My Personal SizeGenetics Results: Will It Make Your Dick Longer?


What is up Rebels? 

Ray Kingsman is back up in this bitch. Talking to you about SizeGenetics Penis Extender

In this post, we will delve into my experiences with the product. As well as my own personal results with the famous extender. 

This is actually the first extender I moved on to after I decided to upgrade from my bandage extender

Next to Phallosan Forte, this is probably the most comfortable penis extender and best daytime on the market. 

Probably the best part of using this extender is how passive the usage is. You literally just slap on and go about your day. It is great. 

If beginners couple Sizegenetics with Bathmate or Penomet, they are going to see crazy gains. 

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This product has been great for me. I am sure you will also have similar results to me if you use the product consistently too.

Anyway, on with this post. Let me tell you about my SizeGenetics journey, how it came to be, and my results. 

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Trying To Improve From My Bandage Extender

So this is back 2014, after I had just moved on from manual exercises. I found them tedious and time consuming. 

I wanted to move on from my bandage extender as well. I wanted to move on from this as well. 

It can get inconvenient to take on and off during the day. The bandage can irritate your skin if not lubricated correctly. 

The bandage extender did have its advantages. It was cheap and easy to apply.

However, I knew there more effective options out there. 

Hence, I started to use penis enlargement devices. The first I used was a penis pump called Penomet Hydromax. 

I made great girth gains using this product. Also, this Penomet was so much fun to use. 

The temporary pump made using Penomet so entertaining. Penomet killed the myth that "expensive PE devices are sham."

Not true. They are legit if you do your research. My Penomet and Bathmate experiences are good examples of that. 

Now that I had a devices that was great for girth, I wanted to know what I need to do to maximize my length. 

This is what lead me to do research on SizeGenetics and other penis extenders. 

How I Came Across SizeGenetics Penis Extender?

I was told that if I wanted to maximize my length gains, that I would need to get a good penis extender. 

I had heard great things about SizeGenetics. I was hesitant to purchase it for a couple weeks because of how expensive it was.

However, I continued to hear success stories and people give testimonials about its effectiveness.

Plus, they had a money back guarantee so if I hated it after a couple weeks the I could return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

With all the research I had and the financial risk being low (due to money back guarantee), I decided to give SizeGenetics a try. 

Enter SizeGenetics Penis Extender

So I bought the extender. It came in a regular white package with no labels on it. 

That was great since I live in an apartment complex, all packages go to the concierge at the front desk in the main lobby. 

I have to go to them and sign out the package in front of everyone. 

So I am happy it did say "dick extender" or "make your penis bigger" on the box. That would be a bit uncomfortable. 

No one needs to know my business, except me. I am glad the 3M (SizeGenetics Manufacturer), is cognizant of that. 

I order the full package with DVD, comfort pads, different settings, internet hangout spot, customer support, etc. 

It was a pretty easy to put together and use immediately. However, I watched the DVD and read all the instructions before using. 

The last thing I want to do is fuck my dick up due to some dumb mistake that could easily been avoided had it not been for my impatience. 

Now that I knew how to use the product, I created a routine and got started. 

My Routine 

So when I used SizeGenetics, I paired its usage with my Bathmate pump. I kept this routine up for 8 months. 

Bathmate does increase the overall size of your penis, however the pump primarily focuses on girth gains. 

So I believe the erect and flaccid length gains that I do make, I can hold SizeGenetics responsible for. 

My routine was pretty simple. I started by wearing the extender 2-3 hours a day for 4-5 days out of the week. 

I would primarily use it after using Bathmate (which I would use 3-4 times week). 

On days I did not use Bathmate, I would slap it on when I came back from work and relaxed while browsing the web or watching TV. 

Every week, I would increase the amount of time I was wearing the extender by a half hour until I was wearing it for 8 hours a day.

This allowed by my penis to slowly adjust the stress of the stretch forced on the soft tissue. Especially as I increased the stretches with time.  

My Results And Experience

I gained 0.8 inches to my flaccid and erect using SizeGenetics. My results were pretty satisfactory given I did this for 8 months straight. 

This extender was way more effective than the bandage extender (which I only gained 0.2 inches from in over several months). 

I made the constant adjustments in stretches to make sure that I was always stretching my dick.

Because this extender was very comfortable wear out during the day, adjusting and increasing the stretches became much easier. 

Overall, my experience with this product has been solid. It is reliable, comfortable, and effective. 

What You Can Take Away From My Experience

I was very satisfied with my results, to say the least. Especially since I was just coming off my newbie gains era. 

I started using SizeGenetics when I was about 7-8 months into my PE journey. I had some experience by that point and gains were a bit harder to come by.

However, I was an intermediate stage and gains still come regularly. they are just not as substantial as they once were.

The main to take away from my experience is that you can make the same gains I did. You just have to utilize the extender with the similar consistency. 

If you are a newbie, your gains will come easier then they did for me. Expect to make greater length gains. 

Newbie gains are pretty big at first. Very similar to your first year lifting weights. Most guys will make 50%-60% of their gains in their first year hitting the gym.

This is due to the massive shock to your body and nervous system. Your body delves into a survival mechanism to adapt given that it has never experienced that type of stress before.

Penis enhancement is very similar to weight lifting in that sense. You will make a lot of your dick gains in the first 6-8 months. 

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So my results were pretty stellar. You guys can expect the same gains I experienced with consistent effort. 

Newbies will get even better results. Just taper up your usage slowly. Start to 2-3 hours a day and half hour a week onto your usage.

Until you are using it for 8-9 hours. No need to wear the extender more than that. It would be overkill. 

Always, remember that your dick needs time to recover from instances. 

Not having proper recovery time, can cause your penis to get injured. That is not fun and you may need medical assistance if so. 

Either way, my solid experience with SizeGenetics produced great results that exceeded my expectations. 

If you want more details about SizeGenetics, you can read my detailed review of this extender

Between this post and that review, you will have all information you need about SizeGenetics to decide if you want give it a try. 

I hope this post was helpful to you. Please share if so. 

Once again, thanks for reading. 

Ray Kingsman

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