The Most Comfortable Penis Extender Device: SizeGenetics Review


The product we are reviewing today is called the SizeGenetics Penis Extender. You can check it out through The Official SizeGenetics Store Website.

As I mentioned in my Bathmate overview, I have research and tried a lot different male enhancement devices. Many of them were knockoffs of ones that actually worked.

However, I would always be too cheap to fork over the money to see long lasting results. Until I got so fed up with my training that decided to finally buy Bathmate.

Bathmate forever changed the way I viewed penis enlargement. It made my routines more fun and gave my dick an insane pump.

I saw quick results and got excited to do my PE routines again. That alone makes Bathmate the king of all penis enlargement devices. Then again, there are only a couple worth using.

If Bathmate is King of all male enhancement devices then SizeGenetics penis extender is definitely Queen.

I have seen incredible from using SizeGenetics in conjunction with Bathmate. I think a lot you guys can too.

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Why SizeGenetics Works So Well?

This works for similar reasons to the bandage extender but SizeGenetics is way more effective.

This extender keeps you limp (unerect) penis extended for hours a time. A small amount of pressure is put on the penis to keep it extended.

This is great for so many reasons. The penile tissue gets stretched and fatigued. Then it is forced to stretch and rebuild itself stronger and longer during your resting periods.

This is very similar to weightlifting and stretching. You break down the muscles with weightlifting and then stretch them intensely afterward.

The muscles break down so they repair themselves bigger, stronger, and longer then they were before.

It does not allow your penis to retract back into your body whenever you bend over or sit down. This is good for cementing your gains after PE exercises.

You always want to keep you penis extended after doing your penis enlargement routine.

This is something that I did not do for the couple weeks after I started my PE journey. It definitely costs me gains along the way. Do not learn the hard way like I did.

Comfort Is Key To Success

This is the main thing that makes the SizeGenetics extender so much better than any other extender I have used on the market.

You wear most penis extenders for hours at a time. For a lot of them, there is a lot burning, itching, and pinching when you leave them on for several hours. (Cannot tell you those brands for legal reasons. Sorry.)

It would begin to pinch only after 2 hours of wearing it. Sometimes it would fall off at work. I always had to remove it when I pissed and them reattach an already uncomfortable device.

I got so fed up it one day, that I ran to the bathroom and took off. Then I threw it in the garbage. I was so mad and my dick was still burning.

Extenders became awful to use. After a couple weeks of experimenting with extenders, I went back to using the good old bandage wrap.

The SizeGenetics extender is great because it is comfortable and you can easily integrate it into your lifestyle. There is no burning or itching if you leave this one on for long periods of time.

It does hurt to sit down for long periods for time or when you bend over. Meaning things like driving, doing computer work, eating, or riding the train are not a chore.

You can easily reattach after using the bathroom. No pinching whenever you reattach. It also does not slip off.

Whatever extender device you use, it has to be comfortable. Comfort offers a stress free way to integrate an extender into your lifestyle.

You can use it whenever you are relaxing. I had mine on earlier as I was planning out how to write this post.

Is This Device For Beginners Or Experienced PE Guys?

Honestly, the answer is SizeGenetics is for everyone. I started using it a year into my male enhancement training. So I was quite experienced when I started using it.

However, there is no reason a beginner cannot use SizeGenetics as well. Beginners will need to keep their dicks extended for long periods of time. This penis extender is a comfortable way to so.

Extra Padding

This is padding for the area of the extender that holds your dick in place. This is extra padding comes in the full system.

You can also order it separately. It really helps with comfort for guys who are uncircumcised.

Other shitty extenders have a pretty crappy piece of plastic in place for their padding. In my experience, these pieces can be painful and uncomfortable to use.

Without the extra padding, the extender can sting a little after a couple hours of use for some people.

You could try getting the extender on it's own first. Then order the extra padding if you need it,

Rubber Strap

This is a soft plastic strap that holds your dick in place without slipping, itching, pinching, or irritation. This is primarily the reason that makes this dick extender so comfortable to use.

It is very easy to adjust and you can do so when you take it off. Other penis extenders use crappy nooses that are one of the two things.

Either too loose and slip off or they are too tight and pinch, itch, and irritate the skin on the dick.

What Type Of Results Should I Expect?

This is one of the most common questions I get about the use of this product. The answer is pretty simple.

Like all penis enlargement exercises, if you use the device properly and consistently for a couple months then you will see permanent results in the your penis gains.

In my estimation, complete newbies will gain an inch or so in about six months of consistent use. Consistent use meaning wearing your extender for at least 6 hours/day for 5 days out of the week.

More experienced veterans (about 1 inch gained already), will gain 0.25 to 0.75 of an inch in the same amount of time.

If you use this device in conjunction with Bathmate and manual exercises (such as jelqing and stretching) than you growth results will be amplified.

If you have already gained 1.5 to 2 inches, this device may not make too much sense to get. I do not think you will make insane gains because you are already near your genetic ceiling.

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What If You Are Not Circumcised?

I am circumcised so I cannot speak from experience here. However from the uncircumcised dudes I have talked to, the extra padding in the full system goes a long way for their comfort.

Overall uncircumcised dudes seem to be a little bit less comfortable in this device. However, there is a solution.

There an extension for this device, called the VLC Tugger, that makes wearing SizeGenetics much more comfortable.

Should I Get Bathmate Or SizeGenetics?

This is another common question I get a lot from newbies and semi-experienced guys (3-4 months). Ideally, you could get both of them products at the same time.

But if you can only get one first, I would tell you to get Bathmate. Only because it will kick start your PE training and really get you excited about this stuff.

The immediate results will really get you into wanting to make this stuff part of your lifestyle. You build momentum by starting with Bathmate.

For long terms length though, SizeGenetics will be the more important device. It will take longer to see the gains. You need to know that.

If you start with SizeGenetics and do not see the immediate gains, it gives you another reason to quit. Getting Bathmate first and seeing immediate results will get the ball rolling and get you excited.

With getting the SizeGenetics extender first, you hinder your momentum from building. Thus making male enhancement training harder than it needs to be. I do not suggest that when you are starting out.

Not to say that you should expect immediate results but you should out the cards in your favor to succeed. Penis enlargement is a long term gig. There is no way around that.

In this case though, take the path of least resistance for immediate gains and get Bathmate first. Use the bandage wrap in the meantime.

Then get your SizeGenetics penis extender 2 to 3 months into your training. After you have gotten instant gratification from your Bathmate.

Get it after you have seen some gains and are excited about your penis growth. This makes the process much easier to stick to and a lot of fun.

Should I Use SizeGenetics Or The Bandage Wrap?

This depends on a couple factors in my opinion. The ones I am about to name are the reasons I hear about the most often.

The first is your initial budget dedicated to penis enlargement. What are you willing to invest in your tools in the beginning?

For me, I wanted to only invest a couple bucks a week in bandage wrap. That's it. I did not want to pay for anything.

That limited me to only manual exercises and using a bandage extender. Which I was completely okay with at the time.

However if you have a higher budget to allocate to PE from the beginning, it is in your best interest to purchase SizeGenetics penis extender.

It is much more effective than a bandage extender. It is a little bit more comfortable and you will also see results quicker too.

The second is what your initial penis growth goals are. Some guys are only want to grow their dicks an inch or less.

Therefore it might make more sense to just use Bathmate, manual exercises, and bandage extender. The bandage extender is not as effective as SizeGenetics but it is a cheap way to get the job done.

The third is how much are you willing to invest to get a bigger dick as quickly as possible. This is similar to reason #1.

However, this is more about willing to invest in your results over a long period of time. Do you want a bigger dick or not?

If so, invest in SizeGenetics and make some serious gains. It will be worth it.

If not, just stick to the basic manual exercises and the bandage extender. Do it on the cheap. No shame in that.

My Personal Experience With SizeGenetics

As you know, I have been messing around with male enhancement for the past year or so. 

I ordered the SizeGenetics Penis Extender about 11 to 12 months into my male enhancement journey. I have been using Bathmate for a couple weeks.

I had heard a lot about SizeGenetics. I was told it was the best device for long term length gains. I have put off buying it because my bandage wrap was doing its job.

At that point, I really only cared about keeping my penis extended for 2 to 3 hours after PE training and 4 to 6 hours throughout the day. I did not care so much about slowly stretching my dick.

I saw only modest gains. I was also inconsistent with my training so my gains never really stuck around that long anyway. 

Like with BathMate, I decided to get serious and invest in my length gains.

BathMate has made PE fun again over the past couple weeks so I excited about the prospects of enhancing the overall length gains of my dick too.

I got my extender package and began using for hours at a time. I tried to wear it as long as possible. I knew that was the way to maximum gains.

At first, I did not use the padding but then I began to feel irritation after a couple hours of use. To fix this, I added the padding.

I going to combine this extender with my warm up, Bathmate, jelqing, stretching, and cool down routines.

I want to add another 1 inch in length over the next 12 months. That is my goal. 

I believe keys to success will be consistency, wearing the extender for 6+ hours a day (especially after PE exercises), and combining the extender with a male enhancement routine.

Unfortunately, I do not know what your results would be like if you just use an extender. But I do know that this product does it's job.

Those committed to length gains will get them if they stay consistent and do the work with their SizeGenetics Extender Device. The more hours you have it on during the day, the more your dick will grow.

What To Expect When You Order From SizeGenetics?


When you order the SizeGenetics system you will receive an email called " Invoice". It is a basic confirmation email that contains you invoice information.

After that, you will receive an email called "SizeGenetics Order Successful". This gives access to the members area of the site.

Member's Area

Through the Official SizeGenetics Website, the members area has a lot of high quality videos, tutorials, routines, instructions, "how to"s, fact guides, and all other types of awesome and different shit.

I think this area of the site has a membership fee for those who do not have the device. But access to this area of the website comes with your order.

I recommend checking all that stuff out. It shows you how to use put together and use the device properly. They do way better than I can and provide way more instruction.

This "Penis Health" website is a pretty good resource for male enhancement. I am quite impressed with the amount of information here.

Some people have also received "Order Successful" email first and the "Invoice" email second. Check your spam folder if you do not receive these emails.

You should get the emails within 10 minutes or ordering the device. That should give you a measuring stick to go by.


You package will be delivered by DHL. Your order should come in about 3 to 5 business days. Mine came in 4 days total. This is pretty typical.

You are providing a tracking number in your email and it is easy to track your stuff with DHL. They are an easy carrier to work with.


Your order should in a white box that is pretty discrete overall. It is not labeled and it is not meant to stand out. There is nothing about that screams penis enlargement.

Inside this white box, are a series of brown boxes that have the different parts like device, the extra padding, instructional DVD, and the strap.

This is in the full system though. This might be a bit different if you just order the device on its own.

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Conclusion: What You Need To Know

One of the selling points for me was that SizeGenetics had a money back guarantee and great customer service. I need to know I can contact somebody and get a refund if I have issues with the device.

You do not see those immediate gains like you do with BathMate. So there is no instant gratification with device. That kind of sucks. However you are now in the position to make great long term length gains. That is exciting.

The extender is comfortable and it really works. You can wear driving, sitting, and standing around. You will see superior results with this extender device than any other.

It can be taken on and off quickly if needed. Like when you are using the bathroom, at the gym, bend over or want more blood circulation to your dick.

Although this device does allow you to maintain proper blood flow for extended amount of time while wearing the device.

There are so many other shitty extender devices out there that you should not even waste your time with. SizeGenetics is a legit penis extender. On top of that, it is not a bitch to wear.

The secret to being successful with SizeGenetics is the same as every other goal you pursue, especially in male enhancement.

Time, patient, hard work, and consistently. It will take hundreds of hours of wearing your extender to see good results. This is what it takes to gain a big and long dick.

Plus if you wear your extender for 8+ hours/day then you will get there in no time. My advice is to start now.

Stop waiting and get on it. Put the work and time in and your dick will grow. This extender device will guarantee that.

We have more posts soon that will provide more in depth information about this device and how to use it.

In the meantime, get your SizeGenetics Penis Extender device now and take your penis enlargement to the next level. 


Ray Kingsman

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