What Is Edging? How Maximize Your Sexual Health And Performance


Okay. So like many of you, I grew up watching internet porn. I would have these guys with 7+ inch dicks ruin these girls with tiny little vaginas for 30 minutes at a time.

When they were done destroying their insides, they would pull out and hose these girls down. Think Johnny Sins or Peter North busting all over these girls' faces.

They shoot 6 ropers on these girls. That is not an exaggeration either. Anyone who watches porn would agree with me that.

Not only can they cum in large volume but they can also shoot their jizz several feet. Like when the guy cums on the chick's face, his jizz shoots outward like a hose. It's insane.

I always thought to myself, how do they that? Just like I used to wonder how their dicks got so big. I thought they got some expensive surgery that I will never be able to afford.

Like most guys, I cannot do either. Whenever I cum on a full erection, my jizz shoot out like an inch or two. I will shoot 2 or 3 spurts and I am done.

Many of the guys I have talked to have it the same. Which makes me come to the conclusion that the way male porn stars climax in not normal for the average guy.

So how do they do it? Do they get some outrageous medical procedure I will never be able to afford?

They actually do not. Like getting a bigger dick, they can their bodies to do it.

Yes, you can train your body to cum large loads and shoot halfway across the room.

But how? Pornstars do this with an exercise called "edging". Edging is one of the most commonly used exercises in the porno industry for guys.

It allows for stronger and firmer erections, more intense and greater control over your orgasm, greater cumshot distance and volume, and greater ability to pleasure your partner for longer in bed.

Those all sound like great things and they were my goals when I first started edging. So get into what this is and how to it.

​What Is Edging?

This is a sexual process that involves bringing yourself pretty close to orgasm but suddenly stopping right before you cum.

Think about masturbating for a pre-determined length of time and stopping yourself right before you cum. After you stop yourself, you slowly start back up again. Do this numerous time over the span of 30 minutes. This is known as the start and stop technique.

The goal is learn how to stop yourself from cumming and control your orgasm to a point where you can borderline cum on command.

This is something that most male pornstars are great. They need to be able to o cum on que when the director tells them too. Edging allows them to have control over their ejaculations.

How Edging Helps Sexual Health

Having control over your orgasms can greatly increase your sexual health and sex life as whole.

This puts you in the position to pleasure you partner for longer periods of time and still enjoy a healthy orgasm.

Edging promotes healthy sperm counts and increased blood flow to the penis which allows you to maintain an erection for longer periods of time.

If you have a bigger dick through using Bathmate, SizeGenetics, and manual exercises (jelqing and penis stretching); then you will a little bit more blood pumping to your dick to make up for the extra size.

Edging helps you do that. It will help you increase blood flow to your penis so you can have a fully hard and firm erection.

Other Benefits To Male Edging

There are many more benefits to edging. Here are some of other benefits that you might like to know:

- Increased Stamina in bed.
- Enhance your orgasm and stay in the peak phase of intercourse for a longer period of time.
- Increase cumshot volume during ejaculation (my favorite!)
- Shoot your jizz several feet during ejaculation.
- Fights against pre-mature ejaculation.
- Harder and firmer erections for longer periods of time. This is great for guys who are doing PE and need more blood to flow to their dicks because of the extra inches.
- Increases sperm count.

Edging increases overall sexual health and gives you a greater mind to muscle connection with your dick. This allows you to have better control over and better maximize everything your penis does.

Different Methods Of Male Edging

Start And Stop Method - This method lets you slow down the stimulation on your penis as you recognize an ejaculation is imminent. This will allow you to extend the amount of time until you cum. Therefore prolong the sexual act.

If you are having sex and feel that you are about to climax, pull out and take a deep breath. This will relax you and reduce the stimulation on your penis. Relax for 10 to 15 seconds. Then slowly start up again. Rinse and repeat.

Similar process with masturbation, stop masturbating completely as you are about to climax. Take a deep breath and relax for 10 to 15 seconds. Then slowly start up again. Rinse and repeat for 15 to 30 minutes.

Squeeze Method - This method allows you to control the timing of your climax. For this method you need to be performing a sexual act on yourself or a partner. When you are about to cum, you need to squeeze your penis where the shaft and head meet.

Let go of the squeeze when urge to ejaculation has passed. Take a deep breath and relax for about 30 seconds. Then start up the sexual activity again. Rinse and repeat for 30 minutes.

Squeeze the penis again if you feel you are going to ejaculate during the relaxing period. This should work again.

Fleshlight Method - Flashlight (guide coming soon) is a sextoy device that is meant to mimic a vagina. Think of a flashlight but instead of a light at the top, there is a vagina instead.

The ownership of this device is a commonality in the porn industry. This is because male pornstars use fleshlight to practice edging. This device feels like a real vagina, especially with the right lubricant.

This use of this device remains the same as the start and stop method during sex or masturbation. Use the device to stimulate the penis and stop right as you are about to cum. Relax for a 20 to 30 seconds. Then start up again. Repeat for a given amount of time.


Edging is a great technique to help you really improve your sexual health and cum like a pornstar. It will help you control the timing of your orgasm and prolong all sexual acts and encounters.

I have gotten great results in practicing edging over the past couple months. However, I must warn you. Edging can be difficult at times. It requires a lot of discipline to hold back your jizz.

But if you are determined and work at it then you will concur it eventually. Just keep at it. Soon you will be able to cum on command and hose girls down like Peter North.

Trust me. It is very gratifying having control over your ejaculation. That will be your life soon enough when you start edging.

Add this in on your off days on your male enhancement routine. You do not need to do this on the same days you use Bathmate , Phallosan Forte, or SizeGenetics. You will see great results. Have fun.

Thanks again, 

Ray Kingsman