SizeGenetics Vs. Phallosan Forte: Which Extender Is Better?


What is good rebels? I hope your journeys toward success are treating you well. 

I know they can be filled with ups and downs. Mine usually are. But that is the path we choose as goal oriented men. 

Due to this, we need to make proper decisions on the resources we use to reach our goals so we can maximize our return on investment. 

The same is true for penis enhancement. We need to properly choose which PE devices we want use to help us maximize our gains. 

That leads us to today's posts. I have benn getting a lot questions about extenders. Particularly, which one is better? SizeGenetics or Phallosan?

Luckily for you guys, I have experience with extenders and give you a thoughtful analysis on how these products stack up against each other. 

I think this article will help you guys come to a way better decision on which extender is right for you. 

So let's start with a little bit of background on both products and the delve into the comparison and analysis. 

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Phallosan Forte

I have covered this product in depth in my formal review of this product and when talking about my results.

Therefore I will keep my background on Phallosan Forte short and sweet.

For those who want to know more, you can check out the posts that I have linked to above. Those posts have all the info you need. 

Anyway, let me got on with the explanation. 

Quick Summary

Phallosan Forte is a male enhancement and penis extender device that focuses on increases penis length and maximizing comfort for user in the process.

You attach the device to your penis and the device provides a moderate stretch for a certain number of hours. 

In that regard, it works very similarly to the coveted and cheap bandage extender (great option for frugal PE newbies). 

Phallosan Forte is mainly for guys who want to use a penis extender while they sleep and not during the day while they are out doing things. 

This gives a very hands off approach to penis extension and enlargement. Some of you might prefer it this way. 

To recap, it's main benefits are that it is comfortable to wear at night and that is very user friendly. 

SizeGenetics Extender

This is another product I have covered quite a bit in the past. I have linked to the posts below where you can read about my experiences and advice on SizeGenetics. 

- Official Review
- Beginner's Routine
- My Experience And Results
- Common Questions And Answers

So those are great resources for you utilize to gain more information about this product. 

Quick Summary

Similar to Phallosan Forte, SizeGenetics is also is a penis extension device. It works very similarly as well. 

SizeGenetics is like the "O.G." of penis devices because it has been around for a long time and has a fantastic reputation. 

Like Bathmate and Penomet, SizeGenetics is like a fixture in the PE community.

This extender is seen as one of best devices you can buy to make permanent length gains. 

This device is probably the most comfortable device you can wear during the day. 

It stays on in difficult circumstances. You cannot go running 10 miles with it on. But you definitely be active throughout your day.

You can be moving around doing stuff without any worry of it falling off. The same is not true for the bandage extender and other shitty extenders on the market.

Also, it does not scratch the skin on the penis. Nor does it pinch or chave. Making it very comfortable to wear during a busy day. 

Ideally, this is meant for guys, like me, who just sit in an office all day. Not doing much and still want to grow their dicks with minimal effort. 

Hence, penis growth for lazy guys. Or busy guys. Whichever way you want to look at it. 

The Differences: Phallosan vs SizeGenetics

This portion of the article will break down the differences between the devices. 

Before doing that though, it is important to remember that both of these devices are very solid. 

They are both very effective when used correctly and consistently. So you do not have to worry about one device "not working".

  1. This biggest difference is how the devices can be used. It more comes down to preference in when you want do your lengthening exercises. 

    SizeGenetic's can best be used during the day. While Phallosan's benefits can be maximized during the day. 
  2. SizeGenetics is more discrete under the pants. SizeGenetics does not stick out at all. 

    The device is not clunky either. This makes it ideal for guys who work in an office (like me!). 

    Phallosan Forte does stick out of your pants quite a bit. It is not so subtle.

    The device is just a bit bigger and bulkier. However, that has not effect on how comfortable the device is. 

    I doubt it would cause much attention but I would rather have peace of mind and not have my junk in everyone's face. 
  3. Phallosan Forte also is easier on your dick when erections take place. It is definitely easier to send blood to your penis Phallosan Forte then SizeGenetics. 
  4. SizeGenetics is the easier device to attach and re-attach. This device comes on and off very easily. 

    Like, it takes 15-20 seconds to to take off and on. That is pretty good when needing take off the extender for whatever reason. 

    Phallosan Forte is more of a process to take on and off but it is still a pretty simple and quick process. 

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Sizegenetics and Phallosan Forte are two unique penis extenders that are both very effective and work very well.

With a simple routine and some consistency over 6-12 months, you can make some serious length gains.

You can achieve that hung look that (I think) is fucking awesome. They have a bunch of similarities.

Comfortable, effective, and easy to use.

However, they have some subtle differences that you should be a aware of. Mainly, how you should these products. 

Phallosan Forte can be best utilized during the night. It so comfortable it can used while you sleep.

While SizeGenetics is best used during the day because it will stay on and stretch the day during an active day or moving around. 

I hope this post informed on the differences between these two penis extenders.

I think you are good to make gains no matter which one you choose. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or informed of your thoughts and experiences below. 

Happy dick gains everyone!

Ray Kingsman

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