Summer Cut 2017 w/ Ostarine + T3 Research: Maximizing Fat Loss


What's up guys?! Ray Kingsman back up in this bitch. Today we are talking cutting fat my progress.

To be honest, this post is long overdue. For those of you who remember, I embarked on phase 1 of fat loss back in Fall 2016.

That was a 9 week cut where I lost 18 pounds of fat. I went from 225 lbs to 207 lbs. This cut was very successful. 

I was able to stumble out of the fat mess I had created in 2015. Although I did get shredded, my abs once again became visible. 

My muscle definition and separation made a comeback too. I was able to do while successfully keeping all my strength and muscle mass. 

Some of my lifts saw a small drop and my muscles did look flatter in the mirror. 

But that probably due to a lack of glycogen and water being in my muscles. 

This was probably because of my low caloric and fast digesting carbs intake. It was worth it though.  

I put a small recap of what I did below for those who are curious or too lazy to read the article I linked to above or my original fat loss guide

So here you go. Read below.

Recap Of 2016 Fall Cut Procedure 

My calories stayed at 1800 per day. I did cardio 6 days per week for 45 minutes in the morning. 

I researched ostarine at a dosage of 12.5 mg/day. That was all I needed to keep my strength and muscle mass. 

In the last five weeks of the cut, I researched T3 at a dosage of 50-60 micrograms/day

This help keep the fat loss going and metabolism as my thyroid slowed down due to lack of calories. 

I ate about 230 grams of protein per day. My protein can from chicken, pinto or black beans, protein powder, eggs, egg whites, etc.

I consumed 100 grams of carbs which came from pinto or black beans, organic whole grain bread, and brown rice. 

I also got in 40-50 grams of fats. This came from fish oil gels, chicken, eggs, and organic salted butter. 

Directly after my fat loss cycle, I instituted a re feed (12 weeks at 50-80 calories per week) and post cycle therapy phase (5 weeks).

Over the next weeks, I continued to lose weight. This because I kept my cardio and calories low while natural metabolism made comeback. 

All and all, I am settled at 203 lbs right now. This is where my next fat loss cycle will start from. 

What Have You Been Doing Between Cuts?

I stayed pretty active in the gym. I have been lifting weights 3-4 times a week and gotten stronger. Doing cardio 3 times per week.

I am eating 2700 calories per day again. My energy levels are back up. Enjoying good food here and there but being pretty mindful of what I eat.

I made it a goal to stay in the gym and keep diet of good quality. I did not want regain all the fat the I worked so hard to lose. Fuck that! 

This is me at the end of my fat loss cycle in November last year (2016). I was 207-208 lbs in this picture. As you can see, I got more lose before I called myself "shredded".

Sorry the picture is such poor resolution and quality. I took this on my old and crappy phone. I have since upgraded so this will not be happening in the future. I apologize.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Obviously, lose more fat. I am still 20-25 pounds away from where I need to be. 

I was to be 185 lbs shredded. That is dream. I believe that is realistic so that is what I am working toward. 

I was put this off for awhile now. But I finally like I am in a position to focus on this and get it handled. 

My schedule has opened and it is time to focus on this part of fitness journey again. 

What Was The Hold Up?

Life and grown up shit. Other things took priority. 

Like my full time job, I had a lot of projects over the past couple months at the office.

Some of them required me to work extra hours at night and on the weekends. That was not fun.

Other things took priority outside of work. Like growing this awesome online community.

Although this has been a great experience, it has taken a lot of time out of my day and can be mentally draining at times.

So it is unrealistic to be able to focus on building this community and cutting fat at the same time.

I also launched a second online business a few weeks ago that required a lot time, work, and attention as well. 

When you factor that in to all the other random shit life throws at you, It was too much to add cutting fat to basket of goals responsibilities. 

I would rather wait and give it 100% then give a botched effort and quit. The latter is a waste of time and energy (our scarcest resources).

This what probably would have happened had I tried to cut while dealing with all that other shit. It's just too much. 

Maybe some people can do it but I know I can't.

Knowing Yourself

That is one of the biggest benefits of being self-aware of your mind and body. You know your limitations. 

Therefore, you will not waste time on things that you cannot maximize your chances of success.  

This allows your to allocate your resources more efficiently and maximize your chances of achieving your goals. 

This is the rule I live by. It was worked pretty well for me thus far. 

Always take a step back and look at things with a clear view if you feel might be overextending yourself. 

You might need to cut something out. Usually, it is whatever is of least priority at that moment in time. 

Trust me guys. Take slow. Do not listen to that bullshit mainstream advice about "multi-tasking". It doesn't work for 99.999% of people.

Go hard in one or two things at a time. Complete that goal. Then move on to the next one.

This is what most successful people do. They laser focus in on one thing. Crust it. Then move on. 

Give this a try if you have not already. I promise this will help you. 

This is me in 2014 at 188 pounds and 9%-10% body fat. This what I am trying to get back to (and hopefully surpass at some point). I have more muscle mass now though.

What I Am Changing About Cut This Time Around?

My fat loss procedure will stay roughly the same. I only plan on making three small changes. 

The first thing being that this fat loss cycle will be 12 weeks instead of 9 weeks like my last one was.

The second thing being that I will begin my cut at eating 2300 calories per day. 400 calories under my maintenance.

After six weeks, I will drop another 300 calories. I will be eating 2000 calories a day at this point. 

If necessary, I will drop calories lower but I doubt I will have to. 

The third thing is that I will research T3 for the entire cycle (12 weeks). Not just the last half of it. 

These changes are not major. I am just excited to see how they work and/or how effective they are vs what I did last time. 

I plan on giving you guys a week to week live update to keep you in the loop on my progress. So look out for that. 


So that is my plan in a nutshell. To learn more about my procedure and results from my Fall 2016 cut, check out this post

I am excited to start my new cut tomorrow. Expect a weekly update every weekend or so. 

I will provide pictures along with anything that has changed in my routine. I will reveal all tricks that are helping me melt away fat. 

I am doing this so you guys get value out of what I am doing. I want you guys to be able to easily replicate my methods and see results. 

Although a lot of this is trial and error, a lot of what I do is pretty basic. Here is a quick list of things I did.  

  1. Eat at a caloric deficit.
  2. Do long stints of cardio 5-6 days a week.
  3. Lower intake of carbs. Maximize protein and fats intake. 
  4. Take an anabolic compound to keep muscle mass and strength.
  5. Research T3 to keep metabolism high. 

Honestly, you would see great results just doing the first two things on that list and see life changing results. 

Losing fat is not complicated. Their is no secret to it. It just takes some effort and dedication. Especially for first timers. 

Hence why I waited until I could give losing fat the attention it deserves. 

Well. That is all from me for now. I will catch you give soon. 

Look out for my Week 1 update coming out in a couple days. 

Peace Out. 

Ray Kingsman

  • April

    Your progress is really inspiring, man. Good luck on your next cycle.

    • Thanks April,

      I really appreciate it. It’s slower now but still coming along. I will post an update on this Cutting phase soon. In the next week or so.