Success Rebellion: Best of 2017



I hope you guys have enjoyed Success Rebellion as much as I have over the past year. 

This has been a great year for our community. I am happy to always share my experiences and knowledge with you guys.

With that said, I wanted to recap on some of the best content from our community over the past 12 months. 

This is basically a recap of all of the important topics we have covered over 2017. 

So without further or do, here we go!

Male Enhancement

This is all of best content from our male enhancement section in 2017. I have covered most of the topics from my experience on here. 

But if there is anything else you guys want me to cover then please let me know. 

  1. Bandage Extender - A fairly cheap way to create a bandage extender for your penis. Great alternative to expensive extenders.  
  2. What Is The Average Penis Size Nowadays - This posts settles the argument of what the average penis size in a man actually is in today's world. 
  3. Phallosan Forte Review - This is probably most passive way to add length to your dick. You slap this penis extender on in your sleep and wait for the results. It's great!
  4. SizeGenetics Penis Extender Common Questions And Answers - Here we answers a series of common questions I get about this product. 
  5. Guide To Male Edging: Secret To Sexual Stamina - Title says it all 😉
  6. Jelqing And Penis Stretching Beginner's Routine - This is my preferred routine for newbies who want to use manual exercises to get started with penis enhancement. 
  7. Bathmate For Length Gains - This is like secret sauce when it coms to Bathmate. You guys can use for length. I explain how to do penis stretches with Bathmate in this post. This technique is definitely for more experienced users. 
  8. Kegel Exercises For Stronger Erections - We talk about how to do Kegel exercises and really strengthen your PC muscle for stronger erections. 
  9. Male Edging With Fleshlight - We talk about how to use the Fleshlight sextoy for male edging and increase sexual stamina.
  10. Penomet Penis Pump - These are my personal thoughts behind Penomet Hydro Pump.
  11. Penis Growth For Really Busy Or Lazy Guys - This posts serves a method of seeing reasonable penis growth while investing as little time and effort as possible.

    This is great for guys who busy with other things like business ventures, school, gym grind, chasing pussy, etc. Or for guys who are just straight up lazy and find this process boring as fuck. 

Fitness And Anabolics

This is some of our best content surrounding fitness and performance enhancing drugs. 

In these posts, we talk about common fitness goals and how we can safely use performance enhancing drugs to maximize of effort and results. 

Here is soe of our best content in regrds to that in 2017. 

Remember, none of the information below should be interpreted as medical advice advise. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please converse with your Doctor or a medical professional before using or researching any of these compounds.  

  1. Rad 140/Testolone: The Best Hybrid SARM - We breakdown how to best research Testolone in this post and my personal experience and research. 
  2. Epi-Andro: The #1 Legal Cutting Designer Steroid - This breaks down experience with Epiandrosterone and how best to use it when it comes to cutting fat. 
  3. Should You Do Steroids? What You Need To  Know Beforehand - This is question I get from a lot of readers. They ask if they should try different anabolic substances.

    Let's be clear. Not everyone should mess with PEDs. They are only for the guys who are disciplined and committed to getting results.

    In this post, I break down the criteria for those who might want to think about dabbing in anabolics.

    This is personal decision though that might come with a lot of health consequences if used improperly. You need to do your research, talk to a doctor, and weigh the pro and cons before jumping in.
  4. Cutting Fat On Ostarine And T3 Research - I explain how to properly research research T3 and Ostarine together to maximize fat loss. 
  5. The Strongest Legal Steroid: 4-Andro - This is our guide to 4-Andro and how best to use it to pack on muscle mass. 
  6. Cardarine Guide: Best Research Chemical For Endurance - We explain how to properly research cardarine to best maximize fat loss and boost endurance. 

Rebel Posts

These are my favorite posts to write. Here discuss my personal viewpoints and experiences about the world. 

I write about this stuff because I feel you guys can learn a lot of my experiences in the world. 

  1. 21 Ways Avoid The Bluepill Lifestyle Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 - I think we can all agree the typical life path that society has laid out for men sucks royal balls. 

    It leads to terrible health, financial struggles, little self-awareness, and a horrible sex life. 

    In this post, I write about how to not only avoid all this shit but to maximize to happiness by taking back control of your life. 

    We talk about how to maximize your income and have your money work for you, get and stay healthy, and to have you.
  2. Why Men Should Stay Single In Their 20s - Here we go more into why men need to not let women control their lives with serious relationships.

    The most common thing that leads men down the Blue Pill Lifestyle is women and serious relationships. Women put a lot of pressure to get a high paying job, buy a house, and have kids before they are financially. 

    Now a lot of this is on the guy too. For not being self aware of life decisions and choosing the wrong type of women. Hence, these guys are not prepared for a serious relationship. 

    This is why I believe guys who are serious about making the most out of their lives should completely avoid relationships in their 20s. 

    Do not even consider it until to have partied a lot, been with a bunch of girls, understand women and what you want from them, built your business to 5 figure profit per month, have 10% bodyfat, active gym routine, and an active lifestyle.

    Those are just some of the criteria I have for a serious relationship. I go into more detail about this in the post. 
  3. How To Self-Audit Your 2017 - This is a great guest post by my man AJ. He talks about his 2017 and how to better analyze what went right and wrong. This will allow you see how you can grow and hone in on the things you are doing right and wrong. 
  4. Why You Should Not Give A Fuck About Politics - The title says it all. It is a waste of time to concern yourself with the bullshit political news.

    Politicians work for corporations. Not for you. Stop concerning yourself with them. They will never have your best interests in mind. 

    You are in control of future and present. Start taking action and drown out the rest of the noise. I go into these ideas in more detail in this article.  
  5. Is Living Your Passion Overrated In Your 20s - This is my personal opinion young guys who want to follow their passion.

    I think that bullshit is overrated. It more of that nonsense they teach you in college. 

    You should be focused on building skills and experience that are in market demand in your 20s and even 30s.

    You need to pay your dues before diving into a passion project. I talk more about these ideas in this post.  


We do not have much this area right now on Success Rebellion. I plan on really building this section out in 2018. But our lone post here is a good one. 

Guide To PhenylPiracetam: The Best Nootropic For Mind, Energy, And Motivation Boosting - This post talks about my personal experience and the science behind this powerful nootropic. 


I think it is only proper to roll out the new year by giving you guys a recap of the great content we had last year. 

This community continues to grow at a fast pace. We have a pretty unique group people here. 

I am convinced 2018 will hold more awesome to come for Success Rebellion. 

There are new SARMs and research compounds on the market that I want to talk about.

As well as nootropics and a bit of male enhancement stuff. There is a lot we still have to cover. 

In the meantime, happy new year! I hope you guys are taking the time to reflect on last year and iron out your goals for the new year. 

If you have done that, please share your 2017 experiences and 2018 goals below. 


Ray Kingsman