has a history of heart issues. Anabolic compounds seem to amplify those issues so I was very scared of that. 

After my 1-Andro cycle, I thought I was never going to use an anabolic compound ever again due to how horrible my experience was. 

Not to mention, my HTPA damn near shutdown and took weeks to recover. 

I eventually tried SARMs and that was a game changer. The only side effect I experienced was suppressed testosterone during all my cycles. 

SARMs are not as quite as effective as powerful designer steroids or AAS but have very little side effects. The slightly less effectiveness is the price you pay for less side effects. I was okay with that. 

Laxogenin (natural non androgenic plant steroid) was also pretty good for me as well. It was a great strength gainer I use between cycles and during post cycle therapy as well. It is also great for your heart. 


There you have it. It is a broad but detailed answer to a surprisingly complex question.

For guys wondering whether or not to go on cycle, just ask yourself this question...can I get there naturally with just hard work and dedication. 

If the answer is anything but an absolute "yes" then anabolic compound support might be for you. 

But if your answer is a hard "Yes", stick to the natural methods. Do not waste your time, money, or health pursuing steroids when you can get there naturally. 

Sure it might take a bit longer but you will not risk your health in anyway. 

You could use SARMs to minimize health risks though. But that is up to you. 

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Thanks guys and talk to you soon.

Ray Kingsman