Why Copycats Become Winners


What is a copycat? We will post Google's definition below:

"(especially in children's use) a person who copies another's behavior, dress, or ideas."

We tend to hate those who copy the habits, work, style, or methods of others.   

We tend to view people that do this as not developing something that is original or authentic to the world. 

Instead they steal it from somebody else because they lack their own creativity and thought. 

We view them as cheaters and thieves that do not have ideas of their own. 

We think these people do not have their own swagger, road to success, or hustle

However, what if I told you most of the successful people in this world are copycats. 

I know what you are thinking....What? How is that possible?!

What if I told you that some of the best athletes, business men, and innovators in the world were best copycats to ever live?

Now, if you are pretty witty, than you might already know where I am going with this idea. 

For everybody else. Sit back and let me explain. 

Copycats Understand How Success Happens

Personal success (however you define it) is a product of results (however you decide to measure it). 

Results are a product of consistent work that is put in over a long period time. 

They know that nothing meaningful comes over night.

Consistent work comes about through taking action and implementing a proven strategy into regime.

They find a proven strategy and mold into a repeatable process that repeat day after day for weeks, months, years. 

The only people that are entitled to success are those who work tirelessly, put those strategies into practice, and to pursue their goals.

All of that comes about through determination, discipline, and the will to succeed. 

However, where do we our winning strategies from in the first place? 

Origins Of Winning Strategies

When Kobe Bryant entered the NBA, he was only 17 years old. He was seen an athletically gifted and intelligent young man who had a good eye and judgement for the game of basketball. 

However, his skills and abilities were raw and undefined. He had to work to get his skillset to catch up with his athleticism.  

12 years earlier, there was someone else in a very similar situation at the beginning of his professional basketball career. 

Micheal Jordan. 

Jordan is one of the greatest (if not the greatest.) basketball players to ever to step foot on a hardwood court. 

So what did Kobe do?

He watched tapes of Micheal all day and mimiced everything Micheal did in practice. Kobe got a lot drives, pull ups jumpers, fake out moves, dribbling and defensive techniques from Jordan.

Reporters would call Kobe out all the time for coping Jordan's style. Kobe would respond the same way every time.

Kobe would say that it would be stupid not to copy the things the Jordan. Why would he not do the same things in his regime that made a previous player one of the best ever?

Of course, he stole Jordan's moves. If you want to be a successful guard in the NBA, it would be a good idea to copy style, workout regime, and strategies of the best guard ever and adapt it to what works for you.    

Nowadays, Kobe is retired and upcoming players are watching the Kobe used to in games and stealing his moves.   

Why? Because they know the things that Kobe did worked. Like Kobe knew that Jordan's techniques and strategies worked. 

Our strategies to succeed come from those who have been successful and have experience in the goals we are trying to achieve.  

So why wouldn't you copy what they did?

So you are saying plagiarizing is okay?

No. Passing someone else's work as you own is stealing. 

Stealing is for bums and chumps who do not want to take the time to find methods that work and invest the time and effort in making their dreams come true.  

Those people are losers and anyone and spot one from a mile away.  

Be copycat. Not a loser. 

Find frameworks that work and adjust them to make them work for you as you put the time in toward your goals. 

Are You A Copycat?

Yup. I know I am. That is one of the reasons I am where I am in my life. 

All the successful I have been blessed enough to enjoy, has come from the direct advice of someone else who had achieved that goal in the past. 

He or she told me exactly what to do and I did it. 

My only questions were this:

"Did it work for you?"

"Describe the strategy to me?"

"How effective was your strategy?"

"Is it a repeatable process?"

Copycats get their strategies and intel from those who have experience and are successful.  


So call me a copycat. Call Kobe a copycat.

Call many of the billionaires on this planet copycats.

I know that I take pride in it. 

It does not mean I am lazy, stupid, or a fraud.

Far from it actually. I take the time to find the methods that work and do not go in blind. 

The most successful people spend a good bit of time investing into finding proven strategies and frameworks before they invest their precious and limited time and energy.  

Are you a copycat?

You are good. Then you are on the right track.  

If not you are not a copycat, you should be. 

Good luck on your endeavors. 

P.S. Sorry this post is shorter than usual. I wanted to be straight to the point. I might add to it over time. We will see.