Realistic Approaches To Achieving PE Goals And Maximizing Penis Growth


What's popping guys?

Ray Kingsman back up in the bitch. 

Today I am going to answer some questions that I get a lot. Especially, as of late for whatever reason. 

I am getting a series of questions around the penis enhancement routines. Such as:

"How long should my penis enhancement routine be?"
"What exercises should include?"
"How many times a week do I need to do my routine per week?"
"How many days a week should I rest my dick?"
"How long will it take to see results?"
"Do I have to incorporate Bathmate?"

These questions are based are beginners who usually just have the common goals of wanting a bigger dick. 

These are common questions that I want to address specifically in this post. I have touched on it in other articles but I really need to hone down on this topic. 

I think this post will clarify a lot of things for you guys about your penis enlargement routine moving. 

And hopefully after this post, you will not think about so hard about the specifics and just get started. 

This will be a quick and direct discussion that is meant to clarify some misconceptions out there. 

The answers to the questions above depend on what you are trying to achieve and that need physical needs and limitations of that individual. 

Hence why I cannot give a standardized answer for everyone becuase this is a case by case scenario. 

However, I can give you starting point and realistic approach that you can adjust to your personal goals and needs.

My goal is show what realistic approach is to achieving some common goals with penis enhancement. 

Now let us get on with the discussion. 

What Should You Incorporate Into Your Routine? How Long Should Your Routine Be?

This depends on so many things. Most importantly, it depends on your personal dick growth goals. That is completely up to you.

That is completely up to you. You need to take time and decide what your deepest desires are, how committed you are to them, and how you can realistically get there. 

Then you sit down and come up with a plan that you begin to implement into your daily lifestyle.

Once you get there, then you figure out what exercises you want incorporate into your routine. 

This depends on so many things. Most importantly, it depends on your personal dick growth goals. That is completely up to you.

But you can go down a rabbit hole thinking about all the different stretches, warm up routines, male enhancement products, stamina exercises, etc.

There is so much shit you can use out there. I would not overwhelm yourself with too much info.

Otherwise, you will never get started. You will be stuck in information paralysis.

I have been there. That is a terrible place to be. 

You think you are being productive by reading and learning. But in reality, you are not taking action. 

Essentially, you end up doing nothing and get no further to your goal. 

So do not overcomplicate things. You will suffer for it with stress, inaction, and loss of time.

Below we will address realistic approaches toward achieving some common penis enhancement goals. 

Goal #1: Above Average Size

If your goal is just be above average in size and you are not worrying about your stamina in bed, then using a beginner penis growth routine for over year will probably sufficient for this goal.

You might need to adjust the routine to your body. Some of you might need to train a lot more or less then somebody else looking to achieve the same goals. 

It purely depends on you and your body. Nonetheless, this beginner routine should get you where you need.

This will require you to hard Bathmate and Sizegenetics for about a year to maximize the "Newbie Gains Effect".

This is very similar to beginners in bodybuilding. Beginners will pack on a lot size over the first 12 months. 

This is due to the shock of your nervous system. This your body adjusting to the massive stress being put on it from the exercises in the gym. 

However, after that initial 8-12 month period, your body will fully adjust and you will stop seeing gains in as rapid a pace as your before. 

Where as in Year 1 of training, you put on 15 pounds pounds in muscle; in the years after that, you will be lucky to put on 5-7 pounds in muscle. 

The same thing happens with penis growth. In the first few months, you might put on an 1-1.25 inches in length and and 0.5 inches in girth.

Then over the next few months, you will see the gains slow down. 

You will put on more size but not nearly as much as you did when you originally started. 

In order to take it to the next level and start seeing more gains, you will need to put more time into your routine.

Some of you may not want to do that and just want to that and may be be happy with the gains you have already made. 

You just want to maintain the gains you have already made. That's fine.

Once you see the gains start to fully diminish with what you are doing, then you cam transition to a maintenance routine.   

Meaning you can simple just use Bathmate (or Penoment) and SizeGenetics once or twice a week.

Do that and you should be able to maintain you gains. Hence, goal achieved. 

Goal #2 Maximize Sexual Performance And Stamina 

If maximizing sexual performance is your goal, then you will need to throw in kegels and male edging into your penis enhancement routine. 

Edging is the practice of holding your jizz when you feel an ejaculation coming. 

You can practice during sex or jerking off. Most guys (including me) choose the latter.  

So on top of your Bathmate & SizeGenetics routine, you will need to edge 2-4 times a week. Each session can be as little as 10 minutes in the beginning.

But as you get more advanced in holding your jizz, your sessions will get longer due the control you have over you ejaculation.

But overall, you will never need to commit more then 2 hours/week to this. So the time commitment is not terrible.

Kegels are for achieving and maintaining a stronger erection due to having stronger and better mind to muscle muscle connection over the PC muscle in your dick. 

You use this muscle every time you piss and ejaculate. It is responsible for hard you shoot the fluid out of your dick. A kegel is the contraction of that muscle.

By doing kegels, you contract the muscle and make it stronger. The stronger you PC muscle, the stronger your ejaculations and boners.

Now you can do this anywhere. It does not require any "hands on" work.

It simply just requires you to contract the muscle. But I have trick. 

Now I recommend you use Bathmate on a full boner. But to maximize this effect of Bathmate, you can do kegels while performing Bathmate exercises.

This is gold because it kills to birds with one stone. Plus you will have crazy hard boners after performing kegels while using Bathmate. 

Overall though, because of male edging, focusing on sexual performance requires a slightly higher time commitment.

But nothing crazy. Plus once you get your penis size to where you want to be then you can put more time into edging. 

In conclusion, you will vast improvements immediately but it should take you few months to year to see long lasting results. 

Goal #3: Get An 8 Inch Dick And Have Superhuman Pornstar Level Sexual Performance 

To be honest with you guys, this is what I thought I wanted when I first got into penis enhancement. 

We all want to sling dick like our favorite male pornstars. I know I did. 

However, this goal is like saying you want to become a pro bodybuilder after only lifting for couple months.

The goal is attainable but not realistic for most people. Because those goals take years. Plus they are a huge DAILY time commitment.

Pornstars are literally spending hours a day edging using Fleshlight, performing kegels, and doing penis enlargement and sexual stamina exercises.

They do that because that is their jobs. That is what they getting paid to do so they have prioritize that stuff. 

You and I are not being paid for this. Most of us just want to show off a bigger than average dick in bed, maintain a strong boner, and jizz long and hard when we want to. 

I realized this a year into penis enhancement journey. After realizing I was already top 1% in penis size and sexual performance and the effort it would take to get past that, I said "fuck it".

I simply thought it was not worth my time. 

Especially when I want to focus on other personal goals that will enhance my quality of life considerably more then penis growth. 

Im good with just using my Bathmate pump and Sizegenetics Extender 1-2 week to maintain my size. 

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What Is Your Routine Ray? What Exactly Do You Do?

Before I get into what I do, I must state this for the record. 

My goals these days are simply to maintain my size while I focus on other things (business and fitness). 

Also if you have not gotten the theme of this article by now, it is that penis enlargement is a very individual process.

What works for me might not work for you. 

What I do now is a watered down version of my Combined Bathmate & SizeGenetics Routine and I throw in some Bathmate stretches.

I probably do this 2-3 times a week on average. My bathmate sessions are 15-20 minutes. Then I put on my extender for a few hours. 

Some newbies can grow some pretty good size just doing what I said above. 

Others might need more training sessions a week. It is completely individual and your routine should be treated as such.

The only way you will find out what works for you is safely and cautiously test things out via trial and error and learn along the way.

That is how penis enhancement (and life) works and that is the quickest way to see results. 


So there you have it. I know this post might have been all over place but it was for the purpose of managing your expectatios when it comes to penis growth and enhancement. 

The main takeaways from this post are set up a realistic plan for your own personal goals that you can adjust along the way. 

Second, is to know that what works for one dude may not be as effective for you. 

Some guys can go hard with Bathmate, stretches, extender use, and edging for 6 days week. 

For another guy, that simply might be too much for the soft tissue in the penis.

That guy will need more recovery time so he might need to scale it back to 3 times a week.

This allows for recovery time and maximization of growth without injury for particular individual. 

Those are the two main takeaways there guys. Nothing crazy but I thought it was important I address this. 

Just remember it takes time and realistic approach to achieve your goal and there no one size fits all approach here. 

You will need to adjust some things (mainly how much you train) along the way with your penis growth routine. 

Well that it is this week. Hopefully, you found this post helpful. Please let me know what you think in the comments. 

I would love to answer your questions and hear about your experiences. 

Happy PE Gainz, 

Ray Kingsman