SizeGenetics Penis Extender Questions & Answers


This is a compilation of common questions and answers from newbies that have bought or are thinking buying SizeGenetics Penis Extender. You can always check out The Official Online SizeGenetics Store as well.

All of the answers are based on my personal research and experience. I think you will find this post very valuable.

It will clear up a lot of the stuff that seems confusing when you read about or just physically receive the product.

Keep in mind that the SizeGenetics Penis Extender is meant to lengthen your dick over an extended period of time.

This product is not as flashy, nor does it give you the immediate gains of a device like Bathmate. The gains from SizeGenetics are a bit slower and there is not as much immediate gratification.

Either way, this is one of the best extender device on the market by a large margin. You should get because it more effective than the bandage wrap and will take your PE training to the next level.

What Should I Expect When I Open The Box?

Watch the video above. This is a video of someone unboxing the product. It shows the different parts of products to expect. There is an instructional DVD that comes with that explains all the parts.

You should expect to wear this device all the time. For 8+ hours a day for maximum. Keep in mind, it will take time to see noticeable gains.

It is not like Bathmate, where you see immediate gains and get excited. It is very different in that regard. The gains will take time.

If you are patient and consistent with device than you will make permanent length gains to your penis.

How You Do You Assemble The Darn Thing?

Watch the video. Once again, the instructional DVD shows you how to do it. But for those you who do not have the device yet, I put an instructional video here for you.

It can probably guess how to put it together once you have seen the parts and a picture of the finished product. That is what I did. I did not even watch the video until I had already put it together.

Anyway, the video takes you through assembling the product and safely securing it on your dick.

How Do I Put This On My Dick?

Watch the video above. The video above actually answers this question. It gives a pretty good demonstration of how to use the device and securely fasten it on your dick.

How Do I Adjust The Length And Tension Of The Extender?

Most guys do this by subtracting and adding bars. But that requires you to disassemble the device and adjust. That is a pain in the ass.

However, on each setting you can spin the bars to adjust the tension on whatever setting you are on. The last video I posted above shows how to do this about 4 minutes in.

How Much Pressure Or Tension Should I Place On My Cock?

The couple weeks of using it, you want to get your penis used to using the SizeGenetics device for multiple hours at a time. You also want your penis stay comfortable in the device as well.

That should take about a month or so. Listen to your body and you will know when to ramp things up.

You only want a moderate amount of tension though. Not too much to where it hurts. Also, not too little to where you feel no stretch.

You want tension that you can comfortably wear for about 2 hours or so before your penis gets fatigued. You should feel a light stretch but it should not be uncomfortable.

You should have an idea of what this perfect point of tension is after your first month of playing around with the product. You should find this out in a short amount of time.

​I Found A Cheaper Version Of The Extender On Amazon. I Am Not Sure If It Is From The Original Manufacturer. Should I Get It? I Want To Save Money.

I would really advise against this. I did something similar when I wanted to buy Bathmate. I bought a knock off on Amazon instead and I thought ​I was gaming the system.

The joke was on me. The pump did not work correctly and took a couple weeks to return the damn thing and get my money back. I was pissed.

Stay clear of these devices on Amazon. You do not know what you are paying for or receiving.

Go to The Original SizeGenetics Online Store and get your device there. Here I guarantee you will receive the correct device. You will not have to worry about scams or getting ripped off. It is worth he peace of mind and little hassle.

If money is an issue then use the bandage wrap for now and save up. Penis enhancement is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no rush.

When Should I Do Manual Exercises? Before or After I Wear My Extender For The Day?

This is actually a matter of personal preference. I have done my PE routine earlier in the day and later in the day as well.

As long as you wear your extender for at least 2 hours after your male enhancement routine then you should be fine.

You priorities are to keep your dick extended for 8+ hours a day and keep your dick extended after your male enhancement routine.

What If I Cannot Find The Right Setting That Fits My Dick?

As the length of your dick grows way above average, you are bound to run into this problem. One setting is too small while the next one is too long for your cock.

There are two ways to deal with this in my opinion. I recommend the first over the second.

The first way is to focus more on manual stretching you dick for a month. Your stretching routine might be 15 to 20 minutes. Switch that to 45 to 60 minutes. You should gain just enough length to fit into the next setting. This worked very well for me.

The second way is the to use Bathmate and do your PE routine before you wear your extender.

This method will add temporary length to your penis. Just make sure you cool down and your dick is mostly flaccid when you put on the extender.

Either method will work but I recommend the first because you will get more out of your manual exercises.

However, for those of you who do not have the patience to stretch that long; you can just slap your extender on after doing a cool down.

What If My Dick Goes Cold After A Couple Hours?

"Cold" means a bit numb. This is will usually happen from decreased blood flow. This has only happened to me a handful of times when using the SizeGenetics Extender.

It would usually happen after wearing the product for a couple hours at time. If this happens to you then just do this. Detach the device for 5 to 10 minutes and let blood back into your dick.

Just as a safeguard against this happening. Do this every 2 hours. Detach the device and get a partial erection. Get blood back into your back into your cock. Then you should be good.

Should I Take Breaks Every Couple Hours To Restore Blood Flow?

I answer this above as well. The answer is yes. I believe it is a good idea. It restores blood flow to a fatigued penis.

Every two hours, detach the device for 5 to 10 minutes and get a partial erection. This gets blood back into your dick. This is great for recovery and making sure your dick does not go cold.

What If I Have Too Much Girth Too Fit Into The Extender Properly?

This will be a problem for some of you guys. This is where you can still use the bandage wrap to tighten your dick a little bit.

Wrap your dick like you would when you are using an extender. This should shorten your girth just enough to fit into the extender.

Just make sure you unwrap and detach every 2 hours or so to restore blood flow. You will have decreased blood flow to your dick because of the wrap. So restoring blood is important.

Which Way Does Your Dick Face When You Wear The Extender?

Downward. It is much more comfortable this way than upward or to the side. Plus, it makes go unnoticed under your clothing.

It is also a little easier to place, adjust length, detach, and re-attach the device when you need to.

Do not place your penis and the device facing outward. This will make the device much harder and uncomfortable to wear.

Plus it will be very noticeable through your clothing. Imagine a huge bump sticking out of your pants. LOLZ!!

Should I Use SizeGenetics With Bathmate To See Faster Results?

I would highly recommend it. Use your sizegenetics extender with your PE routine. This is how you would maximize your penis growth.

You need to do your manual exercises and your Bathmate routine, in addition to wearing your extender for 8 hours a day.

SizeGenetics really would focuses on long term length gains. You will need the other exercises to maximize girth and length gains.

Does Using SizeGenetics Mean I Do Not Have To Stretch?

If you want to maximize your results then you do have to keep manually stretching. Or else it will take way longer to see results.

As I stated earlier, the best way to go about PE and maximize your results is to do your male enhancement routine in addition to wearing an extender.

Can I Wear This Extender When I Sleep?

You can but it might be might not be the best device to do so.There is another device (phallosan) I would recommend over this one if you wanted wear your extender while you sleep.

Wearing your extender when you sleep is not necessary if you wear your extender for 8+ hours throughout the day. However, it can only help your gains. I will publish a guide on that soon.

Can I Wear The Device If I Am Uncircumcised?

Yes. You can. However, it might be quite uncomfortable for you unless you get the extra padding that comes with the full system. You can also get it separately after buying the extender by itself.

The extra padding makes the device much more comfortable to use for guys who have extra foreskin on their dick.

How Many Hours/Day And Days/Week Should I Use This Device?

At least 4 hours a day and 3 to 4 days/week to see little to modest gains.

8+ hours a day and 5 to 6 days/week along with doing a PE routine to maximize penis gains.
This game is about doing the work, putting in the time, and staying consistent with your routine. If that happens then the results are inevitable.

What Erection Level Should Your Dick Be When Using The Device?

Flaccid. Just like when you manually. Only increase blood flow every 2 hours when you take a 5 to 10 minute break for the extender device.

Are There Cheaper Alternatives To SizeGenetics?

Yes. But in my opinion the bandage wrap is your best alternative. Cheaper devices are risky and be very painful to use after a couple weeks.

I have heard too many horror stories. I would not fuck with it. The SizeGenetics device works. If you are serious about penis growth, then it is worth it to invest the money now.

The device will work for years and your gains will be permanent. I believe its a worthwhile investment in yourself and your penis growth.

Plus they have a money back guarantee so you could always return if you do not like within the first couple weeks.

Should I Combine PE Devices with Manual Exercises?

Yes, as discussed earlier. This is how you maximize your penis gains. Do your male enhancement exercises in addition to wearing your dick extender for extended periods of time.

Make sure to wear your extender device for at least 2 hours after doing your exercises though and masturbating to a minimum. Those are very important.

This prevents turtle dick from happening. Dick retraction can hurt your gains.

Conclusion: My Final Thoughts

There you have it. That is a list of the answers to the most common questions that I have come across. I will add to this list with time.

There are always some questions and answers that I think you guys will benefit from. I hope this was helpful to you guys.

Please check our SizeGenetics Guide and their because that will contain everything you need to know about the benefits and drawbacks of the device.

Or you can check out their product selection at their official online store and start making gains today.  

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