What Is Success Rebellion?

Hello Rebels,

My name is Ray Kingsman. 

I have devoted the past couple years of my life to hardcore self improvement. My journey has led through some gratifying ups and some terrible downs.

I have danced on the tip of the mountain top and burned at the bottom of the valley. It was not too long ago where I felt directionless and scared. I know what it is like to feel like when nothing is going your way and that you might never reach the height of your potential. 

Society wants you be mediocre. The system wants to bring you down it's level. If you are here, then you probably already know this. 

That is why you need to rebel like I did. Rebel against society and migrate toward success. That is the path I chose. That is the path many of you are on yourselves.

Success Rebellion exists to better help you pave your path to success and become a stronger and happier man. 

Whether you want to chase pussy, make money, get jacked, shed fat, improve your style and looks, enlarge your dick, or enhance your mind (these are some of things I have specialized in); this community is here it help you reach your goals. 

Success Rebellion is community of like minded guys who are sick mediocre expectations society has laid out for them. 

Everything here is meant to help you enrich your life, defy expectations, break out from the mold, and maximize your happiness. 

Where Does The Term "Success Rebel" Come From?

This phrase was not coined by me. It was coined by a man you guys probably already know very well. 

Victor Pride. 

​Victor Pride coined this phrase and accurately explains what it means to be a success rebel. He is the "OG" of this non bullshit self improvement community. This video was began a my own powerful transformation 2014. I began to take my personal goals very seriously.

I am here to take that phrase to the next level. We are building a community of guys who want to change their lives for the better and need non bullshit resources to take their self improvement to the into overdrive and join the Success Rebellion.

That is what I aim to give this community. The tools and knowledge to succeed in whatever goal you set forth for yourself. 

Victor Pride says that in order to get what you truly want out of life, you have to go against the grain and not do things like everyone else. You have to become a rebel to achieve your goals. There is not phrase I have found that is more true in my life. 

I know that. Victor knows that. You know that. That is why you are here.

Now let's make it happen.   

Who Success Rebellion Is Not For?

Guys looking to take the easy route.

There are no easy roads or short cuts to success. Everything posted on this website will take consistent work to achieve over a certain length of time. 

Complainers and time wasters.

No one needs them. If you one these, there are thousands of other "mainstream" (bullshit) blogs out there. Aim for one of those.

Guys addicted to instant gratification.

Cannot happen here. This is community is full of guys who are invested in their futures and becoming the strongest version of themselves. 

Guys looking for entertainment.

This website is a resource for success and self improvement. If you want entertainment, watch ESPN or Netflix. I won't judge. 

I am committed to helping young men become the most successful, strongest, and happiest version of themselves. 

I believe anyone that sticks around this community long term has what it takes to succeed in what is most important to them in life.

Just stay on the path, do not give up, and you will make it. See you there 

Welcome Guys. Now Let's Get To Work. 

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